However, the recommended materials of full penetration welds were replaced with bolted joints. Individualism (Friedman's Economic Theory), Utilitarianism, Kantianism, and Virtue Theory Analyses of Business Controversies. The decision to change welded joints to bolted joints was an important change that should have been considered more carefully. show up while the repairs were being made. Customers were lied to by a company they thought they could trust. The paper discusses the ethical concerns for the Citicorp building case. This theory’s ethical rule is “business actions should maximize profits for the owners of a business, but do so within the law” (Salazar, The Case Manual, p. 17). The Forex Fix: Understanding the Foreign Currency Scam In. ID Proceed if you agree to this policy or learn more about it. Free Essay Examples - Most employees, if not all employees that had anything to do with the scandal were fired. 373-The Citicorp Tower: Professional Ethics and Disaster Averted. but what about the public and the, LeMessurier carefully reviewed all of the calculations, After doing a member-by-member calculation of the, forces and reviewing the weather statistics for New. Progress informed by the past, and inspired by the future. I'm fine with missing my deadline, WowEssays. Moreover, he solely designed and estimated the cost and time required for the corrective measures. Get help with 11% off using code -, No, thanks! Controversy The entrance to an Abercrombie & Fitch store A few years ago, the Chief Executive Officer of Abercrombie and Fitch, Mi... Heather Salazar, Professor of Philosophy in Ethics and Mind. There is a serious lack of “Good Will” within the employees of Citigroup. In the problem design there is no single design that is perfect, and other professionals’ ideas can bring insights into unnoticeable errors; thus, it is unprofessional to shun other people’s ideas (Harris, Pritchard, and Rabins). By fixing the rates for their own benefit they were selfish, greedy, and dishonest. This theory’s ethical rule is “business actions should maximize profits for the owners of a business, but do so within the law” (Salazar, The Case Manual, p. 17). Note: this The CitiCorp Building, New York. In the case of Citigroup, the traders involved in the scandal let the vices get the best of them. USA: Wadsworth publishing. Controversy Nike logo Nike was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight. Available from:, "Case Study On Ethical Issues Citicorp Case Study." Mcgeever, J. TEPCO: Sued for Misleading Information on Radiatio... UPS to pay $40 million to end online pharmacies in... Walmart: Draining Water from Drought Stricken Cali... Amazon: Sale of revisionist and Holocaust-denying ... Caterpillar Inc: Train Repairs Gone Bad, Or Good? The company also broke the law, which speaks for itself. . LeMessurier had a duty to publicize the problem with the building. Some examples of virtues are: honesty, compassion, and temperance. Retrieved October 20, 2015. This claim is evident in LeMessurier argument that it was instructive for students to meddle with the design problem. Vikram Pandit, former CEO of Citigroup Inc. Accessed November 12, 2020. Citigroup has not seen any trouble in business activity after the scandal. The third ethical theory used to evaluate the Citigroup, Inc. case is Kantianism. Just fill out the removal request form with all necessary details, such as page location and some verification of you being a true owner. Cooperative Blog, Administrator: Heather Salazar. (2019, December, 04) Case Study On Ethical Issues Citicorp Case Study. Chevron vs. Ecuador: Class Action Lawsuit (2003 - ... ExxonMobil: Earthquakes from Oil Fracking (2013), McDonald's: Employees' Lives Shortened (2015). 251089823, Well-researched, fact-checked, and accurate, Eloquently written and immaculately formatted. TIMELINE-The FX fixing scandal., McDonald's "Deceptive" Marketing to Children (2010), Starbucks Scolded for Stifling Competition (2006), Volkswagen: Emissions Scandal Due To Fraudulent Software (2014), The Ethics Behind "The Wolf of Wall Street" (1990s), The Walt Disney Corporation: Marvel CEO Taking Over, Walmarts Ethical Troubles, Lowest Prices for Customer's at Expense of Employees (2016), The Walt Disney Company Layoff of Technicians (2015). ", "Case Study On Ethical Issues Citicorp Case Study,". The Citicorp building case brings various ethical issues of concern. These include following the structural design, respects of rights in structural design, taking responsibility for corrective measures, satisfaction of quality assurance regulations, and use of recommended materials (Harris, Pritchard, and Rabins). The values of Virtue Theory include “character traits that promote wellness or flourishing of individuals within a society” (Salazar, The Case Manual, p. 22). Accessed 12 November 2020. This was quite unprofessional. Individualism is one of various ethical theories, which can be used to analyze a given ethics controversy. If those involved in the scandal had taken the time and effort to embraces their virtues and avoid the vices, the scandal may have not even occurred. The Citicorp building case brings various ethical issues of concern. . Pleads Guilty to the FX Scandal (2... JPMorgan Chase & Co 2015 LIBOR Rigging: Short-Term... General Motors: A Recall Nightmare (2014), PetroChina: The True Cost of Cheap Gas (2013-2015), Facebook: Manipulating Users with No Consent (2012), Oracle: Questionable Personnel Choice (2010). The case manual. Felons of Top Banks. [Internet]. D. Preview Course Read/Print Test Author Page. December 2019. The values of individualism include profits and the owner's wishes. Kantianism would argue that Citigroup acted unethical throughout the whole scandal, even when they admitted their wrongdoing. When an individual or small business breaks the law they are often revoked of their rights. Ethics refers to a set of accepted moral standards to be followed by members of a certain group. This was unprofessional. (2015, September 22). However, immediately after realizing the imminent danger, LeMessurier ignored the facts. However, there were some very interesting, implementation problems, only some of which we, The building's occupants had to be informed without, being alarmed, because the repair work would go on, The public had to be informed why the bank's new, The entire process was open and attentive to public. York City, LeMessurier determined that statistically, once every sixteen years the Citicorp Center would, be subjected to winds that could produce a, 17.4 . Picture Window theme. (2015). Case Study On Ethical Issues Citicorp Case Study. This is professional negligence, and it is an unacceptable (Harris, Pritchard, and Rabins). After filling out the order form, you will be directed to payment via Credit Card or another preferred method. They manipulated their customers for personal benefit, which is unethical to me. (2015), Wells Fargo: Customer Account Abuse (2015), NuvaRing: Birth Control Costing Lives (2011-2014). The same could be argued for when the company pleaded guilty. The traders involved in the fix purposely manipulated their customers for their own benefit. Marlboro: Targeting Minors Worldwide in their Ads ... Citigroup, Inc. This brings out a professional driven by selfish gains, as this problem was immediately and well responded by other stakeholders. Royden, D. (2014, December 4). nearly $6 billion. In conclusion, it is ethical for LeMessurier to respect the church rights in the problem design, following the design specification, and taking corrective measures for the Citicorp building. Cases. Global banks admit guilt in forex probe, fined. 4th ed. Citicorp Building ethics problem However to LeMessurier the bolts meant that from EGR 295 at Northern Virginia Community College (2014, March 31). Harris, Charles, Pritchard Michael, and Rabins Michael. Services View all. Engineering profession, like any other profession, is governed by a code of ethics. Kamich, B. Church, Religion, Design, Profession, Ethics, Building, Real Estate, Professionalism. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. I believe Citigroup, Inc. was wrong in fixing the foreign exchange rates. Firstly, the design engineer (LeMessurier) respected the rights of the church in the design of the Citicorp building. We use cookies to enhance our website for you. It is in situations that architects will be challenged to identify issues and formulate important yet difficult decisions that may serve to define one’s practice. Chon, G., Binham, C., & Noonan, L. (2015, May 20). Virtue Theory declares that if a company, or individual is acting in such a way that they are expressing good character traits and working to avoid bad character traits then they are acting ethically. Alleged Fraud by Wells Fargo Employees (2015). This in itself is unethical. Citigroup stock: Here's a chart to lose sleep over. but what about the public and the, Reportedly including driving into a freeway bridge, He also considered remaining silent, as he tried to, reassure himself that his innovative rooftop mass, damper actually reduced the probabilities of such, On the other hand, if the power went out, the mass. Salazar, Heather (2015). Submitted by KBL781 on Tue, 2010-12-07 09:20.

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