Your Bandcamp Friday Wishlist: The August 2020 Edition. In fact, I have 5 different Bandcamp pages for various projects. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Not some bro who’s a wiz at marketing and knows how to exploit creative types for their own personal gain(Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, is a billionaire while musicians are figuring out how to pay their rent.). It’s time for another Bandcamp friday! Bandcamp is donating all its usual fees to artists from midnight to midnight PDT today, Friday, August 6th, as the scene continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.

Learn how your comment data is processed., MuRli (of Rusangano Family fame) has his EP Till The Wheels Fall Off  up for grabs on his page, Meanwhile, record label Fly High Society have the Fly High Sampler Vol 1 on offer featuring MuRli, God Knows, SertOne and the Aratita Electronik Jazz Quintet amongst others, We’d strongly encourage you to support these acts and others today. This is now the fifth time Bandcamp has waived its fees. Oh and check out our event listing for this week. I mean, anytime is a good time to buy music and support independent artists and labels, but especially when 100% of the money you spend goes right to those folks creating it. “It’s a good reminder that Bandcamp Fridays are really an extension of what Bandcamp is about every day,” the platform said.

Dochi, Low Sun Archives - "Several Huge Yellow Snaplike Somethings," "Gates Of Eden", MoMa Ready - "Mor Than A Woman [Restructure]", Old Shady Grady & The Neighbourhood Character -. Fans have paid artists $613 million using Bandcamp, and $17.7 million in the last 30 days alone. This is a great opportunity to support local musicians and bands by buying their music and merch. Bandcamp are once again dropping their fees on purchases made today. Change ).

Bandcamp will continue its special “Bandcamp Friday” series for the rest of the year, waiving its revenue share on all sales on the first Friday of every month to give musicians more money from each purchase. (You should also check out our post in May which has a number of other acts worth checking out). Required fields are marked *. The next Bandcamp Friday will happen on August 7. ( Log Out /  The music platform announced last month that it would extend the practice through the rest of the year, with Bandcamp Friday falling on the first Friday of each month.

Skin Graft Records – talking about two reissues + one upcoming album from the legendary record label. Cowboy Bebop), Music Ally Ltd., Holborn Studios,, Anna’s Anchor are currently working on a new album. Bandcamp Friday August 7: Rachel’s Recs. Spinning the records for the good of mankind.

Bandcamp is one of the most popular places to do that and, since March, the website has been waiving its revenue share for a full 24 hours on the first Friday of every month. “The November APRA royalty payment... © Copyright Music Ally All rights reserved 2020 - Website designed and maintained by. Want more Rolling Stone?

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Selling Right Now paused (and yes, this really is a live feed — I can’t believe you thought it was canned!)

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