Agency workers are also Ultimately, this would favour a faster and more sustainable recovery for everyone once the pandemic is under control. *This article was updated on 17.03.20 to reflect the Statutory Sick Pay (General) (Coronavirus Amendment) Regulations 2020. The TUC criticised the Government’s suggestion that those who are not eligible for SSP should claim Universal Credit or Employment Support Allowance. Employees may face challenges obtaining a fit note because those with coronavirus symptoms are currently advised to self-isolate for 14 days and not to go to their GP. Find out more about the Agency and its work here. The Government has committed to introducing emergency The Regulations now make clear that qualifying employees who isolate themselves on the basis of advice published by Public Health England … When asked about the £118 earnings threshold, she said the Government would: “bring forward the necessary legislation or other changes.” Meanwhile, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said the Government would “bring forward a solution,” to address the fact that self-employed people are not eligible for SSP. There is an implied term (unwritten) in all employment Otherwise by continuing to use the site you agree to the use of the cookies as they are currently set. Only ‘qualifying employees’ are entitled to SSP. Subscribe to receive email alerts every time we publish new research about the topics you’re interested in. UK businesses have been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, and the Government has unveiled a number of financial support measures for workers at this difficult time. If an employee has urgent caring responsibilities, such as if there is a school closure, they may be able to take a ‘reasonable’ amount of time off for dependents. SSP is the minimum level of pay employees are entitled to when off work sick. It does not cover SSP in detail, although it recommends that employers relax their rules around providing evidence of illness. You are not considered self-employed if you are an agency worker, but you are not employed by the employer you are working for on a temporary basis. The Government website has … In the health sector and in supermarkets, this can affect women disproportionately. Agency workers: Are agency workers entitled to furlough pay? advice for employers and employees, COVID-19: "As with employees, agency workers should perform no work for, through, or on behalf of the agency that has furloughed them while they are furloughed, including for the agency’s clients. This is a fast-moving issue and should be read as correct at the date of publication (17.03.20). Furlough extended: What is cut-off date to be eligible? Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. security legislation uses a slightly broader definition of ‘employee’ which includes There is a PIW (eight days of consecutive illness). It has also been update to clarify that to qualify for SSP, an employee’s average weekly earnings must be at least £118. In a worst-case scenario, an estimated one-fifth of the workforce could be absent from work. This is any period of four or more days where an employee is incapable, or deemed to be incapable, of working due to illness. Agency workers, casual worker and workers on zero hours contracts are likely to be entitled to receive at least statutory sick pay. Furlough extended: Treasury postpone end to worker compensation scheme [ANALYSIS]Furlough payments: How long is furlough paid for? Employers and employees will usually agree which days are qualifying days. How do I claim my pay from the Government? contracts that workers must obey reasonable instructions from their employer. In extreme cases employers may decide to close the Copyright © 2020 House of Commons Library. Make the most of your money by signing up to our newsletter for. They fall ill on Sunday and are sick until the following Sunday. In such circumstances, workers should be entitled to be paid, Social Some governments also relaxed or suspended rules on working time restrictions. take annual leave, although employers are entitled to notice. lay off workers without pay.

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