Alternatively, just open your trading post’s panel and click on an item until you see the “Sell” slider. From city planning to emergency preparedness, these hints should help you build the best island empire possible. Each tier of citizen has different needs. Ideally, you’ll want 100 percent production efficiency for your buildings. Fire stations and police stations are also important.

An example of what you don’t want to do: Notice how the green outline becomes lighter further away from the market? Whether you do that from a single island, just with farmers, or by exploring the unknown is completely up to you. Throw in a repair crane or two and you’ll be fine against most acts of enemy aggression. There are also buildings such as trade unions and town halls, and these offer bonuses to production efficiency, maintenance, or happiness. Planning your city’s layout is one of the most important parts of Anno 1800. You also need to ensure that there are facilities that can help improve safety, happiness, and efficiency. Still, if you can look past these shortcomings, you’re bound to enjoy countless hours. For instance, farmers require the most basic stuff – fish, clothing, and a nearby marketplace – so set about erecting these. Anno 1800 tips: production lines, money making and more explained. Like a handful of strategy and management sim games, Anno 1800 is one of those where you could easily sit down, play, and by the time you’re done, you’ll realize that an entire day has passed. Your AI rivals will sometimes give you quests. These buildings operate by proximity and you’ll see streets with a strong green outline if those areas are covered. You need to find specific characters like a rioter, a fisherman, a union worker, and the like. Transfer these resources to your ship and sail towards the coast of any unsettled island, making sure it has the type of fertility or mines that you’d want. Ships that need those goods will drop by from time to time. No island contains every resource in the game – usually you’ll at least find basics like clay and grain – so finding an island capable of producing goods your first island cannot is crucial. So, by building and upgrading houses regularly, you not only meet the needs for the production of goods on your island, but you’ll also boost your income. There are numerous events before an expedition is completed, so if you lose all morale, then your ship — and any cargo or specialists onboard — will also be lost. The only one that has pepper in this particular game happens to be way down south. Jet fuel can’t melt: Our Anno 1800 steel beams production guide. Sell some of those extra resources you have especially if you’re already mass producing them.

This also makes you less dependent on trading with opponents. Create many objects generating building materials. Meanwhile, one framework knitter creates work clothes every 30 seconds. Mercifully, Anno 1800 has a “copy” tool, located on the bottom part of the UI that makes replicating this a breeze. There’s a good chance you can earn more by farming (pun intended) particular resources or goods, and selling them later on. You can also choose specific victory conditions to suit your chosen playstyle, too. Instead, play it safe and use Blueprint Mode. Leave some room for them! You can refer to this handy guide from Reddit user Qudiza: This is a tad bit hard to memorize, but do keep checking it from time to time especially when planning your island’s layout. That doesn’t mean that it’s without complexity, however, and newbie mayors will benefit from a handy Anno 1800 guide. It might also lack certain mines that can be built later on. Your first goal once you’ve settled on an island is to choose a city layout (check our Anno 1800 Best layouts guide) and start building a framework for the city that you found. Once the sheep farm has finished creating wool, it goes to the knitter building to be manufactured into farm clothes with hardly any downtime. Churches, schools/universities, pubs, and other public service buildings are also necessary as they increase citizen happiness.

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