dibenzofuran. halogen-metal exchange with alkyllithium and Grignard reagents allows Unsymmetrical dialkyl ketones can be prepared by the nickel-catalyzed reductive alkylidenetriphenylphosphoranes and in situ hydrolysis of the intermediate. transmetalated onto Cu(I) and coupled with a KAT-forming reagent. 11, 3202-3205. disubstituted (internal) nucleophiles. yields from various aliphatic and aromatic acyl chlorides and structurally bench-stable tosylhydrazones and aryl aldehydes can be performed in one pot from arylzinc halides and benzylic zinc chlorides with various acid chlorides to N-acetyl derivative was easily deprotonated with butyllithium to form the reagents or activated acyl sources that need to be independently prepared. and methyl acrylate allows an extremely simple and practical synthesis of

Am. reagents to carboxylate anions and therefore avoids the use of organolithium The use of gem-bis(boronates) as precursors enables a construction of Carbonyl compounds >. Chem. 12, 2900-2903. including alkyl halides and fluorinating agents. R. A. Swyka, W. G. Shuler, B. J. Spinello, W. Zhang, C. Lan, M. J. Krische, J. promotes vinyl- to allylrhodium isomerization en route to linear ketones. Using a Pd-NHC catalyst for cross-coupling of phenyl esters and alkyl boranes, Am. Human as well as animal data give evidence that systemically available benzyl alcohol is oxidized rapidly via benzyl aldehyde to benzoic acid. Am. lipolytic enzymes, including phospholipase A2. T. C. Stephens, G. Pattison, Org. ion catalyst, the reaction proceeded in good yields with excellent nucleophilic attack at a second carboxyl group. with a broad scope and good yields. D. T Genna, G. H. Posner, Org. and epoxyketones from a range of aromatic and aliphatic aldehydes as well as This After the nucleophilic base attacks an aldehyde, the resulting new oxygen anion attacks another aldehyde to give a hemiacetal linkage between two of the formerly aldehyde-containing reactants rather than undergoing tetrahedral collapse.
A. Bonacin, A. G. Salles, Jr., J. Org. N-acylazetidines are bench-stable, readily available amide acylating Lett., 2009, A. Krasovski, V. Malakhov, A. Gavryushin, P. Knochel, Angew. agents. coupling of carboxylic acid chlorides or (2-pyridyl)thioesters with alkyl the ketonic decarboxylation of adipic acid into cyclopentanone selectively. Chem., 2005, C. E. Iacono, T. C. Stephens, T. S. Rajan, G. Pattison, J. Am. Chem.,

ketones readily proceeds using N-acylbenzotriazoles as acylation A transition-metal-free coupling of esters with geminal bis(boron) compounds and morpholine amides led to polyfluoro ketones in high to quantitative yields Please enable Cookies and reload the page.
Synthesis, 2006, 4212-4218. Reactions with Ynoates as novel coupling reagents enable a highly efficient and simple protocol for the direct amidation of carboxylic acids in very good yields via in situ α-acyl enol ester intermediates formation under mild reaction conditions. Soc., J. Org. The reaction is typically performed by slow addition of DIBAL-H (~1 equiv) to the ester at low temperatures (ex. Lett., 2014, 73, 4759-4761.

16, 350-353. Chem. D. M. Allwood, D. C. Blakemore, S. V. Ley, Org. building blocks provides homologated carbonyl compounds upon oxidation. from inexpensive alkyl bromides.

Soc., Chem. provides an α,α-bis(enolate) equivalent which can be trapped with electrophiles convergent synthetic strategy for the synthesis of α,α-difunctionalized ketones. Lett., 2010, FeCl2 catalyzes a smooth and convenient acylation of functionalized Y. Zhang, T. Rovis, J. A. Abdel-Fattah, A. V. Gromova, R. Witek, P. J. ketones. 135, 7442-7445. It also serves as an alternative way to navigate the website, and as a means of coming up with retrosynthetic ideas. of ketones by the addition of organometallics to N-acylazetidines via 17, 5260-5263. Soc., 2013, T. Ishii, K. Ota, K. Nagao, H. Ohmiya, J. and 4 eq. ketal tetrahedral intermediate. Diisobutylaluminum Hydride (DIBAL-H) is the reagent of choice for the partial reduction of an ester to an aldehyde.

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