Kropotkin was a proponent of a decentralised communist society free from central government and based on voluntary associations of self-governing communities and worker-run enterprises., Anne Kenyatta, Special Needs TeacherDev name: Anne Sullivan - The Deaf TeacherAnne Sullivan (1866-1936) was an American teacher best known for being the instructor and lifelong companion of Helen Keller., Aristelia Bataille, "of the Novelty Store"Dev name: Aristide Boucicaut - The Department Store OwnerAristide Boucicaut (1810-1877) was a French entrepreneur who created Le Bon Marché, the first modern department store., Dr. Maurice Slim, Former Head of Promise TrustDev name: Dr. James Barry - The Fantastic SurgeonJames Barry was a military surgeon in the British Army, born in Cork, Ireland.
Alex participated in the pre-release Ubisoft-sponsored streamer challenge for Anno 1800., Feras Alsarami, the PersuaderDev name: Feras AlsaramiFeras "RealFeras" Alsarami is a Saudi Youtube content creator, Sir Lewis Brindley, the ChemistDev name: Sir Lewis BrindleyLewis Brindley, under the username Xephos, is a founding member of the Yogscast. To bring this pivotal historical era to life, Anno 1800 introduces many all-new features to the franchise’s rich tradition. His significant inventions include electrical looms, traffic signals, and pendulum clocks., Mark van der Mark, Breeder of Shepherd DogsDev name: Max von Stephanitz - The German Shepherd BreederMax von Stephanitz (1864-1936) was a German dog breeder who is credited with having developed the German Shepherd Dog breed as it is currently known. .s5ap8yh1b4ZfwxvHizW3f{color:var(--newCommunityTheme-metaText);padding-top:5px}.s5ap8yh1b4ZfwxvHizW3f._19JhaP1slDQqu2XgT3vVS0{color:#ea0027} (Name is a reference to Rufus Thorne in Anno 2070), Henri Zanchi, Man of SteelDev name: Henri Zanchi, Man of SteelName is a reference to Baronessa Constanza Zanch from Anno 1404, Gennaro Garibaldi, Chocolatier by Royal AppointmentDev name: Rodolphe Lindt - The Swiss Chocolate InventorRodolphe Lindt was a Swiss chocolate manufacturer and inventor. Audrey the Marine ArchaeologistDev name: Doctor Croft, the Fearless Submarine ArchaeologistPossibly a reference to Lara Craft of the Tomb Raider series of games and movies. Check the spelling carefully. I've been playing through 1800 again recently, and while hunting legendary specialists I noticed that some of the game data has development names for them listed, which often point to the specialists being based on people or items that existed in the 19th or early-20th centuries, or in some cases references to movies, Youtubers or characters from earlier Anno games. Join the team from Ubisoft Blue Byte in the creation of Anno 1800.
(Name is a reference to Brother Hilarius from Anno 1404), Dr. Ali Al-Zahir, the Botanical DirectorDev name: August Grisebach - The Plants GeographerAugust Heinrich Rudolf Grisebach was a German botanist and phytogeographer, and later director for the Göttingen botanical garden, who published "Flora of the British West Indian Islands" in 1864 among other works. All Rights Reserved. Welcome to the dawn of the Industrial Age.

(Name is a reference to Giacomo Garibaldi from Anno 1404), Victor Perfecto, Cigar DaddyDev name: Vicente Martinez Ybor - The Cigar DaddyVicente Martinez-Ybor was a Spanish entrepreneur, noted industrialist and cigar manufacturer in Cuba and Florida, best known for his founding the immigrant-populated cigar manufacturing town of Ybor City just outside Tampa, Florida in 1885., Steven MacLeod, Geological SurveyorDev name: William MacLure - The Geological MapperWilliam Maclure (1763 – 1840) was an Americanized Scottish geologist, cartographer and philanthropist known as the 'father of American geology'.

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