Below are the basic installation of our adapters.

Warranty. In order to keep discussion on the community current, this topic has been locked to prevent new replies.

[1] There was no mention of H/W: 2B. I installed a single subject adapter since it was my understanding that the G1100 router negated the need for a second Actiontec device in the signal stream. Please take a look at our updated article and let us know if you have any further questions.

Verizon Fios Community Terms of Service and User Guidelines. When the coax is directly connected to the STB, there is no problem with the STB obtaining an IP address and displaying the programming guide. Brad, Our current firmware device list can be found at this article. One to the 7100 and the other to the ECB6200.

Ethernet from modem to router. Coax from wall to MoCA 2 port splitter. The hardware version is marked on the bottom of the device next to the serial number, and is marked "H/W." 3 people found this solution to be helpful. Warranty, ECB6200 - Bonded MoCA 2.0 Network Adapter,,, I would say for now try using just the one ECB6200 in the upstairs room in question. To determine the hardware version of your device please look at the FCC sticker on the back of the device and look near the bar codes for the letters "H/W:" Please see the image below to know where to look. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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Still have MOCA adapter feeding the COAX network from LAN ethernet port to serve LAN addresses and provide STB data. You are attempting to install the ECB6200 at the modem/router location incorrectly. That connection isn't working. Don't want to add another unknown variable during troubleshooting the current problem but if I can get a better signal, fantastic. The STB is a Motorola HD QIP 7100 1. Mine shows, which support said was the latest. 6.

Place 2nd ECB6200 at desired location.

I would say for now try using just the one ECB6200 in the upstairs room in question.

The hardware version is marked on the bottom of the device next to the serial number, and is marked "H/W.".


Ethernet from router to ECB6200.

Try searching, upstairs bedroom installed as per manufacturer instructions and. Wire as per the modifications I made to your diagram. Copyright 2018 Actiontec Electronics, Inc. All Rights Reserved. For H/W 2C, what I bought on Amazon Feb. 2020, they shipped with the latest firmware and don't need to be updated. ‎09-06-2019 by 09:48 AM
What is the maximum distance in between devices. I know the G1100  ouputs the MOCA WAN at 1000 mhz and the  LAN at at 1150 mhz  so connecting a G1100 to ECB6200 the TV/STB output would never get a MOCA signal. I also tried using a MoCA splitter to deliver coax signal to both the modem and the 6200, but that brought our gig internet speed down to 5 or 6 Mbps. Then plug in the ethernet and see if you can get out to the internet. Got it! I am not really sure where to go from here. There should be no issues connecting a gig switch but you may need to properly configure the switch if it is a managed device. ‎11-25-2018 actiontec home networking ECB6250 2.5 Gbps x 1.0 Gbps Bonded MoCA 2.5 Ethernet over Coax Adapter ECB6200 1.0 Gbps x 1.0 Gbps Bonded MoCA 2.0 Ethernet over Coax Adapter

Follow up to my initial post. Is there a Firmware Update for my Actiontec device? Here's hoping! OK, thank you.

Copyright 2018 Actiontec Electronics, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I left the adapter in the upstairs bedroom installed as per manufacturer instructions and nothing changed. I was doing quite a bit of searching today and missed that completely. In this article, I’m going to walk you through the process of connecting to the web interface on the Actiontec ECB6200 adapter and updating the firmware. So as long as the Actiontec adapter is set up properly, it becomes the source of the MoCA, taking over for the G1100.
Coax from wall to MoCA 2 port splitter, 5.

I know this is an old thread but some of us had the same problem.

Verify coax lights on ECB6200's go solid green, For any further issues with the ECB6200 units contact our Technical support at 8884360657. The only way this modem will deliver internet is when the coax is connected directly to it.

I have an HDTV & STB in an upstairs bedroom that I would like to provde video and programming info via COAX to the STB and ethernet to the HDTV for Smart TV functions using the subject device.

You have to request from them through their tech support page.

If you use the full port range, some of the higher range frequencies will still be filtered out. [1] (see HTML form at bottom of page), See a guide to connecting to your ECB6200 administrator interface here: According to ActionTec support staff, H/W: 2A shipped with firmware and will need to upgraded. www. I would recommend the Actiontec ECB6200 Bonded MoCA adapters. If you have any further questions please let us know. Upgrade ECB6200 Firmware Thanks for your help! All is well.

With the setup you described, my router is a Google Nest, so it only has one WAN port and one LAN port. LawrenceC.

According to ActionTec support staff, H/W: 2A shipped with firmware and will need to upgraded. At least I know that I can get things working with the current setup.

Thank you … Definitely get a 2 port splitter instead like I said in my previous post. I tried connecting it as instructed:  coax > 6200 > ethernet to cable modem. Privacy |

ECB6200 1.0 Gbps x 1.0 Gbps Bonded MoCA 2.0 Ethernet over Coax Adapter; ... Actiontec’s MoCA Network Adapters create a 1 Gbps “Internet Autobahn” between Wi-Fi access points in your home for an instant performance boost. You can add up to 16 MoCA adapters to the network as you need them anywhere you have a cable drop. I will try it and report back as soon as I am able. 3) Swapped MOCA adpters; that is, the adpater initially feeding the COAX network off the LAN ethernet port was swapeed for the adapter used in the bedroom. Verify coax lights on ECB6200's go solid green 4. 12:19 PM If you use the extended D-band, your MOCA is completely above the frequency of the TV/STB out. 1) Swapped identical STB's between rooms - no change in lack of data connectivity.

1150 MHz is also the default channel for Verizon FIOS routers and STBs (set top boxes or cable TV boxes) as well. Port 1 on splitter to modem. Since the Actiontec adapter is bonded 2.0, everything can communicate with it at gigabit speeds, if the other extenders are bonded 2.0 as well.

Then plug in the ethernet and see if you can get out to the internet. Thanks for the advice. Now to try the POE filter and maybe see if I'm satisfied with the COAX LAN port speeds at MoCA 2.0 non-bonded. - last edited on Again, no data connectivity. actiontec .com Stock# 0530-0596-001 QS1018/0209 MoCA Network Adapt er Model#ECB2500c This Quick Start Guide will walk you through the easy steps to use your existing coaxial wiring as an Ethernet network connection. That is a 6 db attenuator. I tried a reboot after installation of both the router and the STB, but no change. Take the coaxial feed from the 7100 and plug into the “Coax In” port of the ECB6200. I was moving in the direction of a splitter and have one coming from Amazon shortly.

Verizon has since dropped RF levels oit of the ONT so you don’t need it anymore. I heard if you're getting TV service hooked up as well technicians have been including MoCA adapters depending on the setup. ‎09-06-2019 Privacy | ECB6200 Coax in port to port 2 of splitter, 7. - edited Terms of Use | I do recall that when Fios was initially installed, the tech showed me the before values (large Verizon competitor in Philly area) and the after values of the signal strength and commented on having to attenuate. I then tried installing two of these adapters and removed the COAX connection to the G1100 (see picture above). If you look on the ECB6200 user manual it says: Coax In Frequency Range - Extended D-band: 1125MHz ~ 1675MHz;Full Port Range: 5MHz ~ 2150MHzTV/STB Out Frequency Range - 5MHz ~ 1002MHz. Obsrervation:  both adapters worked fine with a signal coming fron the router LAN port into the COAX network since all STB's were able to obtain LAN addresses and had STB data avaialable. Thanks! 01:39 PM What is the best way to configure the 6200's in this scenario? Still, can you post the most recent firmware version numbers (and release dates) in a table or list here? I checked with ActionTec and they said the latest version of the firmware (as of March 22, 2020) depends on the hardware revision. Trademark Policy | I will also remove the POE after I get past this problem. The reason the TV/STB output isn't passing the moca is because the bonded moca 2.0 signal is above the frequency of the filter on the TV/STB output. Not sure why they would build an adapter that cannot pass MoCA data to the STB, but sure looks that way.

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