As the daughter of Ra she was one of the goddesses known as the “Eye of Ra”, a fierce protector who almost destroyed mankind but was tricked with blood-coloured beer which put her to sleep and gave her a hangover, stopping the carnage. Bastet was the goddess of protection, pleasure, and the bringer of good health. Sekhmet, the Lion Goddess of power and war is created in cold cast resin, then an artisan takes two hours to hand paint each figurine with accurate gold toned details and colors from an Egyptian palette. She had the head of a cat and a slender female body. The Artists covered them with gold wrapping paper and drew on them with marker. (2.5 cm.) Ra was the solar deity in ancient Egyptian religion. You may change your settings at any time. Bastet has connections with the sun and solar system in some stories, too, due to the controlling influence of her father. Created by Moonlight Developments. She then was depicted as the daughter of Ra and Isis, and the consort of Ptah, with whom she had a son Maahes. Coinciding with the domestication of the cat, Bastet’s image changed to become less intimidating, even as her powers increased. First of all, in ancient Egypt, Anubis was the most important god of the dead.

Thus her name implies that she is sweet and precious, but that under the surface lay the heart of a predator. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Initially, Bastet protected her father from harm. However, the two goddesses were not that similar as Artemis was celibate while Bast was associated with fun and sexuality. However, even then she remained true to her origins and retained her war-like aspect. The ancient Egyptians placed great value on cats because they protected the crops and slowed the spread of disease by killing vermin. Bard, Kathryn (2008) An introduction to the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt, Goodenough, Simon (1997) Egyptian Mythology, Grajetzki, W (2003) Burial Customs in Ancient Egypt, Kemp, Barry J (1991) Ancient Egypt: Anatomy of a Civilisation, Lesko, Barbara S (1999) The great goddesses of Egypt, Pinch, Geraldine (2002) Handbook Egyptian Mythology, Redford Donald B (2002) Ancient Gods Speak, Watterson, Barbara (1996) Gods of Ancient Egypt, Wilkinson, Richard H. (2003) The Complete Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt, Wilkinson, Richard H. (2000) The Complete Temples of Ancient Egypt.

The Ancient Egyptians held animals in the highest regard. However, the connection with Tefnut and Bast’s potentially warlike aspect probably contributed to this apparently strange connection.

Seated upon an integral plinth, the tail wrapped around its right side, a ridged suspension loop at the center of its back 1 in. Bastet was the goddess of protection, pleasure, and the bringer of good health. We also took a look at Egyptian scrolls and statues…, Bastet was a powerful goddess of Lower Egypt, one who was protective and could bring about great prosperity. She is the Egyptian goddess of the home and felines, as well as a protector goddess. It lay in the Nile Delta near what is known today as Zagazig. In her honor, entire cemeteries of mummified house cats (often buried near their owners) appeared in Bubastis and Memphis during the Ptolemaic periods. Bastet, often associated closely with the ferocious lioness goddess Sakhmet, also assumed more violent roles, as she was able to both inflict and cure disease. The inscription on this amulet also contains the epithet “beautiful sistrum (rattle) player,” referring to Bastet’s role as a patron goddess of religious festivals, which often incorporated music. Specifically, she is often portrayed as a female cat in a seated position. In zoomorphic form, she was represented as a cat and cats were considered sacred to her. 747-656 BCE, Collection: Mendes Israel Cohen Collection of Egyptian Antiquities, number 100.

NOTE: These settings will only apply to the browser and device you are currently using. Malek, Jaromir, 1993. The titles were given by Ra to Bastet.

For example, Bastet gained the power of presiding over childbirth and expectant mothers sometime after the domestication of the house cat.

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