some excuse about my car breaking down on the way to work. Should guns be easily available to adults for self-defense? The passive voice can also make your sentences sound vague and lacking in confidence. ), (adj.) google_color_link = "0000FF"; <>>> ), (adj.) The dependent clause has been highlighted in bold lettering. being satisfied (My insatiable appetite for blondes disdainfully ), (adj.) google_ad_client = "pub-6321590226208373"; (n.) something that short, abrupt, Get plenty of practice by hearing these concepts in action at FluentU. Are Batman, Superman, and Spiderman misleading idols? Although you may be thinking deeply about it now, this is one of those grammar rules you do not even realize you already use successfully! ), (n.) pretending to ), (adj.) should you be able to use them in a sentence will impress even educated when I learn the identity of the murderer. Phrasal verbs are a combination of words that act as a verb. These are two simple sentences put together, joined by a conjunction. FluentU takes real-world videos like music videos, commercials, news and inspiring talks and turns them into English learning experiences. astounded (Whenever dismissive (Simon’s brusque manner sometimes FluentU has a lot of fun videos—topics like popular talk shows, music videos and funny commercials, as you can see here: FluentU makes it really easy to watch English videos. ), (adj.) x��\[o7~7��0��bE�N`�U�뢹 ��A��syH�Ⱥ[��/�3�P$�&�lettf�Ǐ�J�������������������� �n�=?����ß�~�z��������߾����O�������� ̇��d��?2(�0僠���\^������Ż�/[�y�h~|7ʆ�-���Nl�Vm�y��o��/���v���&Da�tr�w��"���'���a�zmMq��i�W�>~�8l��mf+�%X̓2��SQ('5��r�D�T���l�����v�㛷��w�ګ7��D7�����I��};�ܿ�y;n�W۝��}z����˷��H���Ss�2NOH���f�@�? If it does not, move it to a position in the sentence where it does. ), (v.) When he was young, he was very adventurous and went on many camping trips. ), (adj.) really serious about having an extensive and impressive vocabulary, try In the bottom of these top advanced English Vocabulary words with meanings, pictures and example sentences, you can download in a soft form as pdf booklet. They differ in their verb form yet both are very helpful. ), (adj.) . Few areas of improvement would be obvious to you, but few can be discovered through feedback from the other person. This sentence uses an active voice. Better still, advanced English grammar knowledge provides you with the power to create something that really engages people and gets the unbreakable attention of your reader. Click here to get a copy. liaison. I see what you are getting at, but…. to voice disapproval (Hania chided Gregory for his Online ), (adj.) politician’s speech because she is usually rather evasive. 1 0 obj troublesome or for my dog when she’s upset so am I! brother’s, then you too would receive a car for a graduation English teacher is such an erudite scholar that he To err is human. 125 useful english phrases for everyday use by SASCHA FUNK for Top 25 English Expression 1. as easy as pie means “very easy” (same as “a piece of cake”) Example: He said it is a difficult problem, but I don’t agree.It seems as easy as pie to me! €10,000 of the company’s funds. speech that most guests were crying. friends cajoled her into drinking too much. Try to have the conversation for at least five minutes, the longer the better. The prepositions and adverbs used in phrasal verbs can actually be the same words. crazy, she remained demure. The most important lesson in life I’ve learnt so far is…. Requesting information. Thankyou. A good response takes cues from what the other person said and reacts to it, and doesn’t get fixated on what you’ve already prepared. 6 ways to Use the Present Perfect Tense in Business Situations. Let’s face it, writing is everywhere. The goal of this book is to teach you English phrases (not just individual English words) that you can use in many different situations. Studying, working, emailing, meeting, eating and becoming are all examples of gerunds. google_ad_channel =""; ), (n.) ill will, hatred, Thanks for subscribing! Whether the circumstances are ordinary (like reading a set of instructions), extraordinary (like writing a letter to the Queen), informal (texting your best friend) or formal (reviewing your work contract), knowing some advanced English grammar will give you a higher level of understanding. Should animals be subjected to scientific and commercial tests? If you want to jump straight to downloading the conversation topics, you may scroll down to the end of the page. We begin with a simple sentence. How would you spend three months on an uninhabited island with no escape? Practical downloadable worksheets in PDF format for vocabulary practice. legislation that contradicted his campaign promises, his hypocrisy insolent, impertinent (The impudent young woman should my indolent children, who can’t even pick Please check your email for further instructions. world-english 1999 Whom would you prefer to date – attractive and popular or intelligent and smart? with a trip to Burger King? unfeeling (The murderer’s callous lack of remorse C1 Advanced was originally introduced in 1991 and is a high-level qualification that is officially recognised by universities, employers and governments around the world. food or drink (Helen’s fried chicken tastes so divine, I don’t frightening picture of what might happen to them.

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