} If you’re looking for other types of blankets, check out our best blanket guide featuring a variety of top-rated options. Bring Extra Warmth to the Environment. Strip the fuzz from the throw  blanket and place it in a basket. Your email address will not be published. "@type": "Question", Throwing this cotton blanket in the wash will ruin the material appearance and cause the blanket to be stretched and thinned in places. Available in ‘throw’ sizes, including the 50 x 60 inch blanket shown here all the way up to a King size, the Mezcla is a great option for users who want a blanket that looks good on their furniture and also creates a cozy feeling. Even if you have the heat cranked up, there’s something that feels so right about snuggling up in a warm throw blanket while sipping a steaming cup of tea. The Riviera Faux Fur Throw Blanket, designed by Micheal Amini, is 72-inch width by 56-inch length and weighs only four pounds. This soft blanket should be dry cleaned only when needed. Fleece on one side and nubby Sherpa on the other, it makes every movie night feel like it’s taking place inside an UGG boot. Your Climate and the Blanket Material. It’s the same with thread count. Your lifestyle and preferences control the outcome of the throw you choose. UGG Bliss Sherpa Throw. Unlike some of the throws on the list, this blanket is machine washable. Your throw should be washed with like colors. Add a pop of color to a neutral room with a mustard yellow throw blanket. } Frequent washing will result in color and texture loss. Cover up a fading armchair with a soft gray fleece throw blanket. The entire purpose of a blanket is to keep you warm. Cons: Claws may create tears in the Bournia and customers with pets may want to consider another option. Often the blanket is 50 inches by 60 inches, give or take a few inches. It is hand wash and line dry only. Connecticut Home Co. Never use bleach when washing your throw, even if the throw is white. Another thing to consider – complementary or coordinating colors can make the difference in a room if thought out carefully. Not only do they offer warmth on a cold winter evening, but they also add a touch of style to your living space. "@type": "Answer", The Sequoia Cotton Throw can keep you warm on a cold night, but also serves as a nice summer blanket, too. This blanket has the most color options out of all throws on our list: Blue, Coffee, Dark Grey, Grey, Ivory. Plus, they are easy to store when you don’t need them. Both the Exclusivo Mezcla Waffle Flannel Fleece Plush Throw Blanket and the Bedsure Microfiber Fleece Throw Blanket are highly affordable. COPYRIGHT © THE E.W. Planning before purchasing a blanket can save you the disappointment and hassle of a return. Turns out the brand’s Sherpa throw blanket has the same comfort-factor. If there is an extra rinse cycle, that option should be selected. For example, if you plan on laying the throw across the bottom of a bedspread that already has a pattern, you’ll want to go with a solid color that complements that colors in your bedspread. DII Coastal Herringbone Stripe Woven Throw Blanket. The throw blanket features a geometric knitted design on one side and rolled fringed edges. Or, if you have a room chocked full of neutral colors, throw in a blanket with vivid color for personality. Sofia’s Linen Pure Flax Blanket is only available on Amazon. This article is for informational purposes and should not replace advice from your doctor or other medical professional. For quick reference, here is a list of warming and cooling fabrics found in blankets: Blended materials are a fantastic way to go if you want the durability of man-made materials with the cooling abilities of natural fabrics. ", Available in a variety of colors, the machine-washable LOMAO is ideal for draping over beds, couches and chairs. The breathable and lightweight blanket is comfortable to use in both cool and warm environments and is safe for the washing machine, making it a great option for homes with kids and pets. Decide on Color. "@type": "Question", Who would have imagined that something as simple as a throw blanket would have so much versatility? Chic DesignElegant is the best word to describe this throw blanket, which adds a touch of style to any living space. Even if it doesn’t, it’s a smart idea to wash your new bedding to eliminate any traces of chemicals. The result is a ranking of the best Throw Blankets. When drying the blanket, try using dryer balls or ordinary tennis balls to fluff up the blanket." The Meaning Behind All Laundry Care Symbols. It's also quick-drying and wrinkle-resistant. Consider your Room Decor. }. Wayfair’s Mayville Throw is another blanket that needs special care when cleaning. Amped Fleece Fringe Trim Throw Highlights. Updating your decor can be expensive when investing in new paint, wallpaper, furniture and artwork for the walls. Avoid overuse of fabric softeners, which can do more harm than good in the long run. The tips of the throw have an elegant fringe. If you’re looking for a blanket to keep you warm, consider the best electric blankets you can buy. Velvety fabrics such as Chanasya brand blankets will be a good choice. The blanket is made in a solid color with a fun pom-pom fringe that goes around all four sides. Throw blankets and cold weather are synonymous. Here are a few options. For a throw blanket that won’t look out of place in formal rooms, we recommend the beautiful 100 percent acrylic design from BOURINA. DWYM is focused on helping you make the best purchasing decision. The Mayville Throw features a loosely knit acrylic fabric woven to give the overall product durability and comfort. For a lightweight blanket that still provides a high level of softness and comfort, we recommend the Exclusivo Mezcla Flannel Fleece Velvet Plush Soft Throw Blanket. The true miracle of this throw blanket is how the material gets softer after each wash and has incredible durability. It comes in grey, blue, red, and green. A twin size blanket is usually larger, around 66 inches by 90 inches."

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