Approach from above, identify target. The BOOM! Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. The fire seems to last about two seconds and doesn't do enough damage to kill those trapped in it. Edit: There is also one hunter bow with fire something with Death. Try the large desert area in the South or South West parts of the map. BOOM! I was also extremely careful not to do anything towards the locations with Aya. So yeah guys this is it. They look like a big swarm of flies flying around. Case closed. Can't think of a reason why it would glitch, but did you look at them raining down? They look like a big swarm of flies flying around. All rights reserved. BOOM! I was on my camel so maybe that's why? Then just move an oil jar within their range and shoot it with a fire arrow. I'm running around where the video and the guide says. (edited). 8 2 5. I have no idea what to do, now. I thought maybe because I was playing on hard that might be why so I dropped it down to easy but still the same result. 13 posts in this topic. Assassin's Creed Origins Trophy Guide. glitch I've met the the requirements for the boom! I tried unarmed, and once their health is depleted, they fall on the ground and move slightly in pain, but there is no prompt to carry them. boom trophy Sign in to follow this . This. achievement in Assassin's Creed Origins: Kill 30 enemies by shooting a fire arrow at oil jars - worth 10 Gamerscore You can see two different types of bugs when running / riding around: Basically just keep running around and you'll get it eventually. I just looked. So anyways, my trophy just popped. I thought it was glitched because I saw the locust and it didn't pop and I'd been trying 45 minutes. That architect got waylaid by bandits who stole his plans. Idk if we even saw moths. Took about 20 minutes due to the NPC's not always being in the same spot each time you respawn. There are 68 Trophies that can be earned in this title. Community Software by Invision Power Services, Inc. A swarm of Locusts. It just popped because there are TWO different type of insects, one are moths and the other are beetles. The enemies just don't seem to die from fire this way yet the achievement specifically says to kill 30 people by shooting a fire arrow at an oil jar. The name of the bow is Smoke and Mirrors if the translation from polish to english is the same. The first 20 or so guys I killed was by lighting regular arrows from various bows in torches or braziers then shooting the jar, but then I must have killed another 40 with the fire arrows before it popped. it doesn't say in any guide that you have to be walking though. Sign up for a new account in our community. Started by sandra1957, October 28, 2017. It is random reward, i got it twice. I finally got the bugs to pop up but no trophy? Sign up for a new account in our community. I just used my hunter bow, when i didnt had any fire around i just equiped my torched and dropped it so i could light the arrow on fire. yeah man. My screenshot doesn't even have the bugs in it. I'm not quite sure how it worked. Do not try to burn lvl35 or above enemies. These land on the sand and stay there, they don't fly around. I found such a spot in Memphis, but I only repeated the kills twice, and decided to move on with the game for now. These land on the sand and stay there, they don't fly around. @sandra1957a good place for do that trophy is in kibotos arsenal in alexandria. It is worth 10 points and can be received for: Kill 30 enemies by shooting a fire arrow at oil jars. what gives? Little Edit: There are bows (i got one of them (legendary level 30)) who already loads fire arrows... so you dont have to lit them of fire first. Achievement Is there an easy way to get this? achievement, but it still hasn't unlocked. both of them have been like moths, i saw a video from ps4trophies and it's more of like a beetle. So I know I am not at 30 kills, but I was intending on going back there if I knew for sure if snakes count. I do think it took a bit too long to pop though. thanks to the people who responded. A swarm of Locusts. Oh restart a checkpoint during a side quest that you see couple of red jars. Yeah I was on the camel as well the first time, maybe that's what does it. Or does it literally have to be a single group of 30 enemies because that seems impossible to me. I tried running around Giza for a long time and never got bugs, so it might depend on where you are. You can also throw your torch on ground and lit your arrows with it. ... Assassin's Creed Origins Trophies. Use non-lethal takedowns or finish enemies off with your fists so they will fall KO on the floor but won't die. ... can use fist to fight enemies. is an achievement in Assassin's Creed Origins. assassins creed origins BOOM! I tried this trick and got the trophy. You need to kill enemies from the fire jars, not set them on fire and then kill them. it's raining beetles. I was waiting for all of your sage advice on here so I went on to my next mission. Posted November 21, 2017 Never had problem with this one, just use your fists when there are pot around you and use the Fire arrow on the pot (after you ahave move arond the enemies) after you had KO the enemies with your fists, you must have the tool Kill skill, there is a videoguide for that, I have just done it one time with that method and after that I just got it playing normally. I checked my map 5 times for missing question marks now, but I can't find anything. 16 Nov 2017 10 Dec 2017. Makes it a bit easier. Assassin's Creed Origins walkthrough. That achievement was bugging the hell out of me.

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