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var de = !document.documentElement.clientWidth?document.body:document.documentElement; 19 1. Ask your friends X. X. Yeah...case closed if there's an understanding with y'all that it is a hindi thingie, that Yog is the hindi pronunciation of the original Sanskrit word, yoga. and you’ll use a Samosapedia alias that is distinct from your identities on Facebook and Twitter. { The party's just started. Yes, but hope she's not a BCFA like the one we saw yesterday! { if( typeof(console) == "undefined" ) function destroyPagination() Common desi expression used when someone is either beaten up or threatened to be beaten up. All rights reserved. it can be misunderstood and could also mean someone hitting on or having affections for somebody else.


", Lal,"I'm back of dat hot girl in class ra.". Prasanna: What's the point of this darned 11 o' clock deadline, mate. Comments.

Back where I Come From.

Back Charming Front Alarming. feh-BREH-ro. } 2020 (938) tháng một 2020 (938) Namak Para Recipe | Crispy namak pare | How to... Everything Painted One Color, Moldings and All... camiseta renderedElement.style.left = (x + 15) + "px"; ['','t3554p'+start+'-diggy-raja-is-bewakoof-badtameez-and-a-rakshasaputra-baba-ramdev'].join('/') : ['','t3554-diggy-raja-is-bewakoof-badtameez-and-a-rakshasaputra-baba-ramdev'].join('/');

Harika Alekhya (Dethadi) is basically from Telangana. } We are doing this because we want to avoid spam, goondas and function msg(message) Root English. display = false; y = document.all ? start = (start - 1) * 50; (event.clientX + de.scrollLeft) : x;

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She works for Dhethadi, which has got audiences loving the culture and accent of Telangana. Someone who is an idiot, not knowledge, a useless, Copyright by @2012 Samosapedia and Samosa Media Inc. All rights Reserved. } function Pagination() 0. febre-hro.

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These are the words used by KCR for the public at a pre-election rally today.
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When people think of fashion, most of the time, they tend to think of women, but men’s fashion has also always carved a name for itself through the years and has evolved tremendously over the decades.

Sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account. The caretaker Chief Minister of Telangana is seen losing cool in this video clip. "Em arusthunaru ra bewakoof gaallu meeru". Teacher,"I know ra, I was back of your sister only. Region All India. x - overFlowX : x; { setTimeout('renderedElement.style.visibility = "visible"', 1); Coffeehouse for desis :: Coffeehouse :: Coffeehouse Main, //
start = (isNaN(start) || start < 0 ) ? The fact is that NIs who pronounce it as Ram are as ignorant of the correct pronunciation as the Americans who pronounce is as ram. This is the second time in a matter of a week that the TRS supremo has behaved in an arrogant way at a public rally. if (document.body.firstChild != originalFirstChild) Cheptha kada ra bhai... thondara enduku padtunnav!" Bewakoof pronunciation with meanings, synonyms, antonyms, translations, sentences and more. Official part and parcel of NRI lingo which is used for the sake of comparison in the state of affairs between motherland and faarin. Tuesday, December 4, 2018 • Telugu Comments "Em arusthunaru ra bewakoof gaallu meeru". Add a Video. It actually means 'behind you'. x = overFlowX > 0 ?

febreh-ro. Often looked down upon by hardcore Indian nationalists and sundry especially when used by people who pick up accents when they fly-over a country. The Big B does it again, even at his age: yet another blockbuster movie of his in theaters.

Add an Image. Fudgining off like a yenything!Munna: Eyyy Bekoof!! that is only likely if you are a deaf person.

What seems to be the biggest voting consideration in the Presidential election in U.S. next week? knowing your (hindi speakers') predilection for dropping vowels in sundry places, more likely you say bhagvad gIt. febre-hro . do you also say bhagavad gIt? here is chapter 6 from the gItA recited in its entirety by someone from the ramakrishna mission with several occurrences of the word, this has been an interesting thread primarily 'cos of cham's first google search on sanskrit and the repeated reference to that link by chams in this thread. Pfizer says its COVID-19 vaccine is 90% effective, Kamala Harris' uncle says he and his family will fly to US for swearing-in, It’s official now! Is there no other pub we may hop to? renderedElement.style.visibility = "visible"; 2 : start; Comment. It is an invalid argument. 'NTR' will villainize me, whitewash conspiracy: Nadendla Bhaskara Rao, Man rapes lady doctor, defrauds her of Rs 26 lakh, Republic Network will launch a TV channel in every language: Arnab Goswami, Suriya's film at odds with the truth of Gopinath's deal with Vijay Mallya, Avika Gor reveals the name of her boyfriend. renderedElement.style.top = (y + 15) + "px"; y = overFlowY > 0 ? overFlowX = x + renderedWidth + excessWidth - document.body.offsetWidth;
var agt = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase(); { feh-BREH-ro . excessWidth = 0; The definitive guide to South Asian lingo. self.location.href = start ?

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