I was charged $15 to cancel the flight. If you arrive very early in the morning, confirm with your hotel whether you can check-in or not. The shared service is great for groups, while the ADO bus is the cheapest option. ", Cons: "They knew we were on our way to the connection. Flight left on time and arrived on time." No food was offered or even a glass of water. I had on a sweatshirt and by the end of the flight was sitting on my hands!

What angers me is no one from Sun Country was there to see or comfort her. Not comfortable at all. ", Pros: "Timeliness and friendly staff. This is particularly effective for some Asian flights, which can sometimes be chaotic with many different nationalities all lining up. ", Pros: "Because of a delay, was given a voucher for food and also a voucher for travel at another time. No room leg. Unhelpful crew (except for one fine gentleman who happily served tea to my son), dirty plane, missed connection without willingness to put us up for the night or any accommodation, failure to seat my son next to me despite repeated requests. $131 FLIGHTS TO San José del Cabo from . However, the chances that any of the attractions are closed down for maintenance during these months are minimal, because they generate the most revenue during December and January. Serving as one of the busiest airport in the Caribbean, CUN offers excellent passenger services including Car Rental, Hotel Transfers, VIP Lounges, shopping options and much more. Other kinds of taxis are site taxis – these belong to a company and not an individual, and must be booked rather than hailed. Cons: "The boarding process", Pros: "punctuality, crew, both at the airport and on the plane" Cons: "Food could be a little better. My wife became extremely ill and under the direction and OK to fly home from Doctor Gonzalez It was in my wife's best interest to leave Mexico early. ", Pros: "No delays." ", Pros: "Everything was great and quick from Fort Myers to Cancun" Very poor management I was stuck in Chicago with no money or food for hours then after they start boarding for my new flight they tell me that I may not be able to get on even with ticket in hand. Cons: "My seat", Cons: "The flight was late by 5 hrs due to mechanical problems. Facts About Flying to Cancun, Mexico. ", Pros: "I was just happy to get a flight out early the next morning when my Thursday afternoon flight was cancelled." Cons: "The one calling out the group numbers was unnecessarily rude. Tequila tastings are served daily, and fresh-rolled cigars are available certain days of the week; if you’re lucky, you can also catch a live jazz band. After he stepped off, the flight attendant provided conflicting direction that we would all deplane and there was no option to deplane confusing passengers (crew coordination, who's in charge?). Cons: "food", Cons: "I asked the agent to find us seats with Legroom as i am over 6'2 and mostly legs.

Why? Cons: "No free snacks or Water. We only had standard economy and didn't purchase food so can't rate this. Overall, a plane that felt had not been updated in decades. the seat #'s were 10 E and F so we assumed it was a comfort plus seat.. NOPE! ", Pros: "Because of a leg wound, we could not make the flight. The taxis you hail from the streets will not have meters, so ensure you come to a price agreement before you commence your journey. Even more surprise when my carry on was weighed with my purse yet others boarded with more than 20lns limit. They also don't have eye masks. We were so afraid that my wife would not be able to go through the process but they treated her so gently and lovingly and made sure we got home stress free. There was no offer of a meal or any other accommodation at all. Cons: "Plane was 45 minutes late in take off custom check and mostly waiting for late passengers. Our flight home from Mexico we had to change. ill pay more next time .just switch crew to Any plane I ride", Pros: "Quick, easy boarding and an attentive staff helped" Cons: "Not enough drinks offered", Pros: "el atrrizaje fue excelente" I will definitely be flying Aeromexico again! Cons: "No entertainment. The crew was disorganized and it felt like they didn't know what to do with the passengers that came from a layover. Cons: "La comida", Pros: "Nothing" Find the best offer by searching for flights to Cancun across an entire month, using. ", Pros: "the japanese speaking flight attendant was exellent! Cons: "Seats tight and barely reclined, not clean, neighbor got sick no one attended to him. I was unceremoniously bumped back to coach and placed in front of two screaming children who proceeded to yell, kick my seat and hit me in the head for the entire flight. Cons: "Had to change gates without much notice. How about the middle seat in a row of 5. aircraft did not offer wifi. For visitors to Cancun on Cancun flights, there is plenty to see and do. I nearly sprained an ankle because it was dark and I didn't see there was a step from the escalator platform to walk to the shuttle bus. KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. When I went inside the Flight there is lot of room to carryon's, why they have to lie this BS. But AM ticket refund is one of the worst in the business. Every other transoceanic flight I've been on has them provided in the seat pocket, American Airlines doesn't even have them on the plane! You have various options such as taxicab services as well as the shared Taxi-Xl service. Known as the ‘Mexican Caribbean’, flights to Cancun from the UK are some of the most popular with honeymooners and not without good reason.

Experience the holiday of a lifetime in Cancun with flights from British Airways. On the South East coast of Mexico lies Cancun. That turned into hours. No ocean-side vacation is complete without a spread of seafood. Bad experience. You can choose from a shuttle service or a private transfer. If they help out with your luggage, ideally you can tip them at 10 pesos per bag, or more if you’re feeling too generous. Cancun’s many restaurants serve up a variety of international and local cuisine. I am 86 years old and travel handicapped all over the world with excellent service. 31% of Cancun travelers were millennials. We followed her directions and when we got to airport the gate agents and , a personal wheel chair person, were amazing . Cons: "Very friendly staff and nice flight.

For the flight, the air quality in the plane wasn't good and they seats felt like small prisons. Since it is the peak season, you will find it hard to get cheap flights to Cancún unless you book well in advance. ", Cons: "Almost lost the conection at MEX because I was waiting for my baggage, nobody said anything until 20 minutes the bags for the flight stop coming. ", Pros: "I want to request help for a refund please. Cons: "United chamged our arrival gate without a crew to man the jet way. Once you've entered your departure airport, dates and destination, simply select 'Business Class' to find out what's available for your travel dates. Too long a flight for that...and then have to use my device to watch on the free part of the wifi.so no battery left. Had to go to abu dhabi and Hyderabad. Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Pros: "Not a packed flight" No option to purchase a sandwich on the plane, nor real food options in the terminal". No thanks, United. Aeromexico was NOT understanding at all. Paid $57 for it. There are a bunch of other things that we’re sure you’re thinking about right now that we can tell[...], There are a whole bunch of reasons why you might find yourself in an airport overnight. Because of this, the flight was not very comfortable. New releases to old classics. Our flights to Mexico are direct, and take around 10 hours. Cons: "Shock to see pillows and snacks were on sale. I understand bus drivers have a certain fee for getting out of bed at 2AM. Pleasant and helpful staff."

This resort’s pinned onto Mexico’s Caribbean coast and is known for its bright-white beaches and turbo-charged nightlife. Maybe airports fault and not SunCountry. If you’re open to travelling on a range of different dates, then you could save a substantial amount of money. Cons: "They board by row number, but start with first rows first. Cons: "This new low life category where you cannot even pay to be treated like a human. Its fleet of vehicles are suitable for all needs, and include cars, small buses suitable for groups, and even luxury vehicles for a true VIP service. Cons: "All three of our flights were delayed. Airline stewards were nice." If you don’t plan ahead, you’ll be stranded and might end up wasting your time in Cancun. These ancient Mayan structures are easily accessible, located in Hotel Zone and known for their impressive iguana population. ", Pros: "Connecting flights in China need more of a layover I missed my connecting flight not happy it was a disaster going through immigration takes forever in Shanghai ..", Cons: "Delay and then having to change gates - at O"Hare that means walking and walking some more !! After we left there was plenty of room on the plane, and I told her that one of my leg was not good and if I could move to a better seat and she said no, IF I want to change the seat I have to pay. I am going to tell all my friends and family to never fly this airline. The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants. Latest Flight+Hotel prices: Hotel Hostel Punta Sam from $280, Suites Villa Italia from $539, Smart Cancun By Oasis from $700, Solymar Condo Lovely Studio from $819 Cancún Vacation Packages from $280 - Search Flight+Hotel on KAYAK

Check in agent unaware of the plane configuration and between us a bad choice wasmade", Pros: "The boarding was efficient. Delta, Alaska Airlines and JetBlue do not allow booking a middle seat on flights to Cancún. ", Cons: "I am still waiting for my connection in Mexico City as the flight was 2 hours delayed in NY. From great restaurants to water sports to historical sites, Cancun has it all. There is only one airport in Cancún where flights can land or take off – the Cancún International Airport. The stated reason "weather" was not credible and we not informed. Tijuana’s airport service was horrible. Here in Cancun, tacos are served on soft corn tortillas, wrapped around slow-roasted meat or flaky white fish that melts in your mouth, topped with fresh salsa or pico de gallo — an irresistible combination! Mexican food is well represented by restaurants within the airport, to start or finish your holiday with the famous local food. This was supposed to be a British Airlines flight, but it really was an American flight. Cons: "No complaints. British Airways, JetBlue, Delta, Air Europa, Air France, American Airlines, Delta, Spirit Airlines, and United Airlines are some of the major airlines that fly to Cancún. Caused 10 hours of flight delays and cancelled flights because they could not wait 2 minutes.... Horrible experience. 52% of Cancun travelers were over the age of 35. The flight itself was typical, similar to flying Southwest. Or simply lie on the beach and soak up the Mexican sun. I am still here and I hope i can fly back to ho chi minh without extra pay." ", Cons: "Kiwi lost my reservation I lost my fligh", Cons: "They checked us in, at the 2:00am boarding time they told us there was something wrong with the plane and they had fix it. I", Pros: "The last row was really comfortable." The temperature was unbearable, and could not be controlled by the flight crew. The Yucatan climate is mesmerizing – it’s hard not to feel one with nature here – and most of the resorts allow you to experience the weather and scenery through their native Mayan architecture and beautiful gardens and parks. After letting 15 other people use the lavatory in the front of the plane, and because the carts were blocking the aisles, I also attempted to use it. I expected to be on a BA aircraft, which would have probably been upgraded. We have other passengers who may want water." The plane was clean. You can inquire about the general rates from your hotel reception, but be ready to pay a bit more as tourists, especially if you pay in USD. ", Pros: "I have accommodations paid after having my flight canceled." Will fly this airline again for sure! Compared to boarding by row, the entire process is now one lengthy mess.

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