This configuration increases the temperature capacities of metal seated ball valves. When it comes to metal seated ball valves, the Series 370 is a good example. The Type A configurations are designed for use in highly erosive and abrasive applications where higher temperatures aren’t in use. The lower torque allows Remington to provide compact actuator packages without compromising safety factors that are integral to our design.

This Series is designed for heavy-duty service from high-cycle to slurry, corrosive environments to erosive applications. Our valve design program optimizes the internal components of all our valve product lines, providing lower torque and optimal flow through our valves. Valves should remain in the open position to prevent damage to the seating surface during shipping and handling. The J-Series Valve offers customer flexibility and durability in a full port or regular port flanged end valve. VALVE TRANSPORTATION AND STORAGE 2.1 TRANSPORTATION 1. Examples of these specialized coatings include satellite hard facing, chromium carbide, tungsten carbide and electrolysis nickel plating. 832-413-4400 Facebook handle applications in power generation.

M-Series and J-Series handle applications in Mining, Slurry Transport, Autoclave (HPAL) and Heavy Slurry. We add additional safety factors to ensure that our products perform as intended and retain integrity in upset or extreme conditions. In-line repairable, automated relief valve systems, solids, ash-handling block and isolation valves. Bolted bonnet and Pressure Seal, from 2” to 36”, Class 150 to 2500. Available in flanged or threaded connection ends, in sizes that range from 1/4″ to 4″. Another important aspect is that it provides the ISO 5211 mounting pad intended for actuation. Deciding on the right seat material can be a difficult decision when it comes to ball valves because you’ll have several options. Intended usage is in erosive and/or abrasive applications in which higher temperatures aren’t a concern. Remington uses only forgings in the construction of our valve bodies and pressure containing components. specific applications from isolation to welded end valves, catalyst handling. The R-Series In-Line Repairable Valve provides customers with the positive shutoff required with the advantages of in-line repair-ability; eliminating costly cutting, welding and stress relieving for future preventative maintenance. Recognizing your process condition is critical when it comes to choosing the appropriate seat for your specific application. Quality is paramount in the performance of any severe service metal-seated ball valve product. This series is offered in sizes that range from 1/4″ to 4”, with threaded (NPT) or flanged connection ends. This line is designed to provide the safety and security expected in the prevention/reduction of excessive pressure. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Metal seated ball values on the other hand can hold up under high temperatures and extreme service conditions. handle applications in Corrosive, Abrasive, Slurry, Extreme Pressure, Catalyst, Chemical and Petrochemical applications. Manufactured from premium quality 316 stainless steel, this metal valve also has pressure ratings as high as 2000PSI. There are three available configurations, including type A, B and C, described as follows. The below are the details of their product. The E-Series Pressure Relief Valves provide security and over-pressurization protection in an automated package. This configuration is ideal for higher temperature gasses & fluids and for saturated steam at 720PSIG. Bottom line, metal seated ball valves are the best, long lasting, economical options for critical applications. Slurry Valves. In fact, a certain amount of leakage is permitted, measured by the amount of air bubbles that escape per minute during testing. Switching Valves. Soft seats are typically composed of thermoplastic components like PTFE. These valves are appropriate for applications in which chemical compatibility is crucial, and in situations where having the tightest seal is important. The P-Series Valve offers the same quality and engineering excellence as our metal seated valve, but with a high performance soft seat. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Metal Seated Ball Valves.

Acid Injection Valves. PulseJet Valves. Remington Valve assures the highest flow rates and lowest cost of operation in the industry. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Utilizing a downstream metal seat, this configuration is a metal seat that incorporates flexible, die-formed graphite seat seals along with stem packing. The C-Series Line is designed to handle the toughest sealing requirements for bi-directional, double block and bleed applications.

Product Search. Engineered to excel in the most demanding industrial settings where valve deficiencies can endanger safety, plant efficiency and reduce profitability, metal seated ball valves stand out. Forged bodies and high-strength materials combined with highly engineered internal components provide for a durable, long-lasting valve. Metal seats can stand up to extreme flashing, hydraulic shock, abrasive process fluid, and high temperatures up to and exceeding 1,000° F. They are also ideal for high erosion or corrosion applications. Locate a Distributor. Gate valves. Double Block & Bleed Valves. HABONIM global network HEADQUARTER HABONIM Israel SUBSIDIARIES HABONIM USA | HABONIM Europe | HABONIM Australia SALES OFFICES HABONIM UK | HABONIM China | HABONIM Singapore Distribution to 52 countries worldwide Austria | Australia| …

Specialty Products. These valves are known to break down under conditions like these, resulting in a leaky valve. 8226 Kerr St. Houston, Texas 77029Office: Metal seated ball valve Habonim’s tough line of metal seated valves excels in the harshest industrial environments, where valve failures can damage plant efficiency, reduce profitability and endanger safety. Complications introduced by soft seated valves are related to the fact that they don’t stand up to applications that challenge their service limits. Does your situation require a bubble tight shut off? Remington designs and engineers every valve to surpass industry standards. Once you have a firm grasp on these factors, the choice will be apparent. If you determine that the best solution is metal seated ball valves you’ll find them to be long lasting, cost effective solutions for critical applications. With metal to metal seating, and depending on the service conditions, applying various coatings make it possible for ball and seat rings to be hard faced on sealing locations. We have optimized our flow characteristics to provide higher Cv's with lower torque resulting in an efficient, durable valve for steam. Ball valves. Soft seats, however, aren’t suitable for processing abrasive or dirty fluids.

Globe valves . Having a complete understanding of the process conditions should be the starting point when it comes to choosing seated valves.

Remington guarantees that quality because our reputation depends on it!

The efficiency and longevity of metal seated ball valves will pay off and counteract the higher price. Accept Read More, Metal Seated Valves and Soft Seated Valves : Differences, Split Range Control Loop is used, where there are several manipulated variables, but a single output variable. Trunnion Ball Valves. Sealing is achieved by the metal-to-metal contact in between two hard coated surface areas. The S-Series line is specifically designed for use in power generation  services. The M-Series line utilizes the most corrosive resistant materials of constructions for mining applications and provides the durability expected in solids handling.

Automated Packages. The coordination among different manipu…, The PLC documentation is a very important engineering record of the process control steps, and, as with all technical descriptions, accurate detailed …, PLC Program to Separate Different Size Objects, Automatic Coffee Vending Machine – PLC Logic, Control Valve Testing for Noise Measurement, Abbreviations of Pressure, Temperature & Flow, DP Transmitter Interface Level Measurement Principle, Limitations, Selection, Installation, Design & Calibration, DP Transmitter Dry Leg & Wet Leg Calculations, Types of CPU Communication Ports in Siemens PLC. Remington Valve manufactures metal seated ball valves to the Refining, Mining, Chemical, Petrochemical and Power Generation industries. S-Series, R-Series and E-Series handle applications in power generation. We ensure the highest standard of service, while meeting the needs of our customers in every application across all critical service industries. The valves also work for longer time periods than soft seated valves. Well established in the field, metal seated ball valves deliver uninterrupted service with the maximum shut off standards. Bolted bonnet and Pressure Seal, from 2” to 36”, Class 150 to 2500. Parallel Slide Gate Valves. For this configuration, the service temperature limitation is 450°F (232.2°C). The Valtorc offers best metal seated ball valves with unique features. Turbine Bypass Systems. These durable valves can basically handle the majority of abrasive applications. The polymeric seals incorporated in this metal seat configuration are replaced with flexible, die-formed graphite seat seals with stem packing. Class VI is often misinterpreted as “bubble tight.”. This configuration features the conventional metal seat, showcasing polymeric seat seals, body seals, in addition to stem packing. “Bubble tight” shut-off is more accurately related to resilient-seated valves. Even though metal seated valves are more expensive, the cost of downtime resulting from failure, coupled with the replacement of soft seated valve break downs, should be factored in.

Even though metal seated valves are more expensive, the cost of downtime resulting from failure, coupled with the replacement of soft seated valve break downs, should be factored in.

Mining, Slurry Transport, Autoclave (HPAL) and Heavy Slurry. The result of optimization are higher Cv’s, increased profitability for users and reduced internal wear. Remington’s materials of construction are superior in strength and composition, compared to cast valve producers in the severe service industry.

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