A good heavy chopping tool is characterized by an extra heavy blade 10” to 14” in length with a weight forward design made from a high carbon tool steel such as 1095, 5160, O1, or A2 as opposed to a stainless steel and it should feature a shallow saber grind combined with a non-slip handle design made from a tough material. You should first be aware that there are two different categories of blade steel consisting of non-stainless, high carbon, tool steels and stainless steels with the defining difference between the two being the amount of Chromium the steel contains. All of the survival knives included are fixed blades which many feel is an essential criteria for choosing a proper survival knife. Therefore, the purpose of the recurved edge is to create the blade that is good for both cutting and carving near the bolster but which is also tip heavy for better chopping performance. Gerber 31-003941 Ultimate Fixed Blade Survival Knife. In addition, this full tang survival knife comes with a hand filling, highly ergonomic, handle design made from two linen Micarta handle scales attached to the tang with three Allen screws. What’s more, because there’s an ideal balance between the blade and the handle, this survival knife is also great for throwing.

As has been stated, any of the choices in this list will be a great option for your next outdoor adventure. This hardy full tang survival knife comes with a highly ergonomic handle design made from two linen Micarta handle scales attached to the tang with three Allen screws. A bush craft/utility knife is defined as a knife that has a blade that measures from 3.5 inches to 5 inches with clip point, a drop point, or a spear point blade design and a flat grind or a hollow grind with an ergonomic handle design. So many manufacturers and models exist that there is no way that we could have listed everything.

All Rights Reserved 2020. Featuring a 7” clip point blade with a deep saber grind made from 1095 Cro-Van (adds both Chromium and Vanadium to Carbon and Manganese) high carbon tool steel with a black, corrosion resistant, coating and a Rockwell Hardness of 56-58 HRC, the BK7 is a good choice for a truly tough survival knife that will stand up to most any job including light chopping, splitting, and digging. Fallkniven A1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife – Best VG10 Steel Survival Knife; Gerber Prodigy Survival Knife; Gerber LMF II Survival Knife [22-01629] – Best Military Grade Survival Knife; Condor Tool & Knife CTK232-4.3HC Bushlore Survival Knife – Best Survival Knife with Hardwood Handle The Gerber Strong Arm knife is a well designed utility survival knife for small jobs with its 420HC stainless steel blade and its nearly indestructible, rubber coated, handle and modular nylon sheath system.

This BOB knife is one of those rare survival knives that allows you to do it all in a survival scenario as it is nearly indestructible. The partial tang and stick tang are the least desirable of the four types of tangs used to construct survival knives since they have a tang that extends the full length of the handle but only extends a small part of the width. Want to Test and Review New Gear? As a general rule, we’re not fond of folding knives for survival situations. I don’t go for all the fancy luxury stuff. Anyone who knows knives can spot a Buck knife at a glance just by noting the distinctive handle design. How To Put Fishing Line On A Baitcasting Reel?

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