For a 5 litre bottle it cost me approx £5 plus approx £7 for courier postage (delivered in 1-2 days) so just under £15 in total.

ElsterGamer I use coffee filters instead of paper towels, and I wipe majority off with the filter then clean up with Q-tips. ITS BRILLIANT! All products manufactured by Chemiphase are developed under strict ISO 9001 conditions. Methanol acquired the name "wood alcohol" because it... Isopropanol - Isopropyl IPA 99.9% Grade

But if that isn't an option then 70 percent will work, just be very careful with it, [Project] Direct Build log- For information, I found it easy to decanter the contents of the 5 Litre bottle into the 500ml sprayer. (why do I need to be more careful than with let's say 91% alcohol? Written by: John Brennan. I found the sprayer very useful, because it makes application of the rubbing alcohol more efficient, by allowing it to be sprayed directly on to the surface required, rather than having to first apply the alcohol via e.g. Instant Foam - an Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer for foam dispensers and bottles

These properties make it very useful for cleaning many stains and spills around the home ethanol alcohol can be used to clean phones, computer keyboards, doorknobs, switch plates, and fresh ink stains on carpets or keyboards.

I use it for windows, spray as I mop floors, cleaning the bathroom, the toilet, kitchen worktops, stainless steel, etc. What you use to clean of the thermal paste doesn't really matter since you wipe it off and hopefully don't get it in the socket. CPU: 3930k  @ stock                                  RAM: 32GB RipjawsZ @ 2133Mhz       Cooling: Custom LoopMOBO: AsRock x79 Extreme9                      SSD: 240GB Vertex 3 (OS)                     Case: HAF XB                     LG 34um95 + Ergotron MX Arm Mount - Dual Review  GPUs: Gigabyte GTX 670 SLI                     HDD: 1TB WD Black                                PSU: Corsair AX 860                               Beyerdynamic - Custom One Pro Review. Do not drink or ingest rubbing alcohol or any kind of isopropyl alcohol, no matter how dilute the solution. Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 70% First Aid Antiseptic 500ml, Isopropanol Pure IPA. Rubbing Alcohol UK must be stored away from children and is not fit for consumption. This product is fantastic. (1440p). Paraflux™ Oilfield Wax & Paraffin Control, Solo - Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Gel + Dispenser, Instant Foam - Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer, Methanol 99.85% - Methyl Alcohol / Methanol Fuel, Isopropanol - IPA Isopropyl Alcohol 99.9%, Safe Hands - Antibacterial Soap - Liquid Handwash Formula, Sanitise - Quarternary Ammonium Disinfectant, Sodium Hypochlorite Patio Cleaner | Moss Remover 15% Grade.

If you require technical assistance, or information about our products, please contact our dedicated technical support team on: I primarily use it to clean an elderly relatives feet, and the area surrounding a nasty leg ulcer prior, to treating the ulcer itself with manuka honey which has healing properties. scissors which are used for cutting dressings, to try and maintain a sterile an environment as possible. Started 29 minutes ago

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