Email Us, (Don't have a Torx driver? *Service does not apply to any serrated portion of the blade. You'll need a Torx driver to remove (and re-insert) the screws securing the clip to the knife. (Don't have a Torx driver? Benchmade … We offer Wisconsin's largest selection of Benchmade knives… (For more information, check out our primer on the break-in period for folding knives. Catering to law enforcement, military agencies and every day users Benchmade Knives continually conceives of new ways to impress the knife community. In 1987 Benchmade set out to make the best knives in the world and that’s exactly what they did. You can loosen or tighten the pivot screw (right) with a Torx driver, setting the knife's action to your liking. All rights reserved.

All you need to do is send the knife to Benchmade following their instructions, and they will gladly perform all of these services: Click here for more instructions from Benchmade. We offer Wisconsin's largest selection of Benchmade knives, including automatics, fixed blade, folding, tactical, and the butterfly. The company experiments with blade steels,  handle materials, and high quality, US-based machining centers to create finished products unlike anything else out there, backed by LifeSharp, a legendary lifetime warranty service for every knife that leaves their factory. Not only does Benchmade offer US-made products with a lifetime warranty, but they will also service your knife for free should you ever need it. All of our knives are in stock and ready to ship. Over the years we've used light machine oil, gun oil and various household oils, but the best product we've found for maintaining our folding knives' pivots is Benchmade BlueLube.

Exactly where that is will depend on your personal preferences. Catering to law enforcement, military agencies and every day users Benchmade Knives continually conceives of new ways to impress the knife community.

Right out of the box, a new folder might seem tight (or tighter than you'd like), but chances are it simply needs some use to operate smoothly. Put the clip and the screws in a plastic bag in case you change your mind and want to put the clip back later. Today, Benchmade is a pioneer in the industry. We have developed our products to ensure top quality at the lowest prices. We know it can be tempting, with a new knife that's stiff or sticky, to apply oil to the pivot immediately. Prepare to be impressed.

Whatever you do, don't over-tighten the screws. Benchmade Contego Osborne Black Serrated S30V Black G10 Fixed Blade 183SBK, Benchmade Mini Bugout White Grivory Black DLC S30V Drop Point AXIS Lock Folder 533BK-1, Benchmade Hunt Hidden Canyon Hunter Stonewashed S90V Richlite Orange G10 Fixed Blade Knife 15017-1, Benchmade Bugout Black CF-Elite DLC S30V Drop Point Axis Lock Folder 535BK-2, Benchmade 202 Leuku Green Santoprene CPM 3V Fixed Blade, Benchmade Tengu Jared Oeser 20CV Black G10 Liner Lock Flipper 601, Benchmade Mediator Auto Black S90V Reverse Tanto G10 Button Lock Automatic 8551BK, Benchmade 602 Tengu Tool Jared Oeser 20CV Black G10 Bottle Opener Friction Folding Knife, Benchmade Bailout Tanto Gray Cerakote M4 Green Aluminum Axis Lock 537GY-1, Benchmade G10 Mini Griptilian 556-1 Plain CPM-20CV, Benchmade SOCP Tactical AXIS Lock Black D2 Plain Edge CF-Elite Folding Combat Knife 391BK, Benchmade Manual Presidio II Black CF-Elite Black Serrated S30V AXIS Lock Folder 570SBK-1, Benchmade Ranger Green Tactical Hat 50070, Benchmade State Pride Loden Green Adjustable Dad Hat 50065, Benchmade Mini Presidio II Manual Black CF-Elite Black Plain S30V AXIS Lock Folder 575BK-1, Benchmade Autocrat Black DLC S30V Olive Drab G10 OTF Automatic Knife 3400BK-1, Benchmade SOCP Tactical Trainer AXIS Lock Black CF-Elite Folder 391T, Benchmade Autocrat Black DLC S30V Coyote Brown G10 OTF Automatic Knife 3400BK-2, Benchmade 4400-1 Casbah Auto Blue Handle Satin Plain Edge, Benchmade 917SBK-1901 Thin Blue Line Tactical Triage AXIS Lock Black Serrated S30V Rescue Knife, Benchmade 535 Bugout Ranger Green Smoked Gray Drop Point, Benchmade 535 Bugout Blue Grivory S30V Drop Point, Benchmade 551BK-S30V Griptilian Drop Point Black Plain. Some (but not all) Benchmade models accommodate more than one position for the pocket clip, allowing either left- or right-handed carry, as well as tip-up or tip-down carry.

We recommend the Benchmade BlueBox tool kit.). Founded in the late 80s and becoming a staple in the modern knife industry, Benchmade does it all: folding knives, fixed blade knives, and automatic knives.

(We recommend Benchmade's  Blue Box Toolkit for this.)

The best recommendation of these knives is that when people come into our store and ask me to suggest a modern EDC knife, I point to Benchmade -- always. Let the surfaces "mate" naturally. Benchmade Knives; Benchmade Knives . It started by making butterfly knives, but eventually people began to take notice of its innovation -- and its pocket knives. Be patient.

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