For some Egyptians the mutual assimilation of Atum and the solar god Re (Ra) represented the setting sun. He may be seated on a throne but may also be shown standing erect, or even leaning on a staff when his old age is stressed. Your choices will not impact your visit. Not sure of the spelling? Atum travelled through the underworld every night and fought with Apep, the primordial chaos, in order to rise each morning. BBCODE: To link to this page in a forum post or comment box, just copy and paste the link code below: Here's the info you need to cite this page. From New Kingdom onwards, he often made an appearance inscribing royal names on the leaves of the sacred ished tree, and in some Lower Egyptian inscriptions Atum is shown crowning the Pharaoh (for example the shrine of Ramesses II in Pithom). HTML: To link to this page, just copy and paste the link below into your blog, web page or email. Each egyptian city had their own god, and often their own stories of the creation and what the gods were. Where did the world come from? The snake, bull, lion, lizard and ichneumon (Egyptian mongoose) are his sacred animals. If only Set had thought of calling himself Set-Ra. Ra is the whole sun, Kephera the rising sun while Atum is the setting sun. That sun disk is Aten. He was the first ever God to exist on Earth and he was born from the Waters of Chaos. The name Atum has many spellings, such as Temu, Tem, Atem and Tum, meaning complete or perfection. He was the main deity of Per-Tem (“house of Atum… If you wish to use our material in your essay, book, article, website or project, please consult our permissions page. Sometimes he has the form of the primal serpent, lion, bull, lizard or even a scarab. Editors: Peter J. Allen, Chas Saunders. To purchase such goodies we suggest you try Amazon, Ebay or other reputable online stores. Atum, Ra, Horakhty and Khepri made up the different aspects of the sun. Atum (/ɑ.tum/, Egyptian: jtm(w) or tm(w), reconstructed [jaˈtaːmuw]; Coptic ⲁⲧⲟⲩⲙ Atoum), sometimes rendered as Atem or Tem, is an important deity in Egyptian mythology. When they were found, he named Shu as “life” and Tefnut as “order” and entwined them together. As an ape, he was sometimes armed with a bow with which to shoot his enemies. In his aspect as a solar deity, he was also depicted as a scarab and the giant scarab statue which now stands by the sacred lake at Karnak was dedicated to Atum. Atum was the creator god in the Heliopolitan Ennead. Popularity index: 1439. Do we sell Atum-Ra graphic novels, books, video or role-playing games (RPG)? The name Atum has many spellings, such as Temu, Tem, Atem and Tum, meaning complete or perfection. A corporate merger of Top Gods Atum and Ra. He himself created all of the Gods as well as the universe. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); We use cookies to improve your experience on our website and to show you relevant ads. Which cookies and scripts are used and how they impact your visit is specified on the left. Pronunciation: Coming soon Found this site useful? He himself created all of the Gods as well as the universe. A corporate merger of Top Gods Atum and Ra.. Questions like this pervade religious thought, and ancient Egyptian religion was no different. As with most widely worshiped Egyptian deities, Ra's identity was often combined with other gods, forming an interconnection between deities. Try entering just the first three or four letters. The Gods have provided us with a robust privacy and cookie policy which all mortals are advised to read. This site uses functional cookies and external scripts to improve your experience. You may change your settings at any time. Atum’s close relationship to the king is seen in many cultic rituals, and in the coronation rites. Atum Ra refers to the sun as a whole. (Copyright notice.) This sort of thing was great for business — and Ra seems to have been delighted to sponsor many a high-flying deity. However, there are certain depictions of the Pharaoh as Lord of the Two Lands. We are often asked about mythology merchandise. Similarly, the ram-headed god Khnum was also seen as the evening manifestation of Ra. Pinch, Geraldine (2002) Handbook Egyptian Mythology, Redford Donald B (2002) Ancient Gods Speak, Strudwick, Nigel and Helen (1999) Thebes in Egypt, Van De Mieroop, Marc (1999) A History of Ancient Egypt, Watterson, Barbara (1996) Gods of Ancient Egypt, Wilkinson, Richard H. (1992) Reading Egyptian Art, Wilkinson, Richard H. (2003) The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, Wilkinson, Richard H. (2000) The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt. Atum became tired and wanted a place to rest, so he kissed his daugther Tefnut, and created the first mound (Iunu) to rise from the waters of Nun. During the New Kingdom, Atum and the Theban god Montu (Montju) are depicted with the king in the Temple of Amun at Karnak. Ra and his twin brother Horus worked feverishly to build the sky in a way that would bring wonder and beauty to the realm of Atum. In the Old Kingdom, Egyptian people believed that Atum lifted the souls of dead kings to the starry heavens. In this form, Atum also symbolized the setting sun and its journey through the underworld to its rising in the east. Celebration or Feast Day: Unknown at present, In charge of: the Sun During the period of the New Kingdom, the Atum myths merged in the Egyptian pantheon with those of Ra. Who created the gods? According to this cosmogony, or story about the origin of the world, nothing existed before Atum; not even Atum himself … In later versions of the myth, Atum produces Shu and Tefnut by masturbation and splits up Geb and Nut because he is jealous of their constant copulation. He was also considered to be the father of the Pharaohs. One of the only details that distinguishes him from a Pharaoh is the shape of his beard. After Theben became capital of ancient Egypt, Amun and Ra melted together to make Amun-Ra. When the first night fell he plucked stars from the sky and used them to craft his chosen, the efreeti. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. However, his creative nature has two sides. A giant scarab statue that stands by the sacred Lake in Karnak is dedicated to him. Atum is most usually depicted in anthropomorphic form and is typically shown wearing the dual crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. He is portrayed as a man with a double crown, that of Upper and Lower Egypt and wearing the royal head-cloth. He was represented by the black bull Mnewer, who bore the sun disk and uraeus between its horns. He also provided protection to all good people, ensuring their safe passage past the Lake of Fire where there lurks a deadly dog-headed god who lives by swallowing souls and snatching hearts. One of those gods were Ra (the sun god) who held a sun disk. Atum (also known as Tem or Temu) was the first and most important Ancient Egyptian god to be worshiped in Iunu (Heliopolis, Lower Egypt), although in later times Ra rose in importance in the city, and eclipsed him to some extent. Also, numerous small bronze coffins containing mummified eels, bearing a figure of the fish on the top of the box and an inscription incised on it, attest to yet another zoomorphic incarnation of Atum. Atum’s two offspring became separated from him and lost in the dark nothingness, so Atum sent his “Eye” to look for them (a precursor to the “Eye of Ra”, an epithet given to many deities at different times).

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