There is even a book titled Becoming Batman: The Possibility of a Superhero.

It is not the most merciful or admirable way of working, but you can't argue that it isn't effective. In the commentary, Sam considered killing Batman by having Black Panther slice off his jaw or using necromancy to have Bruce's own parents come back from the dead to devour their son. But guess what? He has been around since the 1930s and has buried himself so deep into pop culture that people 100 years from now will still be making movies about him, and will probably be debated among philosophers of the future who will question whether or not he was a real person, a figure intended for the betterment of society, or a quick cash grab by a hack artist who just stole most of his ideas from other comics of the time and got away with it. He becomes a true creature of the night and defeats his enemies fairly. Because of the mythos that Batman became who he is entirely through training and self-determination and dedication. Batman gets the upper hand by punching Black Panther with his batarangs and takes out one of the lions with his tranquilizer darts.

Boomstick: He's beat the shit out of Captain America, Iron Man and Daredevil. As I have mentioned earlier, there is a book, Becoming Batman: The Possibility of a Superhero, which explores this subject in great detail and does conclude that, however difficult, it is actually possible to be a Batman type superhero in real life. The Wakanda tech should give him a big advantage here, and the vibranium. He doesn't have an army of people, and while he did join the Justice League, he is still primarily the type of guy who works alone, or with the help of a very few, highly select individuals who will never betray him. No. Batman takes out his bola and tosses it at the Wakandan king, but Black Panther easily slices through it and punches Batman through the cage and into the Lion's Den. With this in mind, T'Challa must have thrown the spear hard enough to hit the wall with a force of over twenty-thousand pounds per square inch. It is a super metal that has all the sci-fi awesomeness that scientists and engineers in the real world would absolutely love to have.

This is the first episode that was previously a Community Death Battle on the DEATH BATTLE Cast, with the next eleven being.

Wiz: He carries energy daggers, a shield of hardened light, a teleportation device, and claws. Hey Wiz, how do I become King of Wakanda? T'Challa and Black Panther are one and the same. DEATH BATTLE Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Black Panther is a great superhero, but that's the problem. Wiz: But of all his traits, Bruce Wayne's strongest attribute is his sheer, unstoppable tenacity. Wiz: Well, he dresses like a bat, sleeps with a cat burglar and constantly brings children into battle, so he's clearly got a few complicated issues. This is the 12th Marvel VS DC themed episode in the series, after, This is the seventh time Marvel wins, after, This is the tenth episode to feature a returning combatant, after, This is the seventh episode to feature a returning winner, after, This is also the third episode to have a returning winner lose, after. Batman has won dozens of duels against people with similar or even better abilities. So when you have situations where it is the easy way to just shoot someone, Batman needs to find very different (and difficult) ways of subduing his enemies. It wouldnt be easy but Id give the edge to The Batman.

I don't think Batman's resources can top Black Panthers…

Black Panther's science is one of those that can't be questioned on how awesome it is. He could just whip out some sonics and end the fight there seeing how he can't. The fact that he also danced around Cobb's hits, who is also faster than Panther, means Batman will have no issues with Panther's speed. Boomstick: He can even throw spears through stone walls!

Batman with an easy win. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. He had to do everything himself. Wiz: He is incredibly strong, and can jump well over thirty feet.

He doesn't just lose at one point, he loses in a way that jeopardizes his entire kingdom. Boomstick: Batman, the genius crime fighter from DC Comics. They were exploring outer space years before the U.S. and Russia even tried! It definitely helped, but alone, was not alone enough to beat the Bat. However, when Batman fights his adversaries, whether they're individual supervillains who are extremely tough, or supervillains who also have a massive amount of unusually loyal henchmen, he has to fight them primarily alone, with maybe the help of a few non-super powered individuals. Wiz: Vibranium is an extremely durable metal which can absorb audio and kinetic energy, a single gram sells for ten thousand US dollars, and Wakanda's Vibranium mound is estimated to be ten thousand tons, that's over nine billion dollars. When T'Challa starts heading back, Batman tosses three batarangs at him. So when Bruce Wayne decided to become Batman, he didn't have access to all the military training that would be readily available to a prince of Wakanda. Boomstick: Yeah, if Brucie ever enters the Olympics, everyone else might as well rage quit, same difference, really. This is very, very important because the whole appeal of Batman to many people is that, in theory at least, it is possible to become Batman.

Well, as king of Wakanda, T'Challa has unlimited access to all of his country's resources. WIz: T'Challa's new powers included superhuman speed, strength, healing, and agility. Boomstick: With that much cash, he can afford any kinda weapon he wants, grappling hooks, smoke pellets, cryo and thermite grenades, and of course, the batarangs.

Most of the talk online has been about how Black Panther is the superior of the two. I am willing to argue that BP can take this, especially in round 1. Wiz: According to Forbes, Wayne's networth, thanks to his company, adds up to 9.2 billion US Dollars. And what does Batty always do to beat him?

Wiz: So, why is this important? before the fight.

But this isn't done out of personal reasons. He has no super powers, no unusual powers or features or lifestyle (out of crime fighting) that really make him different from normal people. That's huge, and there was even a storyline where he used his wealth to crash the economy of entire countries. This is not going to be a long discussion largely because of the fact that Batman fought (and defeated) the ultimate superhero of them all: Superman. So when we learn that both our heroes, Batman and Black Panther, have their own tragedies, it doesn't surprise us. In the more serious cases, he has entire superhero teams that have been assembled long before in order to team up on the big bad dude of the week(tm).

Wiz: He can outrun traffic, and is said to be faster than a panther, which can run around fifty miles per hour.

He is the king of the wakanda tribe, today we have, the Black Panther! Batman on the other hand is different.

If you made the movie The Dark Knight with Black Panther, chances are likely the Joker would have been shot multiple times. He's quick enough to pull a fast one on Wolverine.

Please, call me T'Challa. This makes his job far more challenging and the stakes far higher than Black Panther's, and that's what gives him more appeal in my opinion. From what I've heard from comic book geeks, they hated the line 'you didn't have to go easy on me' in Superman vs. Batman because in the actual comic where this battle took place, he didn't take it easy on him. Wiz: Throughout the underworld of Gotham City, one name strikes fear into the hearts of even the most hardened of criminals. If he has no intel Bats loses. Black Panther has an entire nation's backing. Boomstick: It takes a lot, a lot, to take down the Batman. That is the law of nature! Boomstick: But Bats is more than just a tech wizard, this guy bench presses a thousand pounds in his everyday workout, a thousand pounds! It sounds familiar... it's almost like the concept for Black Panther was quite heavily inspired by a certain man who dresses as a bat to scare off criminals and strike fear into their hearts or something.

Wiz: Plus, his cowl sports night, infrared, and UV vision. -- and the Dora Milaje, the female protective guard of King T'Challa, absolutely fierce warriors that rank among the best in the entire world. Also apparently they calculated the value of Scrooge McDuck's money bin...) as the third richest superhero with a net worth of $9.2 billion. In fact, T'Challa was explicitly stated to have gotten his skills entirely through training and travel to learn things that would become quite useful to him.

Black Panther begins walking across the bridge, but he sets off an explosive trap Batman placed near his location. Batman's gone up against the likes of Cobb, Bane, Deathstroke (although weakened, he was still strong enough to use a 2-3 ton chunck of concrete like a baseball bat), etc, while Panther goes up against the likes of MCU Captain America. Yet Batman succeeds every time without it.

Boomstick: How noble, and ironic, considering he was taught to be a badass by a group called "The League of Assassins". Batman, the Dark Knight, the crime fighting master who strikes fear into the hearts of criminals and hoodlums everywhere, the dreaded enemy of countless superpowered villains, and the butt of so many parodies and internet memes where he is at once an awesome icon and a joke at the same time.

Batman wins with low/mid diff. Black Panther ends his bloody combo by clawing off Batman's head and kicking the former billionaire's body towards the pool. Black Panther is incredibly smart, and incredibly tough, but he also has an entire kingdom and numerous other people that are on-call for him to be able to get help whenever he needs it. While he has been beaten by some enemies who had some kind of surprise advantage, like Bane in the Dark Knight Returns, when he comes back after rectifying that issue.

Hell, he once knocked out Karnak, who's also one of the world's finest martial artists, with just one hit!

These people's suits are not their secret identities.

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