Cover the entire slope with a mesh erosion control mat. … As you’ve probably discovered, getting grass on a hill is Water during dry spells, aerate as needed, and set the mower on its highest This portion of my lawn has a decent slope to it so I am testing this seeding blanket to see how to best seed a lawn on a slope. of distance. more steep slopes. The best way to add heavy features like this is to dig small ledges to place them on. Seed is best sown either in April/May or in September. This can … To put this into perspective, it’s dangerous to mow horizontally We got lucky. Try mixing seeds with soil. Even a moderate rain can wash the seed away, erosion leaches Start by picking Apply a thin layer of peat moss on all of the areas that you have applied seed. Plant a seed mixture containing a grass variety with a strong root system, such as zoysia grass, dichondra or ryegrass. Sowing grass seed properly will increase the success of creating a lush lawn for your landscape. If you live in a hilly area, your property may have one or growing grass on a slope is difficult, it’s not impossible. Using straw is the best way to seed grass on a hill. until established. In order to improve your success rate, I recommend to also highly consider adding in seed. Sign up for our newsletter. Check out my article on overseeding here ... Alternatively, a more accurate way to measure your yard’s slope is to use a transit level. A sprinkling of straw over freshly sown grass seed helps keep the seed in place. The opposite is true with a riding mower, whether you drive a zero-turn or riding lawn tractor. Sowing grass seed is ideal for homeowners that want a low cost, easy-to-install lawn with grass that forms a deep root structure. If you are using a mower with a cord, be very careful not to run over it. a level lawn area. You will want to over seed as some of the seed will move down hill and not every seed will always germinate. Feed and water the seed diligently. In addition to mowing issues, growing grass on a slope Repeat the process, going in a perpendicular direction, until the remainder of … With the above in mind, you still need to know that anything you add to the slope such as large boulders, rocks, and even large trees will also add weight. I receive a small commission through these links.Scotts Hand Spreader - Starter with Tenacity - Scales - Roller - - - Fertilizer I used - I use - Learn something from this video and want to help support me directly?Join Our Community - Merch Store - Paypal - Podcast - and Equipment I use in my lawn can be found here Wonder how I achieve the look of low cut turf? Homeowners with grades Prepare the soil, spread the seed and keep it watered The recommended ratio is 2 parts seed to 1 part dirt. Rolling the strips promotes a faster rooting process as well as removing any air pockets.

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