While gaming at 120 fps or higher is great (fps > resolution), the number of console games supporting framerates higher than 60 fps will most likely be very limited.

The only PC monitor I'd use for console is the Asus PG37UQ, which is 4K/144/HDR10. If a game is locked to 60fps then it will run at 60fps regardless of hz on your monitor. Just a handful of games will support 60+ fps on consoles, i don't think it will be worth it. 4K will likely be supported much more than frame rates over 60. The one possible snag? It’s VA but very quick indeed. I can't really go back to fixed refresh rate monitors. Monitors are in a tough spot right now and a new TV would probably be better but I'm planning on using the Xbox Series X and potentially the PS5 at a desk with a 27-32-inch screen, making use of quick resume and faster loading times to play for half an hour here and there during the day rather than waiting solely for the evening and a couch setup.

But at those frames is your monitor only 1080p? Until recently, the high-refresh 4K monitor market was populated largely by 27-inch models, such as the LG UltraGear 27GN950.

Get the 144hz one, the PS5 will probably force 120Hz on that monitor, I would however wait if possible for more information from Sony, specially because that monitor probably has a HDMI 1.4 port and we don't know if the PS5 … Next gen consoles aren't just kickstarting a new interest in solid state storage, they're also responsible for a new wave of affordable, high-spec gaming monitors. New York, Start a new thread to share your experiences with like-minded people. So 4k 60 fps monitor might be a safer choice, unless you also have a PC to use with this monitor. 144hz will have a far greater impact on gaming then 4k.

PS5 also very likely will not have 1440p native output so I'd go 4k/60Hz. That’s a very exciting combination.

ResetEra Games of the Decade Awards (2010-2019). Are you gaming on a PC as well? Never going back to 60hz gaming. If you were on PC then I'd definitely say 1440/144hz. Visit our corporate site. We’ll kick off with the Philips Momentum 328M1R because that’s the screen with the clearest indication of pricing. So we’re expecting the consoles to drive lower prices generally, starting with these 32-inch beasts. Granted, these aren't going to be properly cheap monitors, but they should push pricing below what we've seen for similar 27-inch screens. i cant speak to 144hz but 60 vs 120. yes there is a difference but its no where near the jump 30 to 60 is. For this to work with the new Xbox Series X|S make sure the monitor has HDMI 2.0. No hassle with V-Sync, input lag and stutter anymore.

Because you’re on console then 4k/60 but 1440p 144hz is much better, it’s just that consoles won’t get the most out of it because Sony won’t support 1440p and both won’t have many 120 FPS games long term. Display Port does not help you with consoles. You'll likely regret it if you don't. I don't expect frame rates to stay very high after a couple years, so I'm going with 4k 60hz. TBH I'm quite tempted just to grab a 4K 32" HDR Monitor for PS5 if I can find one. Best SSD for gaming: get into the game ahead of the rest. It’s a 32-inch 4K model aimed squarely at the new consoles. Most games will still be 30 or 60. That said, it’s the console connection that has slowed the arrival of these screens and indeed pushed their retail availability out to early next year. Guys now that we are closer to the release of ps5. Otherwise, I would stick to a 4K TV. So 4k. The one that will be supported by the majority of games rather than a minor handful. Wait wait wait... the people here saying that the consoles can't do 144Hz: I'd bet a good chunk of money that this would only require a firmware/software update and both consoles would have no problem putting out 144Hz hardware-wise.

I know that there will be some higher fps support for both consoles but I would still expect 60 (and even 30) to be the most common fps targets. the 4k 60hz duh. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Between the choices 4K/60, but the real answer is to hold off for HDMI 2.1 4K monitors. Currently, only Nvidia’s new RTX 30 series and AMD’s RX 6000 series graphics cards support HDMI 2.1. Go for something with VRR. Press J to jump to the feed. However, DisplayPort 1.4 is supported by older generation GPUs, including the Nvidia GTX 10 series. Whatever, larger and more affordable 4K displays with high refresh support have been a long time coming. 4K/60hz easily, a TV would be preferable tho. Monitors from Viewsonic, Acer, and Philips are among a new generation of displays to bring 4K high refresh to the 32-inch form factor.

If you are planning to get Xbox Series X, which does support 1440p resolution, do check our list of best gaming monitors for Xbox Series X. No contest. Below mention gaming monitors for PS5 are 4K monitors that you can consider for your PS5 Gaming Setup. Gaming on a 1440p monitor with 120 fps is glorious.

So my question is for me to play 4K at 120fps is there an adapter that converts the hdmi 2.1 port of the PS5 to the display port to work with a cheaper monitor that supports the above ? For PS5 we still need to know if it will support 1440p120 and whether it supports Freesync over HDMI which is the only form of VRR supported by HDMI 2.0.

very few games will support 120 fps ( and wont support 144hz). 60hz. for consoles? I would really love to know if a hdmi 2.1 to DP converter will work for running 120hz on ps5... anybody’s help is appreciated. Next gen consoles set to drive 4K high refresh pricing down.

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