Terms of Use. This item requires extra delivery time from Aguilar. I don’t know why I prefer single 12’s when using two or even three cabinets and 10’s when using a single 410 cab, but I love my 410 cab (although it’s harder to tote around so it only gets used on certain types of gigs where I really need or want my full volume and sound). Our Sales Engineers are a world-class team of music gear experts whose sole job is to provide you with helpful advice and unparalleled service completely free of charge. Even if the band uses in-ears monitors, you are still creating a LOT of low end rumble that has to be countered. Here is a list of questions I’d ask myself: I have gigged with 8″, 10″, 12″ and 15″ speakers and combined those different sizes in many ways. That 8×10 LOOKS Amazing up there next to a drum kit and Marshall stack. Using an Aguilar TH500 or Quilter Bass Block w Aguilar Tone hammer pedal or old Demeter VTBP 201 with QSC power amp. What important Xmax, linearity, magnet array, compression at high power levels, etc. In addition to bass heads and cabinets, the company also designs and manufactures preamps and pickups that are standard equipment in many of today's finest basses, as well as effects pedals, so they have a uniquely holistic approach to bass tone. Yes, I’ve played a couple of stages where the backline was an Ampeg SVT and an 8×10 cab.

In stadiums, nobody beyond the 1st few rows is hearing the stage anymore anyway.

Roll off the custom Aguilar tweeter for an aggressive “P Bass with a pick” tone.

‘If you’re that loud…you’re too loud’….This should be printed on every ‘fridge cabinet. Once the 7-piece rock blues band get going, all I care is whether I can hear anything I’m playing, and I know that FOH will take care of what the crowd (if any!) J3PO), Yellowjackets Team with WDR Big Band for “Jackets XL”, Top 10: The Most Watched Bass Videos (October 2020), Recording Bass: Upright Bass For Classical and Rock Music, Booker T & The MG’s: “Soul Limbo” (Letterman Performance). The full sound of the 12″ speakers is complimented by a birch cabinet that is tuned to have a midrange-forward tone that is rich and articulate without being nasal. WHen it comes to stage volume, I have a saying; “If no one is telling you to turn up, you’re probably too loud.”. I’ll tell you what I like personally. There are some versatile cabs with small footprints that will cover 99% of your gigs; the house PA will cover the rest. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. Your amp on stage should be considered more of a monitor for yourself, assuming that you have a sound engineer running the show. So true! However, after thinking about it, I remember playing my bass through an 810 stack in a local music store and how I absolutely marveled at the incredible sound it produced. Employing 13-ply Baltic Birch, custom Eminence drivers, and Aguilar’s custom horn and crossover, the DB® cabinets have a clear, focused midrange and extended lows and highs. On it’s own it doesn’t sound that great. I stayed with TC for the head, but went up to the RH750 more bells and whistles & headroom, in particular the ability to change the EQ centre points to control the low end better. FOR 2-12 AVATAR STYLE BASS CAB AM PLAYING SOME IN DROP D CSHAP AND A LITTLE IN DROP C ALSO.. PP Feb 25, 2013 #13. craig.p.

Light and very versatile, I love em. Two 410’s can move equally as much (or more) air and will still have plenty of low-end goodness. I have a small Eden EX112 for home rehearsal and small, not loud gigs. Q: I read the blog of a musician explaining that combining bass cabinets based on speaker size makes a big difference in sound. I use only 15 inch JBL speakers in Lab Series 315A cabinets and a Lab Series L11 Amp Tops. The cab has a short throw (unlike the Mesas that can be heard miles away…) which is great for my stage sound and I leave the PA do the rest for FOH sound. I find that 10s give me a better, cleaner tone on stage and cut through the mix well out front too. Ive done gigs for 2000 and have no problem. PJB FOR THE WIN I SAY

I am only running at 8 ohms so I have room to add another cabinet, but I’m already to loud, plus I don’t need to carry any more! You are sending low vibrations through all the mics around you. It's the backline of choice for such top bassists as John Patitucci, Gary Willis, Tim Lefebvre, and countless others. Scary. I own an Acoustic 8×10, but I’ve only played it live twice. Great article Damian – I’ve been using Ashdown ABM 1×15 compacts for years – I have 2 of them and use either 1 or 2 depending on the venue size, they really are quite ‘bright’ for 15s. My amp can run at 2 ohms but I only currently have two 8 ohm cabs so can only put a 4 ohm load on it. I recently had a 2×10 custom built out of Poplar and housing 2 FAITAL PRO 10PR300 speakers… the cab weighs about 35lbs and has as much energy as my Eden XLT 4×10. Aguilar bass amplification is respected worldwide for its outstanding tone and reliability. If I really need more stage volume I add another GB 210. Loved that set up! I’m more than happy using a P.A. With incredible dynamics, full-range frequency response and efficiency, the DB 410 is a sonic powerhouse! I thought I had reached as small as I could get and still be happy with the tone with an Eden WTX head matched with a 4ohm 12″ cab but I have now gone one step further and now use only an Eden WTDI preamp pedal. Oct 8, 2012 East Coast. Now I have one 4×10 and one 2×12 Markbass cabs. They’re not cheap but well worth it and the cab weighs around 40lbs. Privacy Policy. I’ll be damned if that little thing doesn’t blow the house up night after night. Now however after multiple shows and tours with the 8×10 I have traded it in for a TC Electronic rig. In short, keep the stage volume in check! The DB 810 is one of the loudest bass cabinets on the market, providing a Max SPL of 136 dB! I sold it less than a year later. For situations without FOH sound, an Avatar 1-12 cab and GK 200 watt micro head is plenty. Totally agree with Damian. A lot of bass players opt for the latter. With my rock band I use a 115 + 210 stack from Kustom. How do your answers to all of the above balance with the cost of your various choices in cabinets? I agree, Bob.

you can’t really have any preconceived notions based on speaker size. 810 Just feels better. For lower volume I take one cab and a lower powered preamp/power amp rack and for higher volume I use a higher powered rack.

And the EA iAmp heads are very good.

I can’t imagine ever needing more than a 410 cab, honestly. It’s proven to be efficient in its modularity and the MarkBass cabs sound great. My advice to others is don’t buy an 8×10 until you’re big enough to have a crew of stagehands to help you lug it around. As always, we all have a varied preference when it comes down to what we like to hear. Epifani – one UL112 for small gigs and two PS 210s for anything bigger. Sounds like a lot of different configurations for amp set up and cabs. All we need is enough head room to groove, cut through the band mix, and hear how our sound translates out in front .Dont forget to be especially thoughtful when it comes to the FOH folks. Send it to askdamian@notreble.com. We were too loud. No project is too big or small, so give us a call today and let's talk gear! I absolutely agree with this. Especially well-suited for large venues and concert halls, this versatile cabinet is becoming a favorite of pros all over the world! Sign up for email alerts (every Wednesday). On louder gigs I’ll sometimes bring both cabs.

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