Notes of neroli, bergamot, musc and violet make it so.

This perfume has a fresh smell that keeps you going. Its smell lasts long. It's a more sensual fragrance that is woody, yet fresh. The perfume delivers a unique fragrance appealing to all women. Yes, it exists.

It delivers a nice fresh scent that has interesting citrus note. The perfume has been designed to give an Italian touch and a great classic look to the cologne. Part of the delicious (and limited edition) Blossoms collection, this scent is a walk through a sweet-smelling garden; apricot, juicy peach and cashmere wood combine to create a sensual scent you’re bound to love.Jo Malone Osmanthus Blossom Cologne, £104; available at Look Fantastic. Since nearly all of us, at this point, are dreaming of a sunshine holiday, when better than now to spritz Louis Vuitton’s new fragrance on the pulse points? Ylang ylang is a tropical tree in Indonesia and Malaysia. Frederic Malle Sale Gosse Eau De Cologne, £155; available at John Lewis. This adds the much needed freshness to the perfume. Not such a bad thing. An affordable must-buy. An appealing smell of iris to attract you to buy this perfume which settles for gourmand notes. English Laundry Arrogant Eau de Toilette is a well composed perfume. Still, this is a very popular fragrance for men. Keynotes are: Summer Aldehydes, Melon, Violet Leaves, Hyacinth, Cedar Leaf Oil, Patchouli, and Amber.​.

Challenging is when you need to find the perfect perfume which suits your taste and personality. It consists of leather, tobacco, wood, basil as well as Oak moss. But you don’t necessarily have to stop wearing fragrance. edit subscriptions. An irresistible sweet fragrance and a blend of clear spring water and some floral notes.

A good combination of classy flavours of pear, jasmine, amber, white flower, animalic etc to give a whole new experience to the user. Made from ylang ylang, rose and jasmine. However, some notes are more universal than others.

Things to Know About the Fragrance Ambergris? That smells like sun cream?
This summer, you get the best Spring and Summer collection for both men and women. Like many of the Calvin Klein scents, it is a young fragrance — clean, crisp, fresh and well suited for the college crowd. The perfume has extracts of Iris & jasmine and a rare combination of sandalwood, leather, amber, vetiver, vanilla and benzoin. Vanilla and a herb called cistus combine to create something truly unique and very sexy, especially on sun-warmed skin.Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan Eau De Parfum, £110; available at Liberty.

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