Renaldo and Tony leave the local offices amid gunfire and chaos, but pause when a woman shouts at Renaldo. But apart from that the plot flows well.

I guess maybe she really can't act and is just another pretty face in Hollywood, judging by the roles she accepts "desperate" defines her career.

He tells her to go home. As a piece of entertainment and as an informative piece. A former CIA operative turned political talk show host is hired by a disaffected corporate shareholder to expose her company's cover-up of an incident and deaths in an Ecuadorian village. Sometimes love takes the backroads. Why so many bad reviews for such compelling movie!?! I guess one good thing was it lasted less than 2 hours, does that count?

This is one of those films that was obviously a labor of love for many of the folks involved. POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT: Okay, so I just watched this movie. Renaldo jumps out of the car and escapes the carnage. . " Still...i try to see anything with a 6.5 rating or above... just so you understand that this is still a high mark)to balance out all of the people who, for whatever reason/s, didn't seem to enjoy it as much as i did... btw people. This is a real problem, and deserves better than this by Hollywood, if a big movie is the way to go about it. The actors you know do what they can. Full Cast & Crew: A Dark Truth (2012) Cast (59) Lloyd Adams. A typhus outbreak occurs in Tayca, Ecuador from Clearbec's failed water treatment plant. 20 of 26 people found this review helpful.

And you know what? The company's security force, working with the brother, are overly aggressive and have secretive special handling resources to deal with the woman, her contract investigator and the witnesses from the village that survived to prevent anything impacting the pending closure of the next multi-million dollar deal.

But it's certainly more important. Government security forces move in and shoot the villagers to prevent the information getting out and spoiling the next big deal the company is working on in South Africa. Eva Longoria might have the least to do (especially considering her name/weight). Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? As Jack drives to his home in the remote Canadian forest, Morgan (Deborah Kara Unger) sits shivering in her tub. I'm not saying that that is a bad thing but that's what I was reminded of. But the very low budget and the glossy attempt to intertwine multi-national business interest and investigative journalism is a bit too much to maintain in this noble but shallow effort.The name Actors are probably here for their moral support and do add a level of authenticity to the cause, but there just isn't enough depth pursued or motivations on either side to justify the broad concept that it is at hand here. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. General Aguila (as Alfredo Alvarez-Calderon) Josh Bainbridge.

alTHOUGH, once again, I feel it worked on both levels. The scene switches to Francisco and his family hiding in the jungle as General Aguilla hunts for them. And now Garcia and Whitaker. She appears zombie-like throughout the whole film and I am not sure what the name of that acting technique was but it did not work.

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