Gender budgeting as a way of complying with EU legal requirements, Gender budgeting as a way of promoting accountability and transparency, Gender budgeting as a way of increasing participation in budget processes, Gender budgeting as a way of advancing gender equality.

What happens when you violate sexist expectations? Underpinning the processes with an outcome-focused approach, Principle 5. Today, knowledge of social criminal law is key not only nationally speaking, but more and more in a cross-border, European context as well.

Performance, participation, facilitation, and attempt to perform FGM, Yes (Article 10ter, Code of Criminal Procedure); Conditions: the victim is a minor and the offender must be found on the territory, Clitoridectomy; excision, infibulation, all other forms except piercings and tattoos or transsexual operations (re-infibulation is not specifically stipulated as illegal), Not specified, but police and public organisations defending the rights of minors collect this information.

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Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan (2018) (English version) Belgium. This webpage provides access to criminal codes of OSCE participating States. The information was last updated in 2013 and may have changed since.

The Belgian judiciary is referred to as the courts and tribunals (Dutch: hoven en rechtbanken, French: cours et tribunaux, German: Gerichtshöfe und Gerichte) in official texts, such as the Belgian Constitution. Adopting a gender-specific approach, Principle 2.

The judiciary of Belgium is similar to the French judiciary. Section: Female Genital Mutilation. Our research institute therefore considered it an important task to make the Belgian social criminal legal framework accessible to a broader public by making an English translation of the Social Criminal Code.

2° Inhuman treatment : every treatment that will cause a person severe intentional physical or mental pain with the aim to receive intelligence, confessions, punish, exert pressure on that person or on a third party, or to intimidate him or a third party ; Article 417quinquies (inserted by article 5 of the law of 14 June 2002; in force 24/08/2002). When the Social Criminal Code was implemented in June 2010, these provisions were made into a new, coherent system, meant to improve the readability of social criminal law, consequently precluding errors and legal uncertainties. The Belgian social criminal code: an English translation by IRIS│international research institute on social fraud . Resource.

Belgium evolved from a unitary to a federal state, but its judicial system has not been adapted to a federal system. De Coninck M, Gillis D, Jorens Y. Launching gender equality action plans, 13. The Belgian Penal Code Country: Belgium. (...). Criminal Code of the Kingdom of Belgium (1867, as of 2018) (French version) Criminal Procedure Code of the Kingdom of Belgium (1808, amended 2019) (French version) Bosnia and Herzegovina. Delivering a coordinated, multiagency response, Strategic framework on violence against women 2015-2018, Legal Definitions in the EU Member States, EIGE's publications on gender-based violence, Economic Benefits of Gender Equality in the EU, Step-by-step guide to Gender Equality Training, 2.

Belgium evolved from a unitary to a federal state, but its judicial system has not been adapted to a federal system. He who subjects a person to degrading treatment, will be punished with a sentence of fifteen days to five year or with a fine of 50 EUR to 300 EUR or with one of these punishments individually.

Brugge: die Keure; 2013.

Please use this url to cite or link to this publication: Project development and application, Tool 10: Integrating a gender perspective in monitoring and evaluation processes, Steps to integrate a gender perspective in M&E processes, Tool 11: Reporting on resource spending for gender equality in the EU Funds, Tracking expenditures for gender equality, EIGE’s publications on Gender mainstreaming, Cooperation with EU candidate countries and potential candidates, Organising an event in EIGE's entry point, First steps towards more inclusive language, Key principles for inclusive language use, Avoid gendered pronouns (he or she) when the person’s gender is unknown, Avoid irrelevant information about gender, Avoid gendered stereotypes as descriptive terms, Using different adjectives for women and men, Do not use ‘he’ to refer to unknown people, Do not use gender-biased nouns to refer to groups of people, Greetings and other forms of inclusive communication, Solutions for how to use gender-sensitive language, The argument for work-life balance measures, Step-by-step approach to building a compelling business case, Step 1: Identify national work-life balance initiatives and partners, Step 2: Identify potential resistance and find solutions, Step 3: Maximise buy-in from stakeholders, Step 4: Design a solid implementation plan, Step 6: Highlight benefits and celebrate early wins, Toolbox for planning work-life balance measures in ICT companies. Article 417ter (inserted by article 5 of the law of 14 June 2002; in force 24/08/2002). An eight-step programme for managers, Eradicating sexism to change the face of the EU. students, Encouraging gender equality activities at the grassroots level across the university, Family-leave without consequences for the academic career, Gender certification: a road to change?

Die Verfassung Belgiens (external link) (Belgium Senate) in German WIPO Lex: Belgian Constitution (external link) (World Intellectual Property Organization) International Constitutional Law: Belgium (external link) (Universität Bern Institut für Öffentliches Recht) offers English translation and Background Note

Department of Criminology, Penal Law and Social Law. Establishing a gender information management system, 11. Request. Types of GBV: Female Genital Mutilation.

Violating sexist expectations can lead to sexual harassment, How can I combat sexism?

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