Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of SaskatchewanRegulating the professions. At least three of the referees must be a Professional Engineer or Professional Geoscientist registered in Canada or the US, or an Engineering Licensee or Geoscience Licensee (or equivalent) registered in Canada.

Our response time may be longer than usual.

For an engineer-in-training, a bachelor level university program of study in engineering that is recognized by Council is required.

You can access the on-line application system from the link provided on the appropriate page under Apply. Keep in mind that the Validators who submit feedback must cover at least four* years of experience (*five years for Academic Review Cases).

If you have not paid by the deadline provided in your approval letter or annual renewal notice, and your membership lapses, or you resign your membership, then you might have to re-apply depending on how long it has been since your membership lapsed. APEGS annual dues contain two components: a membership fee and a licence fee.

If you don’t receive any emails from APEGS as you go through the on-line application, check your junk email folder or call the APEGS office. A resume is usually not a sufficient representation of the whether your work experience is actually engineering experience (by PEO standards), because typically it does not contain enough details about what you did. The overall feedback section includes questions on the applicant’s readiness for licensure.

FAQs pertaining to a variety of application types: When can I start calling myself an “Engineer-in-Training”. How should I send my academic documents to APEGS? The statements made in any application to APEGS must be true and correct. See section 3.5.1 – Selecting Validators.What if I had more than one supervisor during a certain period of time?Each competency example requires one Validator to validate the information. This could be demonstrated by documentation that describes the nature of your work and its complexities without disclosing confidential details about solutions, business processes, client names or locations. Protecting the public. Once you have submitted your application on-line and APEGS staff has accepted the application in our system, you will receive an automatic email from APEGS with your permanent User ID for APEGS Central (the new online profile). Note that it is not possible to get a licence waiver a second time in the same calendar year.Also note that you are not eligible for a licence waiver if you are residing in Saskatchewan and you are working at any job, including non-engineering and non-geoscience jobs. Depending on the outcome of the assessment, to fully meet the academic requirement may take considerably longer. See section 3.5.1 – Selecting Validators.Do all of my Validators need to be professional engineers? Such agreements exist with the accreditation bodies in these countries**: United States, United Kingdom, France, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Chinese Tapei, Hong Kong China, Korea, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Turkey and India. How do I submit completed experience reports to APEGS? The applicant is responsible for ensuring that all the information entered is correct. Ensure that you have read thoroughly and understand all experience reporting guidelines and the experience reporting form before attempting to write experience reports. Go to the Annual Fees, Licence Waiver web page to find out if you qualify. Then Work Experience Record #2 should start Jan 1/11 so there is no overlap. Do I have to have my academic documents sent directly from my university? All information available in alternate formats upon request, Student Electrical/Biomedical Report (4 months), EIT Post-Graduate Student Progress Report #3, Budgeting and Risk Assessment Report (Extra report requested), EIT Biosystems - Academic Report (16 months), EIT Electrical/Instrumentation Report (50 months), EIT Electrical/Communications Report (8 months), EIT Industrial/Postgraduate Report (14.5 months), EIT Civil/Project Management Report (29 months). You must reinstate your license if you start practicing again by calling the APEGS office and paying the prorated licence fee for the remainder of the calendar year. How can I pay my annual fees?How do I get a waiver of my licence fee?

If your bachelor level education is not in either of these fields, then you may not be qualified to apply for a licence.

It will help you understand the application process.

Note that your APEGS Central account is not created until you sign up. in a booklet (you may make a copy as long as you include the publication details), a special document/letter issued by the university. If you are paying by cheque, send your cheque and paper application form by mail or drop them off at the APEGS office during regular office hours.

Go to the Annual Fees, Licence Waiver web page to find details. The WES assessment provides APEGS with direct confirmation of graduation and degree as well as transcript details. For engineer-in-training applicants, the only situations where the academic assessment form, fee and self-assessment are NOT required for international graduates are: ** IMPORTANT: Not all degrees from these countries are accredited.

The statements made in any application to APEGS must be true and correct. What are the requirements for references on the professional member application? See section 3.5.1 – Selecting Validators.Can I provide a Validator who will not be verifying any specific Key Competencies to comment on my overall readiness for licensure, such as a co-op experience supervisor?Yes; you can name additional Validators who provide overall feedback on your readiness for professional licensure without asking them to verify any Key Competencies.How much information am I required to submit as part of my submission?On the Engineering Competency Assessment System, applicants are required to submit two main components:An Employment History: This section is essentially a "résumé builder" in which you provide a brief description of your periods of employment.A Competency Self-Assessment: This section asks you to select examples from across your entire work experience history to demonstrate how you have achieved each Key Competency.

Provide as much detail as you are permitted with the goal to provide sufficient evidence that you are able to practice competently as a professional engineer. The document “Geoscience Knowledge and Experience Requirements for Professional Registration in Canada” (or the GKE) contains the details of this standard.

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