He free-fell for over six minutes before deploying his parachute and floating back to earth. Consumers can buy Coke bottles with the name printed on the labels, which is cool enough. Lego partnered with Bugatti to create a full-scale replica of the Bugatti Chiron and amazingly it is fully functional, meaning you can actually drive it! Perhaps the greatest takeaway for any SME when it comes to creating and executing marketing campaigns is to know how to read the room, as it were, in terms of what both prospects and the general public need and want. The campaign was brave given the bookmaker’s own undeniable involvement in betting. The full two-minute video ran during the 2012 Grammy Awards and ushered in the “branded-content” era. After working with Ogilvy and Mather, Unilever launched the Campaign for Real Beauty. GMTV used the converted building to host its breakfast show. It requires a pinch of creative tactics, a hint of inspired strategies, and a boatload of genius. Down the years, tactics have ranged from brash publicity stunts (who can forget the various publicity coups of Malcolm McLaren in the 1970s as he manipulated the press to build the notoriety of the Sex Pistols?) A brand being willing to take a strong position on a social or political issue, regardless of the side they fall down on, is somewhat edgy even today. Built with grants of £50m from the Millennium Commission and £6.2m from the Arts Council, Tate Modern reached media outlets of which other art institutions can only dream. 13. The national winner was unveiled at a photocall in London, accompanied by England cricketer Dennis Compton and a montage of the changing style and image of the Brylcreem Boy over the years. The social media traction achieved by these campaigns has helped to ensure that they each reached a huge prospective audience, started a discussion or debate, and engaged a wide and diverse cross-section of the community whilst raising brand awareness at the same time. Burger King promoted the relaunch of its app by trolling its biggest rival. Whilst the brand positioned their marketing collateral incredibly effectively to raise awareness of their new product line and kick off the conversation, they let their social media following do most of the heavy lifting for them. The share offer for British Gas in 1986 sparked general consumer interest in the concept of privatisation more than any other government sell-off of its era. The Suffragette movement shows the pros and cons of adopting militant methods for a political campaign. A refreshed version of Gillette’s now-30 year old “The Best a Man Can Get” slogan, the campaign’s launch took a slick, multi-channel approach that immediately gained a huge amount of traction on social media, initially hugely positive but quickly dividing opinions into two main schools of thought. It can be streamed on Spotify and follows on from the Silent Choir’s performance in London, Piccadilly, where the singers only sang when somebody donated money. TOP CONSUMER PR CAMPAIGNS OF ALL TIME.

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