So I'm looking forward to seeing it on Blu-ray. I was her Daughter Charlene's childhood friend & loved this woman dearly she was so loving & kind and had a big heart to match. In those days, well, $100,000 42 years ago is probably like $500,000 now. They came early and stayed late and they kept a lot of people, myself included, somewhat loose during a very difficult time. As a matter of fact, I trained for the Golden Gloves when I was working in Western Electric as the guard on the nightshift and I worked in Budweiser on the line, on the conveyor line. And I'm very proud of that. First … Anything from his life, including his sketchy past, childhood, family, wife, and more. “He was in a league of his own. Under a plea-bargain agreement, he was sentenced in 1988 to ten years in prison. In his amateur years, Chuck has a record of 16 wins and 0 losses. Happy birthday, big Chuck. [12], After Wepner's fight, Sylvester Stallone wrote the script for Rocky, which was released in theatres in 1976. Liev Schrieber plays Wepner in Chuck (out now on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD). Over the years, he has made sporadic ringside appearances at boxing cards in New Jersey to interact with fans, pose for pictures, and sign autographs. Do you guys know ‘Rocky‘? Anyway, Wepner liked it, and that’s the main thing. Chuck Wepner and Muhammad Ali. Soon after, he announced his retirement. “And when I screwed up, I owned up to it.” We want to have fun. I got sick of seeing it after the third, but I had to see it two more times because I was doing Q and A. What's it like to see yourself in a movie? Share to let others add their own memories and condolences. They met for the second time four months later, on April 15, 1972, and Wepner won the title back. We all know the Ali story ad nauseam. The two rivals met again on April 15, 1972, and back on March 8, 1974, at the Madison Square Garden. The only fight I trained for full time was in 1975 when I fought Muhammad Ali for the championship of the world. However, after losing to Joe Bugner by a cut eye stoppage in three in England, Wepner won nine of his next eleven fights, including victories over Charlie Polite and former WBA heavyweight champion Ernie Terrell.

With the ability to withstand other boxers’ punches, Chuck even became a military champion. However, Stallone has denied many times that Wepner inspired the movie. He developed a deep love for various sports as a youth, particularly basketball, playing for the Police Athletic League. Though Ali dominated most of the match, the 6’5″ giant knocked the World Champion in the ninth round. Charles "Chuck" Wepner Wiki Biography. And I love the line, “My love affair with boxing has waned, but my love affair with old-school boxers and old-school people has not. While doing an interview with his colorful longtime manager, Al Braverman, the subject of Wepner naturally came up. However, in round nine, Wepner knocked him down, which, according to Ali, happened because of a well-placed punch and because Wepner was stepping on his foot. Chuck Wepner fought Ali in 1975. Happy birthday Chuck Wepner. On September 28, 1968, he knocked his opponent Forest Ward down three consecutive times to trigger automatic stoppage. Oh, yeah, still in Bayonne. [7] He was the New Jersey state heavyweight boxing champion, but after losing fights to George Foreman (by cut eye stoppage in three) and Sonny Liston (by knockout in ten) many boxing fans thought that his days as a contender were numbered.
Thanks for great memories. Wepner was supposed to be a easy fight but he took the champ deep into the 15th round and knocked him down during the fight. Several days later, Frances had a scheduled bone marrow transplant, from which she never recovered. It also exposed him to boxing. It was nice. As a regular guy, you couldn’t ask for a better friend.

Instead of indulging in other ventures, Chuck began abusing drugs. They work hard and play hard. Go, go.. Chuck. There are rarely any people left who have not heard about the movie, Rocky. But even his second marriage failed, and in 1995, for the third time, Wepner tied the knot with Linda Wepner. It wasn’t just for money.

sorry mister Mladinich,

Well, that was the idea we had going into the fight. In 1975, he faced world champion Muhammad Ali for the WBA and WBC Heavyweight titles and lasted until the very last round before being knocked out. About eight years ago, Wepner, who had never been compensated for being the “Rocky” prototype, received an undisclosed settlement from Stallone after a well-publicized civil suit. May God bless her for all she did for the animals. I did four or five smokers. That’s when Parris Island was really Parris Island, when they could anything they wanted to you. “There was so much booze and broads. (November 20, 2003). Stallone took one of my lines, which was in a newspaper. He announced his retirement after the fight. Chuch challenged the titleholder Ali, and their event took place on March 24, 1975, at Richfield Coliseum, Richfield, Ohio. Ali-Wepner. My partner was a spitting image of the Detective Sipowicz character played by Dennis Franz on the former television series “NYPD Blue.” When told that “Sipowicz” had serious health issues a few years back, she has never neglected to inquire about him. He won that match against George Cooper and soon became a popular boxer on the Northeast's Club Boxing circuit. The last fight took place at the Madison Square Garden on March 8, 1974. “I would have been a much better fighter,” he continued. In 2003, Wepner, now a retired boxer, sued Sylvester Stallone for using his name in the promotion and Rocky franchise. Learn how your comment data is processed. Marine Veteran Chuck Wepner Was the 'Real-Life Rocky', Veteran Comic Gets Serious About 'Mental Hell and Wellness', NFL Honors the Real Warriors With a 'Salute to Service', Here's How to Maximize Your Free Veterans Day Food, Watch Gary Sinise Salute the Service of a Veteran Who Decided to Pay It Forward. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. After the fight with Liston, Wepner needed 72 stitches in his face. And they did, believe me. It got to the point where I could almost read the parts. Sylvester Stallone, back then a struggling actor, wrote the screenplay for ‘Rocky’ after watching Wepner’s fight with Ali. I love the movie, I love the way they did it, and I love the people that are in it. [5], Wepner opted to join the military, joining the U.S. Marines, where he became a member of the boxing team, developing a reputation for being able to withstand other boxers' punches, and becoming a military champion at one of the airbases. We had five Medal of Honor winners attend the dinner, so it was a real thrill for me.

However, Chuck redeemed himself on the match of April 28, 1967, where he won the first title, defeating Don McAteer with a fifth-round technical knockout.. Don King sent me up to camp. He won the first title of his professional tenure on April 28, 1967, defeating Don McAteer with a fifth-round technical knockout. Prayers for her & her family. We want some salty language and good-natured exchanges. A year later, he suffered the first defeat of his career against Bob Stallings. “I could become heavyweight champion of the world. Or is that “The Bridges at Toko-Ri”? He didn’t care about pain or cuts. I was out of control, a crazy man. It's an ongoing thing for me, of course, because now it's on Blu-ray and that's super huge. More importantly, he and Linda still make everyone they come in contact with feel better about themselves. I'm in a quarter of a million dollar condominium here, I drive brand new Lincolns every two years, I wear nice clothes, I go out, I have a good time. His nickname was the “Bayonne Bleeder,” which was a tribute to his hometown in New Jersey, as well as his propensity to bleed profusely but always finish on his feet.

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