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High crime rates are seen in countries or areas with high poverty levels and low job availability. There were a total of 616 street level crime incidents in Birmingham in September 2020. Greater Manchester, Cleveland, South Yorkshire and Northumbria - all in the north of England - made up the rest of the top five. Manchester has a notably higher-than-average crime rate when compared to most other UK cities. The bigger the population, the more incidents of burglary, theft and violent crime. Insurance companies consult data including crime rates, flood maps, and the historic numbers of claims they’ve received from the area to determine how risky your property will be to insure. UK cities with the lowest crime rate 1. Towns such as Dover, Margate, Gillingham and Chatham have been identified as particular gang hotspots where local children are being recruited by London gangsters. 679215 Registered office: 1 London Bridge Street, London, SE1 9GF. We pay for videos too. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned American life on its head, but in the midst of face masks and ever-changing social distancing orders, we can still count on impressively low rates of crime in many of America’s cities and towns. Keep in mind that Newcastle’s small population of around 270,000 residents plays a large role in its exceptionally low crime levels unlike densely populated cities in the UK and Europe. These police force areas reported the lowest overall rates of crime, weighted by population, in England and Wales, in the year to October 2018: Dyfed-Powys; North Yorkshire; Derbyshire; Lincolnshire; Wiltshire; Devon and Cornwall; Surrey; Norfolk; West Mercia; Thames Valley Doing this to your house could send its value plummeting. Worcester is similar to Newcastle when it comes to atmosphere, aesthetic, and low crime numbers. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. Despite its frantic civil issues stirred up from time to time in this Northern Irish town over the past few decades, among other popular large cities in Great Britain like Manchester or London, Belfast is by far one of the most peaceful and safest cities. Most of its city centre is pedestrianized (meaning the entire downtown is essentially a car-free zone). It also has also been… 34% more than United Kingdom Suicide rates > Ages 25-34: 10.6 per 100,000 people Ranked 14th. In England and Wales, though, the latest records point to a quite steep rise in some crimes: a 22% rise in knife crimes, 11% in firearms, 17% in vehicle theft and 9% in burglaries. West Yorkshire -  20.5 incidents per 1000 households. The city sees, on average, a murder a week. In Scotland, the latest police records put reported crime at its lowest level since 1974. Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? About a third of its inhabitants frequent local amenities, participate in community activities and say they would happily invite the neighbours around for drinks. The largest category was Violent Crime, followed by Anti Social Behaviour. Additionally, if you’re a victim of a crime and need to make a claim on your home insurance, you’ll lose your no-claims bonus and your premiums will be adjusted upward when your policy is renewed. In Northern Ireland, Ballyclare comes bottom, with 71 recorded crimes in 2016.

After five years of increasing crime rates, this year (2018/2019), the number of crimes in Greater Manchester have decreased by 4.4% since last year. According to Rightmove the average house price in St Asaph is £201,251. Chichester - 74 3. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned American life on its head, but in the midst of face masks and ever-changing social distancing orders, we can still count on impressively low rates of crime in many of America’s cities and towns. As you stroll the cobblestone streets of this charming Scottish town, besides finding great food, your overall safety will be one less thing to worry about during your stay. In Scotland, measured by local authority area, crime is lowest in Orkney (1,005 crimes), Shetland (1,417) and Na h-Eileanan Siar (the Outer Hebrides). Bedford reports a mere 4.59 crimes per 100 residents, below the UK average of 6.57 per 100, and well-below London’s dismal 42.53 per 100. So, where in the UK are you safest and how much will low local crime rates save you on your home insurance? This year’s list is based on the most current FBI data available, which represents major crimes reported in 2018. “, “We have experienced some of the worst cuts to our budgets when compared to other forces nationally at a time when criminality is not only increasing, but evolving in terms of seriousness and complexity and at a time when we have seen unprecedented increases in calls for service to our 999 and 101 system.". Bangor - 77 4.

While domestic burglaries and thefts were up 21% in London between 2017 and 2018, according to figures from the Metropolitan Police, in 123 postcodes across Britain, in places from Coleraine in Northern Ireland to Lamberhurst near Tunbridge Wells in Kent, not a single applicant for home insurance said they’d been burgled in the last five years. Hallway SECRET that will sell your house, Nationwide figures show house price growth in June slowest since 2013. Though famous for its staple steak topping and cooking sauce, Worcester, like many low-population cities, has been recognized as one of the safest places to live in the UK. A FORMER teen gang member who became swept up in violence after being recruited by London-based drug pushers has described the moment he realised he could end up dead.

An area with low crime will not only make you feel secure in your home and neighbourhood, it will mean your home insurance premiums are lower.

This year’s list is based on the most current FBI data available, which represents major crimes reported in 2018. “For example, previously if four people were found fighting outside a pub and it was not clear who was in the right or wrong, one report of affray would have been recorded whereas now four counter allegations of assault and one of affray could be recorded.

Continued use of this website assumes your acceptance of this policy. He said: "I felt like I had no other option. Our journalists strive for accuracy but on occasion we make mistakes. For other inquiries, Contact Us. Below are these incidents broken down by category. However, the two cities differ greatly in local diversity and safety. He was very much loved and is so dearly missed.". "We have also made significant inroads into tackling moped crime and as a result of intensive proactive policing and engagement, there have been reductions in moped crime across the capital.". Kyle Yule, 17, begged for five gang members to spare him as they chased him with machetes in a senseless gang attack in Gillingham, Kent. Due to its breathtaking gardens and canals, Cambridge is by far one of England’s most picturesque cities.

Registered office is at Suite D2, the Quadrant, Mercury Court, Chester, Cheshire, CH1 4QR.

Many of the small towns are ones you will have heard of, but some are not. It should be no surprise that Cambridge’s safety statistics are far higher than its crime rates.

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