He watched the boat taking his sons to Troy from the port. Various types of races and contests took place in the stadium. Their protector was Athena Ergane. The city was famous for its blue granite and abundant wells. Herakles met the centaur Pholos here while hunting the Erymanthian boar. The port of Kenchries also had a sanctuary of Aphrodite. Furious at Poseidon’s advances, Demeter turned into a mare to elude the sea god. King of Pylos and ruler of Messenia, Nestor traveled Greece with Menelaus to form an army, leading an expedition against the city of Troy. Located 20 m below ground, it is 160 m long and 40 m deep. Fleeing Troy, her son Aineias dedicated a shrine to her there. Millions of snails were needed to get a small amount of the special substance. Bulls were dedicated to gods as offerings. Wrongfully accused by his stepmother, Phaidra, Theseus’s son died while driving his chariot by the sea. Renowned for its purple dye and strategic position on the Aegean Sea, Kythera was coveted by many cities during the Peloponnesian War. More than 13,000 square meters, it's made up of several rooms around a central courtyard. Its economic history was tied to its silver mines and the miltos used to paint triremes. The strong, bold giants threatened the gods by piling up mountains to reach Olympos. Dedicated to Demeter and Persephone, the Telesterion was where people were inducted into the Eleusinian Mysteries. Fishing has a crucial role in Greek society. Forced to fight in this narrow strait, the Persians couldn't make full use of their naval strength, and perished. It had a fortified akropolis, a port, and sanctuaries dedicated to Achilles and Athena. Following Theseus’s intervention, King Adrastos of Argos and Sikyon buried the ashes of the seven leaders killed during the expedition against Thebes here. It played a critical role in Athens’s impact as a naval power. The Battle of Plataia - the last land battle of the Greco-Persian Wars - took place here in 479 BCE. Hephaistos, god of fire, metallurgy, and volcanoes, was honored on the island of Lemnos. Mazares, a Persian general who defected to Cyrus the Great, took refuge here. Sculpted by Phidias from the block of marble brought by the Persians, they intended to use it as a trophy pedestal after taking Athens. Neraby was also a sanctuary of Zeus Basileos, the city’s protective deity. It's a staple in their diet - especially for people of modest means. AC Odyssey: All collectibles, secrets - lists Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide and Walkthrough. It was an attempt to elude the fatal destiny he met during the Trojan War. Its spot was advantageous for coastal defense and monitoring maritime traffic to Athens. The Kretans worshipped Poseidon, one of Zeus's youngest brothers. He returned to Ithaka and reclaimed his palace twenty years later. Eumaios was Odysseus's loyal swineherd. Several times a year, festivities were held to honor the god. It fed into the plain of Phokis and Boeotia and ended in Lake Kopais. According to myth, the muses were the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne and may have inspired Hesiod’s Theogony. It sought Sparta and Korinth’s help to end Athens’s excessive demands. He founded a cult and the Isthmian Games in his honor. Jason and the Argonauts’ ship, Argo, was built by Argos and Athena. The hide of this invincible creature could not be burned or pierced by any weapon. Opous was Lokris’s main city and the hometown of the hero Patroklos. This was the training ground for athletes, who coated their bodies in olive oil and sprinkled on sand for sun protection and body temperature regulation. Blocks were then taken by land and boat for export. Limnai was one of the original villages that formed Sparta. Daidalos was an architect, sculptor, inventor, and artisan known in antiquity for creating wonders of the Greek world. The two young heroes and fighters were central to the Spartan warrior ritual at the beginning of campaigns. All known locations on the map Historical Locations Abaton show the map The abaton was the dormitory where, after a series of rites, the sick would receive visions from Asklepios in a dream. Here, the player is first exposed to the world and workings of the game. The Odeon showed musical performances and was modeled after the Persian king Xerxes’s tent, which was brought back as plunder. Agamemnon's Tomb Agamemnon may have been king of Mycenae and commander of United Greek armies in the Trojan War, but he had a less-than-glorious homecoming. Thanks to its marble quarries, Paros was considered the richest of the Kyklades, and therefore paid the highest tribute the Delian League. It was also known for joining the Persian army in the Persian Wars. It had red and black marble quarries and was also presumed to be a gateway to the underworld. Atalanta would marry only if her suitor could beat her in a footrace. Some say that it was stolen by the Persians, while others say that it was in Sparta or dedicated in Attika. The shrine hosted a grand feast each year in honor of Athena, the protector of Salamis’s farmers and sailors. Starting in the eighth century BCE, people worshipped Apollo as both a physician and as Asklepios’s father. It is said that construction of the first bridge between Euboea and the continent began across the Euripos Strait during the Peloponnesian War. The woman-shaped columns were inspired by either the punished women of Karyes who joined the Persians in war, or the young women of Karyes, who danced for Artemis Karyatis. Protected from violent winds by a mole, it was the main Boeotian naval port on the Gulf of Korinth. Karystos was located at an important meeting point of shipping routes linking the Gulf of Euboea and the Aegean archipelago. Banquets were held inside this building on feast days. The disease was a driving force behind the depopulation of rural areas. It is said that when Herakles put down his wild olive-wood club in Argolis, it took root and began to sprout leaves. To retaliate, Artemis sent a wild boar to ravage the country. The Lightning Zeus is depicted as such to mirror the geophysical phenomena of Mount Ainos, known for its spectacular thunderstorms. Odysseus prayed here in joy upon his return. It was built where Zeus hid from his father, Kronos, until he was old enough to fight the Titans. The harvesting and trading of sea salt was a strictly systematized business. Melanthios, Odysseus's goatherd, mistook him for a beggar upon his return and hit him. The sanctuary of Zeus was located on the island’s highest point. Priests and game officials resided there, and it was also used for Olympic victory ceremonies. Story … Patients were treated through dreams. The Persians fought a losing battle at Salamis. According to myth, Zeus threw a thunderbolt, causing the earth to open and swallow him and his chariot. You may also be interested in something from the list below. This cave served as a shelter for the Naiads, young nymphs who spun the sea into a glistening purple cloth. The tomb of the Korinthian tyrant Periander’s wife was located near Epidauros. This building was constructed against the polygonal wall that supported the terrace of the temple of Apollo and was used for setting up ex-votos, mostly spoils of war. She was killed by the wrathful Artemis for defiling a sacred place dedicated to the goddess. This racetrack in the Korinthian agora is one of the oldest, built in the sixth century BCE. It was also known as the birthplace of the poet Sappho. | Contact us. The port of Lechaion was artificially made in the time of Periander on the Gulf of Korinth. The Olympic Games drew many travelers, many of whom came by sea. The temple of Artemis Orthia was nearby, whose worship was associated with the long process for future Spartan citizens. Most of the island was composed of granite - a material like marble - that was used in architectural construction and sculpture in antiquity. Eretria was violently attacked for six days, with many residents taken to Persia. Settled by the Athenians, the city was captured by Sparta’s Brasidas in 424 BCE. It served as the center of all political, commercial, administrative, social, and legal activity. Named the Colossus of the Naxians, this statue representing Apollo was erected in front of the largest temple dedicated to him. This section of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey walkthrough includes the map of Kephallonia Islands. Located at the border of Messenia and Arkadia, this statue is said to have been created by the famous Daidalos. ... Kephallonia Islands - Locations of all ostracons on Kephallonia Islands along with solutions for their puzzles. This altar dedicated to the twelve gods seems to have also served as a place of refuge and a topographical point of reference. The Spartans arrived by boat for the Battle of Sepeia after sacrifices yielded unfavorable omens advising them not to cross the Eranos River. While at a banquet, he was killed by his own wife's lover. On this website u can see maps revealing the 364 historical locations that i & others have found in AC Odyssey (plus 6 more which are debatable) To see the historical locations for each region please click on the Orange Rectangle Buttons BTW purple armor is better than gold because it gives more engravings. Agamemnon may have been king of Mycenae and commander of United Greek armies in the Trojan War, but he had a less-than-glorious homecoming. This sanctuary sat on a rocky cliff overlooking the city and fertile plains. Kephallonia is the starting area in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Their union produced the legendary horse Areion. Like Mesoa, Pitana was one of the four original villages that formed Sparta. Every four years, the sixteen Elis women in charge of organizing the Heraia wove a new veil for the goddess and placed it in her temple. The Areopagus was the court that decided homicide cases. East of Athens, Mt. This Arkadian native was half man, half goat, and protected shepherds and flocks. Mesoa was one of the four villages that united in the eighth century BCE to form the Spartan city-state under the authority of two families of kings: the Eurypontids and the Agiads. Looking at the Salamis strait will always evoke the Greeks' victory over the Persians. Ameinokles, the Korinthian shipbuilder, was the first Greek to build a trireme. The island was famous for its copper mines. Constructed of Pentelic marble, it had a central building with five gates and was the end of the Sacred Way. People sentenced to die and Sparta's captured enemies were thrown into its depths. These include the art of growing wheat on the island. Competitions, musical contests, sacrifices, and war dances were held there to honor Artemis. Aphrodite and Asklepios were worshipped there with statues made of ivory. When Theseus returned to Athens, other factions had seized power. The former capital of the legendary Minyan race formed a district of Boeotia. The city was connected to the port by long walls and to the port of Kechries by the Diolkos trackway. He had suitors go against him in a chariot race, where Pelops beat him with Poseidon’s horses. In Greek mythology, Achilles was hidden in childhood on Skyros and disguised as one of King Lykomedes’s daughters. It is part of a large cave system with more interconnected underground lakes. Bacchylides, a great poet of the fifth century BCE, was born on the island. His temple in Elis opened just once a year, and only the priest could enter. The Agiads, one of Sparta’s royal families, originated there. The agora is the heart of the city. Known for its caryatids, this asymmetrical temple was dedicated to Poseidon, Athena, and two legendary kings, Erechtheus and Kekrops. It was used by both military and commercial boats. Personified as a man with bull horns, the Kephisos River was worshipped as a god. Though Danaos commanded his daughters kill their husbands, one chose to save her spouse. The wild olive tree from which Olympic winners’ crowns were made was called the olive tree of the “beautiful crown.” Branches were cut with a golden sickle. Blacksmiths revered Hephaistos, the blazing god of metallurgy and fire. After their victory over the Spartans, this monument was erected by the Argives and represents the seven leaders of the legendary expedition against Thebes.

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