Having someone take the used empty cups away and other bringing fresh cups and tea to you will make things go much smoother and save you a lot of time. My fiancé is Chinese (born in HK), speaks Cantonese and is an only child, and his parents are pretty traditional Chinese but claim they don’t care if we follow traditions for our wedding, which I think is because they don’t want me to feel like I have to even though I love it! When to Have It The tea ceremony traditionally takes place following the wedding ceremony. A traditional Chinese tea set can be bought at Chinatowns around the world and online. The ancient tea horse road is divided into Sichuan Tibet line and Yunnan Tibet line. Heat your water to the following temperatures for each tea type: The type of water you use matters as well. My friend did her Western ceremony first, the Chinese tea ceremony during cocktail hour, and the Korean ceremony during the reception. The grooms and bridal parties definitely can partake!

A Guide to Chinese Tea Ceremonies and Brewing Chinese Tea. The cup should be drunk in three sips of different sizes. This usually take 15-20 minutes and there is lucky money exchanged (must be with 8 or 9 in the sum ie 888 or 999 etc) for fun it can be 88$ or 8$ etc. The Chinese tea ceremony contains the wisdom of oriental philosophy.

Then place the teapot, snifter teacups, and regular teacups in the bowl and pour the heated water over them to warm up the tea set.

Traditional Chinese tea ceremonies are often held during formal occasions like Chinese weddings, but they are also done to welcome guests into one's home. She studied Mandarin Chinese in Beijing and Taipei and has written for Newsweek International, Elle Girl, and the Chicago Tribune. Tea-drinking is a constituent part of Chinese culture. Tea Brewing: The Black Dragon Enters the Palace, What Is a Russian Samovar? The tea ceremony is also the time when the Chinese wedding contract should be witnessed and signed with a traditional signature seal or personalized stamp. The tongs may be used to handle the cups if they are too hot to handle with your hands. The tea ceremony is officially complete with this step, but more tea can be made after cleaning and rinsing off the teapot. The size of the tea leaves and their quality determine the length of the steeping time. To simplify the process or for those whose tea sets do not have snifter cups, you can opt to pour the tea directly from the teapot into the regular teacups, skipping the use of the tea pitcher and snifter cups. The groom and groomsmen must do tricks and answer questions to finally be deemed worth of you. There are numerous teahouses in every... Chinese people use different kinds of tea wares with different kinds of teas. Place the lid on the teapot. The water should be poured just above the teapot so as to not remove the flavor from the tea leaves too quickly. Cantonese here! Instead, it is discarded. It includes very formal introductions of the bride and groom and shows respect to their families. I’m white, like 7th generation American so I love his culture. The first sip should be small; the second sip is the largest, main sip; the third is to enjoy the aftertaste and empty the cup.

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The Chinese nation has written a brilliant page for its tea culture in the history of world civilization. Pour the brewed tea into the tea pitcher. The used tea leaves are then shown to guests who should complement the tea’s quality. Usually the tea ceremony is done in the mornings before the traditional church or vow ceremony. Now that you have all your materials, these are the steps for performing a traditional Chinese tea ceremony: To prepare the Chinese tea set, heat water in a kettle. In general, a whole-leaf tea is steeped longer and high-quality tea has a shorter brewing time. After the groom wins, the tea ceremony takes place. The ceremony can refresh mind and clear thoughts. Heating water to the proper temperature is important when making Chinese tea, and ideal temperatures vary by tea type. Your First Muslim Wedding Ceremony? Using the tea-leaf holder, pour the tea leaves into the teapot.

63 Ideas For a Winter Wonderland Wedding. Steep the tea. I will be wearing my red dress for tea ceremony, and white dress for Western one.

We are doing our tea ceremony between 9-10am (auspicious time for that day).

Traditional Chinese tea ceremonies are often held during formal occasions like Chinese weddings, but they are also done to welcome guests into one's home. It's finally time to drink the tea. Do not drink the tea. Most people do this at the venue or hotel now. We're here to help you keep moving forward, no matter what your plans are. Chinese tea culture refers to how tea is prepared as well as the occasions when people consume tea in China.Tea culture in China differs from that in European countries like Britain and other East and Southeast Asian countries like Japan, Korea, Vietnam in preparation, taste, and occasion when it is consumed. People either boiled the tea leaves straight from the tree, or sun-dried tea leaves for future use. Then, transfer the tea from the snifters to the teacups. I'm having my bridesmaids do this so we don't have to stop partway through to wait for cups and hot water. Try again.

Oh make sure you designate two or three people to help you with tea. China is an original producer of tea and is renowned for its skills in planting and making tea. Pour more hot water onto the teapot to ensure the temperature inside and outside the teapot is the same. Your groom may even read a love poem or song. Good etiquette dictates that tea drinkers cradle the cup with both hands and enjoy the tea’s aroma before taking a sip. Tea ceremony originates in China, though, flourished in Japan. The Chinese word for tea, cha (茶), is the root the various words for tea used throughout the world.Carrying strong associations with Buddhism, tea’s rich social history is deeply embedded in Chinese culture.

Chinese Tea Ceremony and Western timeline. Tea at this time was consumed by priests and noblemen as a medicinal beverage. In a traditional Chinese tea ceremony, the tea (traditionally oolong) is passed around for participants to examine and admire its appearance, ​aroma, and quality. I have seen some people wear the red dress as a reception dress as well so the guests can see it too. Therefore, when people think of tea ceremony, they first think the Japanese tea ... Tea-drinking is a nation-wide custom in China. Furthermore, Chinese tea ceremony reflects the central idea of Taoism, Confucian and Buddhism it’s a combination of philosophy and life style. The island country's tea arts are Chinese that have been influenced by western culture. Taiwanese- Chinese. Classic Muslim Marriage Ceremony Traditions & What They Mean, Romantic Orthodox Wedding Ceremony Ideas for Modern Couples. The catch is that he has to bargin with the bridesmaids, otherwise they won't open the door! Tea ceremony is originated in China yet more popular in Japan since it has been introduced to Japan and Korean Peninsula during South Song Dynasty. the bridesmaids split the money in the end. Its customs of tea-drinking spread over to Europe and to many other regions thr... China is widely known as the hometown of tea, with a tea history of around 4000 years. Japanese Tea Ceremony chronology, more than 1000 years of tea history from early china to current japanese culture : More than one thousand years of tea (710) The beginning of the Nara period in Japan, capital is transferred to Nara. Then we will go to the hotel at 2pm for our Western wedding with ceremony starts at 5-5:30pm. First appearing as early as 5,000 years ago, Green Tea is the oldest category of Chinese Tea. Pour all the tea into the tea pitcher, and then pour that tea into the tea snifters. Lane Oatey / Blue Jean Images / Getty Images. Congratulations! Pulperm Phungprachit / EyeEm / Getty Images.

Then, remove the teapot and cups from the bowl. Slowly remove the snifter cup to release the tea into the teacups.

Usually you do one at your house and one at his house but it could just be one only. Through the whole set of ceremony——making tea, appreciating tea, smelling tea, enjoying tea, friendship is increased, virtue is cultivated, traditional virtues etiquette are learned. Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony History.

The third we are having hold the red envelopes for us after they have been given by family members.

Stephanie, on June 10, 2020 at 1:38 AM Posted in Wedding Ceremony 0 13 . This is a solemn act said to bring prosperity and happiness to guests. Furthermore, Chinese tea ceremony reflects the central idea of Taoism, Confucian and Buddhism it’s a combination of philosophy and life style. Its customs of tea-drinking spread over to Europe and to many other regions through cultural exchange via the ancient "Silk Road" and other channels of trade.

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