And this gin by Four Pillars certainly lives up to the Navy Strength label.

The result is a gin that is delicate yet balanced – perfect for the beginner.

Rock Rose gin comes in a variety of flavour profiles that complement each season, with their winter edition possessing an earthy flavour. Ce gin élaboré par la distillerie Bruichladdich est originaire d’Islay, en Ecosse, une île réputée pour sa production de whiskies tourbés. It is a Mediterranean-gin that is made with arbequina olives, basil, rosemary and thyme making up an usual combination of botanicals, giving it a more savoury and herbal feel than most gins. Log in now or join Which? Just like the other types of gin, it is flavoured with juniper and other botanicals that contribute to its flavour and aroma.

However, flavoured gin aren’t as popular as the more traditional types, representing only about 0.5% of the UK market. to unlock our the results. Beer 52 exclusive offer: Get a free case of craft beer worth £24. Our expert panel recommended a ratio of three parts tonic water to one part gin. A gin that looks as great as it tastes – the aqua blue of the Silent Pool bottle is mesmerising. to unlock our test results. Rock Rose is made in Dunnet Bay distillery in Caithness, Scotland. Inspired by 'the true beauty of nature', this gin from Bloom is battling against its competitors for a spot in your drinks cabinet.Should you part with £25 for a taste of Bloom Premium London Dry Gin? G&T gained popularity with the British in colonial India. This gin from Gordon's is centred around juniper berries. It is then redistilled with juniper, lemon peel, cassia bark and angelica before being enhanced by resting in an oak cask, which adds a vanilla complexity and golden colour. The brand promises 'aromatic angelica and sweet liquorice' with each sip, but did our tasting panel agree? Tanqueray Ten is handcrafted in small batches. Everyone's taste buds are different and thanks to the sheer amount of gin brands available right now (we seriously aren't complaining here), the choice can be overwhelming. Brockmans Gin offers a fu e balanced between flavoured and standard gin, making it easier to appeal to those who like lightly flavoured gin. This London dry gin has one of the most attractive bottles that attracts both purists and newbies alike. Whether you’re someone who enjoys a G&T yourself, or are looking for a gin to wow guests, we’ve found a bottle to suit your budget. Read more.

The King of Soho is a brand of London Dry Gin distilled in London using traditional methods. It has a sweet and fruity taste with a citrus tone and a hint of spice. It's described as the perfect tipple for a warm summer's evening, but does our tasting panel agree? This dry gin is handcrafted and distilled in batches of ten, which is called the Tiny Ten. It is crafted as a tribute to the original ‘King of Soho’ Paul Raymond by his son Howard. Another great offering from Tanqueray is the No.TEN Gin. This dry gin offering does live up to expectation, and a successful attempt at creating the traditional gin. The martini is having a moment once again. If you’re looking for a London dry gin for a perfect gin and tonic mix, The King of Soho is worth a try. Wrapping up a bottle of this will definitely earn you brownie points. The savoury, herbal elements are immediately evident when tasting neat. Few is an independent outfit from Chicago where the distillers make their own spirits from scratch (a fairly rare occurrence). As one of the world's best-selling gins, this bottle from Beefeater might be on your radar if you're preparing for a party. You don’t just have to go for a slice – some peel floating atop or run along the rim of the glass beforehand will give your drink a fragrant finish. Catch the thoughts of our taste test panel.

Expect to find citrus, cardamom and lashings of all-important juniper. Best gins to buy as gifts 2020.

It is the bartenders’ favourite gin worldwide according to the Brands Report 2018. Rich and smooth, this Spanish gin has a distinct savoury backbone. world gin awards 2020 taste winners. Find out which gin is best for your G&T. Best Gin 2020 – The Ultimate Guide. Each drink was tasted blind and rated by a panel of experts, who tasted the gins in a different order. This gin is one of the priciest bottles we've tested, so is the price justified? Log in now or join Which? Whitley Neill Rhubarb and Ginger Gin is both sweet and crisp with a subtle spice. It’s spicy yet delicate, with blossoming elderflower notes. If you’re going for the traditional lemon accompaniment always put a slice under the ice at the bottom of the glass or a peel on the top. Plymouth Gin: This is less dry relative of the London dry gin that offers a lighter juniper essence and an earthy flavour. For someone who is teetotal or simply having a break from booze, Seedlip is the perfect go-to drink.

Whitley Neill’s rhubarb and ginger gin comes in a modern bottle with a striking and attractive colour. It never goes wrong as a decent bottle to give on special occasions, and is widely available in supermarkets if you need something last-minute. If you are looking for a seasonal gin, the Rock Rose gin makes a good choice. Produced by Berry Bros & Rudd (the oldest wine and spirits merchant in the UK), this gin takes some beating. What’s your favourite gin? Cocktails can also be prepared with vodka, but this is based on your preference and experience with taste. They started mixing their tonic water – containing quinine to help ward off malaria – with gin to make it more palatable. Vermouth is to gin what McCartney was to Lennon: together they make a great pair, but as individuals, they’re also star performers. Read more. It is sold at a premium price which could turn new drinkers away. If you are looking for a premium gin to create fantastic tasting martini and tonic cocktails, the No.TEN makes a great choice. Hendricks’s Gin can easily be mistaken for a brand of gin that has been around for almost a century.

Silent Pool (43% ABV) Best bottle design. £17 for … Are you looking for the best gin?

Crafted in central London, the distilling process still utilises copper pot stills to this day and, from the distillery’s home in Kennington, you can see directly into the Oval cricket ground. Balloon glasses – all the rage right now in bars, although not a favourite among our experts.

Tesco Finest Aromatic Gin. The result is an earthy gin sure to impress for its outstanding balance.

Hepple is distilled in the North East and is the brainchild of well-known chef and forager, Valentine Warner, and it shows. Choosing the best gin is not an easy thing.

Serve neat over ice or mixed with cloudy apple juice, garnish with ginger and rosemary. It is also very smooth and can be drank neat. This dry gin carries with it the prestige and tradition of premium taste and aroma of the Tanqueray brand. Might be a little expensive for someone looking to try out gin for the first time, Serving Recommendation: Serve with ice, mixer or in a cocktail. This is a gin made with passion and flavour at the very heart of it, and can be enjoyed simply over ice. to unlock our the results. Gin and cocktails go hand in hand, as a matter of fact gin makes the foundation of the best and popular cocktails enjoyed the world over. Genever or Dutch Gin: This type of gin is often referred to as the original style of gin by experienced drinkers and distillers. This powerful gin has been awarded the Master status at the Global Gin Masters the last five years.

Simmer distilled, under very low pressure for a rare explosion of flavour. Our taste test panel has had its say. world's best london dry gin winners. When there’s a whole world of gin to choose from, how do you know which will make the most special presents? It has a slightly sweet taste with made from specially selected honeysuckle, pomelo, and chamomile to create a gin that is a true testament to nature’s beauty. Supermarket own-brand gins take on the big names. New World Gin Awards 2020 tasting set available.

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