This special pool of visitors contains only valuable legendary items. For the new world, Work speed and a power plants are not counted. Elise "The Nose" Bouquet equipped in one of the trade unions on the island. Tip. On a separate page you can see the list of all specialists included in this pool: The Nose specialists pool All combinations assume a seperate power plant and + 50% workspeed for old world, since oil really isnt a problem. Legendary production specialists. Below you can see the list of all specialists who can arrive to your island if you have the "Right To Remain Act" policy activated in the palace or in local departments. Rated for quality and some tips. The second option is having a legendary specialist Mme. The Nose legendary specialist. Hey everyone, I'm writing up a guide for all currently availible legendaries, how i rate them and how i (would) use them. In this pool each specialist has the same chance to appear, it's equal to 2,94%.

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