When you are dreaming about someone else who is wearing your shoes, then it warns you about a rival in your love life. You have become a self-sufficient person where you do not rely on other individual’s opinions. Example 2: A woman dreamed of seeing two mirrors. To dream of a reflection in a window represents possibilities for yourself that you are noticing. It is said that a mirror in a dream also represents manhood, virtues and station, all of which are subject to the size of the mirror one sees in his dream. Gold earrings warn us against pride. in your life. Dreaming about broken glass could be an indicator of some broken promises, negativity in your waking life, disappointments, shattered dreams, and many other unfulfilled elements. Broken mirror in dreams symbolizes lost hopes, ambitions, and desires. In waking life her husband died and she was beginning to realize that her husband made up a big part of who she is as a person. In Nostradamus dreambook, this mirror symbolizes duality, mystery or duplicity. You are lacking clarity and purpose and questioning your self-identity. It is necessary to analyze your relationship with this person carefully and soberly assess their future. It’s important to know whether the child in your dream By looking into a mirror, one may look towards the depths of their unconsciousness. When a married woman dreams that she has broken a mirror, it warns her that some of her friends are hypocrites. Broken mirror glass in dreams also relates to the upcoming turbulence in your relationships. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. To see a cracked or broken mirror in your dream. Dreaming that a bracelet is received, no matter why or how, indicates that some of your friends will help you if it’s necessary. Looking in the mirror reflected her self-awareness of her changing personality. There are therefore several interpretations of dreams about broken glass. To see a working windmill represents energy, strength, and good prospects for the future. If one looks into a mirror and sees his beard black in a dream, it means honor, respect and dignity. Assessing yourself. If you dream that you are wearing earrings, it indicates a serious risk of loss of prestige among friends, even if the dreamer doesn’t give reasons for this. Broken mirrors in dreams also relate to feeling trapped and constrained in forced relationships, need to accept reality, and upcoming transitions and changes entering your life. This is especially the case if the person you see in the mirror recently died and was very close to you. To dream that by getting hit or by some other violent cause teeth are broken, it announces misfortunes and in some cases even near death experiences or at least heavy disappointments, large losses, catastrophic business etc. In the modern age, there also exist superstitions about breaking a mirror. If they are old and broken, it means poverty. As the glass has a See Glass. If one sees an old person, then he has seen a good friend. To conclude, dreams about broken mirror glass mostly carry ominous connotations. Dreams about broken mirror glasses also relate to your disturbed relationships, shattered hopes, and unfulfilled desires. Seeing a bird flying in a limited space, crashing into walls and finally landing on your head, reveals that you have fixed ideas and complex thoughts. Dreaming of ugly and disfigured face can mean that someone is trying to cause some damage to the dreamer. This is a symbol that produces. When you are dreaming that you are with shoes that are tied or stuck to one another, then it symbolizes diverse arguments and material or health losses. Dreaming of oneself talking to someone through a glass, indicates serious impediments in order to achieve short-term goals…. All Rights Reserved & DMCA Protection. The spiritual meaning of broken glass indicates an avoidance of an evil spirit. To dream with a spade of any type of card deck is a warning that in the near future you’ll experience very serious and dangerous difficulties. This hints illnesses. To dream that you do not see your reflection in a mirror implies that you have lost your self-identity. Feeling that something is wrong with you. Dream of an exploding lamp suggests that some of your friends will become enemies. Mirror Dream Interpretation : Best Dream Meaning Analysis & … Broken mirror in dreams symbolizes lost hopes, ambitions, and desires. The reflection in the mirror is how you perceive yourself or how you want others to see you. Looking into a mirror and seeing the reflection of a youth means facing an adversary or a competitor. For a woman or a man, who dreams of broken earrings, it indicates that he or she is at risk of falling into trouble, perhaps because of his or her recklessness…. For example, in Jewish culture, it is a custom to stomp or walk over a bag of mirrors by the bride and groom to ensure a happy and successful marriage. ISBN-13: 978-1420954388, Psychology and Alchemy, by C. G. Jung (Author). Shattered mirror glass in dreams symbolizes that you are slowly suffocating your personality by repressing your thoughts, opinions, and desires. In some They will first frighten the dreamer, but soon the person will understand all the advantages of the situation created. Dream of a lit lamp means some emotional issues are overwhelming you. A broken mirror is one of the most classic dream symbols and … In many cultures, breaking of mirror glass is ominous, unlucky, and a threatening omen. This is a very If the glass is full of wine, it means comfort for our sorrows. The dream symbolizes that you will get into conflicts with your loved ones.

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