By implementing a number of social engagement opportunities, the College Council strives to build a meaningful connection between our students and the School of Sustainability, the ASU campus and the greater Valley community. The association welcomes students of all ethnic backgrounds to come together and to network with one another, as well as learn more about Iranian culture. Email: These goals are achieved by promoting fellowship, service, and education. Co-President: Raphael Romero Ruiz at President: Megan Barbera at

Email: (ASURITE log-in required)Schedule an appointment.Email us.

Join the AWM club via SunDevilSync. Selected participants serve with a community-based nonprofit organization to build capacity in the following areas: education, economic opportunity, and health and wellness. As ASA members, they will learn about the Assyrian culture and, in turn, promote the importance of this culture to other students at Arizona State University. Admission FAQs   |  Current international student FAQs | Helpful resources, International Students and Scholars Center, Public Service and ESANA is the largest Egyptian student gathering outside Egypt, with a number of members exceeding 1800 and over 37 local chapters (units) throughout Canada and the US. The MSJC believes that there should be separate diversity organizations as well as a united one, to create the most effective results for student journalists of color. NAJA is open to any student that is Native American or to any student that wants to cover Native issues — even if they’re not Native. The Honor Society for Sustainability is open to undergraduate sustainability majors, graduate students and other students with sustainability concentrations. The purpose of this organization shall be: Strives to serve both Vietnamese students and Non-Vietnamese students and faculty at ASU. Email: Through this club, we hold a vision and goal to not only spread cultural awareness of the Korean culture, but also to show how involvement in the American society is important as well.

President: Rahul VermaEmail: Follow us on Facebook.

Come join us! Faculty adviser: Vanessa Ruiz at The club also provides networking, mentorship and educational opportunities. President: Ahmed AlmohammadiEmail: Follow us on Facebook/ Visit us on Facebook Furthermore, we seek to fill the needs of our emerging leaders and hope to offer the social, cultural, academic, and political service events and programs to fully represent and have a bigger impact on all campuses. Explore francophone culture and practice your french! The purpose of this organization is to portray, promote and share modern African culture to the diverse ASU community and act as a platform to share a positive image of a continent wrongly portrayed by the media. The Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS@ASU) Kappa Chapter is an international fraternity chapter at ASU. The Society for Women in STEM is a partner organization of the Central Arizona Chapter of AWIS. We connect and build a strong community. Furthermore, the intention of the INTERNATIONAL CONNECTIONS - MOSAIC Club is to exemplify cultural tolerance and awareness, and social justice and human rights values will be honored. This organization seeks to create ambassadors of the very distinct and diverse culture and heritages in Africa and serve as a source of information to those interested in learning more about the continent of Africa. All Day Sports Productions All Day Sports Productions is a media club that is all about creating sports news content.

President: Paul Badayos Salazar

The Wave is a student multimedia network, that primarily produces podcasts and videos, with the goal to give students a platform to showcase their work and sharpen the tools they will need to succeed. A great way to meet friends who have similar interests is to get involved in clubs and organizations at ASU. President: Savannah WhiteEmail: zwang325@asu.eduFollow us on Facebook. The Student Leadership Advisory Council is a group of Cronkite School student leaders who advise the dean. President: Hebah BahtaEmail: All Day Sports Productions is a media club that is all about creating sports news content. The Sustainability Review especially focuses on the video format to best capture and share the images, concepts and ideas of sustainability research for the modern world. The Multicultural Student Journalists Coalition re-debuted the summer of 2020. Whether you want to discuss philosophical themes, learn about the physical sciences or join a national honor society in political science, there’s a club for you within our college or at the university. Faculty adviser: Venita Hawthorne at Suite 7 32-36 Camberwell Road Staff adviser: Mary Cook at It connects students with student organizations and student organizations with their members and Administrative Advisors in a customizable online campus commutniy. If you want to keep up with the newest event from CSSA, please follow us on Wechat. AIP is dedicated to serving and supporting the various American Indian student organizations on campus. We are here to build good characters, and instill cultural pride through its diverse members. Association for Women in Sports Media launched in 2013 in response to the growing number of female students interests in sports journalism. The purpose of the club is to celebrate and raise awareness of Ethiopian and Eritrean culture, to provide support for Ethiopian and Eritrean students by fostering a sense of community and to give back to our community through various activities.

Follow us on Facebook Globalization goals and ideals will be highlighted through community outreach as will the recognition and promotion of academic achievement of future leaders within the international student community. The Indian Students Association at Arizona State University is a non-profit organization for all students from India. President: Riley Trujilo at

The Philippine American Student Association is a student-based organization that provides an opportunity for those within the community and local community to establish camaraderie through the exploration and sharing of the Philippine culture. AMERICAN MATHEMATICAL SOCIETY (AMS) - ASU STUDENT CHAPTER.

Bangladeshi Students' Association (BSA) represents the Bangladeshi students studying at ASU. America Reads: The ASU America Reads Program matches children from low-income communities with an ASU student as their tutor/mentor. The SACNAS ASU chapter is committed to promoting diversity in the STEM field, providing a network of like-minded peers, building professional development and leadership skills, engaging in the community, and informing members of opportunities that will help them achieve their goals. We invite you to tour our homepage and join our mailing list. Vice president: Melinda Sawyer at The club is open to both men and women and works to promote fair portrayals of female professionals in sports media. Browse a comprehensive list of all ASU clubs and organizations representing academic and non-academic student interests. VIEW stands for the Voice, Interests and Education of Women. National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association formed at the Cronkite School in fall 2010. The association is committed to help and support UAE students in academic and non-academic aspects as well as provide a welcoming home environment.

Public Allies Arizona: Public Allies are diverse, emerging leaders working to solve some of our community’s most critical issues. President: Hyun Jae Kwon To provide the understanding on Korean culture, history and society for ASU students as well as provide Korean students with mutual acceptance and friendship. The Pakistani Students Association at Arizona State University is a non-profit organization for all the students from Pakistan and strives to provide the students with networking opportunities, community involvement, practical skills, knowledge and an understanding of the unique university experience. Membership is open to all School of Sustainability undergraduate students, and elections for leadership positions are held every November. The Korean American Student Association (KASA) is an organization residing at Arizona State University where culture and diversity amongst students and the community is supported. For a complete list of student organizations that provide opportunities for involvement at ASU, contact the Student Organizations Office. We support all new coming and recent Vietnamese students in ASU. If you want to take advantage of the full Sun Devil experience, we encourage you to get involved. SEAASA aims to instill cultural pride by sharing and immersing its members in the diverse ethnic traditions as well as teach its members the history of Southeast Asian immigration to the United States. Selected participants serve with a community-based nonprofit organization to build capacity in the following areas: education, economic opportunity, and health and wellness. Two $500 scholarships awards are also available each year to Honor Society members.

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