Thirteen years earlier in 1889 Steinmetz had been penniless, homeless, and on the run from German authorities seeking his arrest because of Socialist activities. All Rights Reserved. Aside from the work for which he is most known, he also touched this community with regard to politics and education.”. 8, 1908, The General Equations of the Electric Circuit-III, Charles P. Steinmetz, AIEE Trans., XXXVIII(1):191-260, Jan. 1919, General Lectures on Electrical Engineering, Charles P. Steinmetz, edited by Joseph Le Roy Hayden, Robson & Adee, 1908, High-Voltage Insulation, Charles P. Steinmetz, with Hayden, J. L. R. principal author, AIEE Trans., XLII:1029-1042, Jan. 1923, Instability of Electric Circuits, Charles P. Steinmetz, AIEE Trans., XXXII(2):2005-2021, May 13, 1913, Lightning Phenomena in Electric Circuits, Charles P. Steinmetz, AIEE Trans., XXVI(1):401-423, Jan. 1907. Elementary Lectures on Electric Discharges, Waves and Impulses, and Other Transients, Charles P. Steinmetz, McGraw, 1911. Ellen Fladger Union College. “It’s the one day a year where we don’t hold any classes and we have a campuswide symposium devoted to student research in any field,” said Spinelli. “Divine Discontent,” an hourlong film by Bruce Carlin and Paul Frederick, was screened at Proctors last week and has since been broadcast twice by WMHT, the Capital Region’s public television station. His devotion to families permeated his work in Schenectady’s school and government system where he made many contributions to the educational environment and provided opportunities for many disadvantaged persons. We tried for 7 years to get funding and finally managed to secure a grant to get it made. Recording Devices, Charles P. Steinmetz, AIEE Trans., XXXIII(1):283-292, Jan. 1914, Some Problems of High-Voltage Transmissions, Charles P. Steinmetz, AIEE Trans., XXXI(1):167-173, Jan. 1912, Speed Regulation of Prime Movers and Parallel Operation of Alternators, Charles P. Steinmetz, AIEE Trans., XVIII:741-744, Jan. 1901. The documentary will bring national attention to Schenectady as it highlights the critical role the city played in the field of manufacturing and innovation in the early 20th century. Charles P. Steinmetz , Homer Heath Nugent,  1922, Four Lectures on Relativity and Space, Charles P. Steinmetz, McGraw, 1923, Frequency Conversion by Third Class Conductor and Mechanism of the Arcing Ground and Other Cumulative Surges, Charles P. Steinmetz, AIEE Trans., XLII:470-477, Jan. 1923, Future of Electricity, Charles P. Steinmetz, Transcript of lecture to the New York Electrical Trade School, 1908, The General Equations of the Electric Circuit, Charles P. Steinmetz, AIEE, Trans., XXVII(2):1231-1305, Jun. I was familiar with the namesake of our school, having read about him. This is a documentary I produced with Bruce Carlin. The project has been recognized by a major grant from the IEEE Foundation with additional funding from Union College. Ironically, my Nephew, Michael Farina is an Electrical Engineer and Graduate of the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. Click the link to set up monthly giving, change your contribution, or update your payment information. America and the New Epoch, Charles P. Steinmetz, Harper, c. 1916, America’s Energy Supply, Charles P. Steinmetz, AIEE Trans., XXXVII(2):985-1014,Jul. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. “Collectivism and Charles Steinmetz”, James B. Gilbert, Business History Review, vol. Steinmetz’s theories gave control to the electrical age. Charles Proteus Steinmetz was one of the best-known figures of the early 20th Century. Theoretical Elements of Electrical Engineering, Charles P. Steinmetz, McGraw, 1902, Theory and Calculation of Electric Apparatus, Charles P. Steinmetz, McGraw, 1917, Outline of Theory of Impulse Currents, Charles P. Steinmetz, AIEE Trans., XXXV(1):1-31, Jan. 1916, The Value of the Classics in Engineering Education, Charles P. Steinmetz, AIEE, Trans.

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