The combination of blade and handle materials make it one of the strongest knife options. Even for safety purposes, people use a pocket knife and they like to keep it with them always. Click here to sign up for our daily email. The unique design of the kukri allows users to simultaneously slice and chop at an opponent, doing the most damage possible with speed and accuracy. – Buy It. If you’ve been on the hunt for a serious knife to carry, this is it. Most were good for combat use but didn’t solve many of their day-to-day survival needs. Below are the best folding knives that made our short list. From more traditional, such as the Opinel, to more military looking, like the Zero Tolerance, there are many styles of knife out there. Someone mentioned recently that Chuck Norris personally carries this knife in his pocket, which never gets used thanks to his roundhouse kicks. There are such a wide variety of designs out there that you will be sure to find something that suits you. A smooth blade with no teeth is often referred to as a plain edge. A plain edge is able to have a sharper and clean cut, but it cannot be used at rough structures. However, it is also slightly pricer, but makes up for this in superior quality. Civilian equivalent: Buy now for around $400 USD. The handle is made from G10, a glass-based epoxy resin laminate*, and titanium, a strong, light metal. Tactical knives have a long history of being carried by both firefighters and law enforcement, as well as active duty military personnel. This little gem features a 2.5-inch drop point blade crafted from rust-resistant stainless steel, a lock back safety function, and a rubberized tech hide handle with additional thumb studs for optimum grip while cutting. Here’s the best tactical folding knives for doing just that. – Buy It, Sporting a slim, compact, and field ready design, the SOG-TAC Mini Auto Knife features an extremely fast blade travel, a safety button that double locks the blade in either the open or closed position, a partially serrated tanto-style steel blade, and a reversible bayonet style clip for carrying in your pocket. They also worked with Wildsteer Intervention Group on the WING-Tactic, an 11-inch knife that gets the job done when you need something simple. A knife is quite a great option if someone is looking for a good one. The handy lanyard hole means that if you aren’t carrying the knife in your pocket, you can clip it on your pack so it won’t go missing. The knife is heavy duty even for the price that it comes in. Made from high-end stainless steel, the blade holds its edge and resists corrosion well. The handle is made from glass reinforced nylon and is textured so that you can easily grip the knife regardless of conditions. The type of steel will impact on how resistant the knife is to corrosion and wear, as well as how well the knife retains its edge and sharpness. The Ari B'Lilah was created with the help of Yamam, a group that handles everything from hostage rescue to SWAT team duties and undercover ops. This is above budget for many, but people who use knives regularly can judge its superiority over budget ones. No wonder ballistic knives are banned for non-military use in several countries. They've guarded major figures overseas. When the best of the best suit up, these are the knives they choose to bring along. We've singled out seven folding knives, including our best overall knife, our editor’s choice of knife and our pick of the best budget knife. I have a very in-depth knowledge of Cabins and love to spread my the love with others who are also living in a cabin or planning to in the future. GIGN is best known as a counter-terrorist unit involved in terrorist and hostage situations, attacking their targets from land, air, and sea. If ever there was a bulldog of a survival and combat folding blade, it’s the TOPS Knives XcEST Delta. When closed it is just 5 inches. It measures in at only 4 1/2-inches long and 2.5 ounces, rendering it ideal as a money clip or as a standalone EDC knife. It comes with a Kraton handle that makes it easy to use even with a glove. The Marine Corps settled on this knife when they realized that most of the knives they used during the Second World War were ineffective. This is another high budget knife that is among the best available pocket knives. These are the best tactical knives used by the world’s most elite men/women who rely on them every day for survival in the field. They're badass.Civilian equivalent: $48.99, Marine Corps Special Operations Command Detachment One (USA)When Detachment One was formed in 2003 to fight in the War on Terror, they decided they needed a new knife specifically for their unit. – Buy It. Additional features include a black teflon coating on each blade that resists rust and glare while providing a consistent lubrication during cutting tasks, a scaled G-10 handle, and Cold Steel’s Tri Ad locking system.

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