I'm posting this earlier than usual because I'm going out for dinner and I'm not sure when I'll come back. Many people are intimidated by the religious playstyle because it's so different and sometimes counter-intuitive. That would put the best place for the city on the hills or plains along the river just south of that. As I finished exploring that area, it only let me get two cities along the tundra, although they will both have lavras with +8 faith, which is good. You can get it here: Here's what i was able to make of it by end game: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1125169247, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Gain extra territory when founding cities, +1 Faith and Production in Tundra tiles, +5 Combat Strength when fighting in or next to home territory, +2 Faith from each adjacent Natural Wonder, +1 Faith from each adjacent Mountain tile, +1 Faith from every two adjacent Woods tiles, +1 Faith from every two adjacent districts, +1 Great Writer, Great Artist and Great Musician points per turn, +2 Faith per Citizen working in the district, Territory is increased by one whenever a Great Person is expended in this city, Receives Science or Culture from trade routes to civilizations more advanced than Russia, +1 Science or Culture for every 3 technologies or civics ahead, Likes civilizations who are ahead of him in Science and Culture, Dislikes civilizations who neglect Science and Culture. From there, you can backfill into the tundra and make as many cities as possible there. They are extremely well set up to go for either a religious or cultural victory with the additional potential of a mid-game aggression play with Cossacks and faith purchasing. Civ Summaries has a breakdown of every civ in the game as well as a basic suggested strategy, while Civ-specific tricks, secrets and clarifications looks at the more obscure details of each civ. Lavras make securing a religion easy. All and all, Russia is very well balanced and can handle any situation. Check the Wiki for the other Civ of the Week Discussion Threads. Their early faith bonuses in tundra just allow you to snowball in religion so fast. I find Russia very decent on a Deity playthrough, because their bonuses are reasonably powerful and consistent and they come online relatively early into the game. As such, players will get increased government power depending on how many Soviets they have rallied behind them. Mit Civilization 6 haben die Entwickler von Firaxis einen neuen Versuch in der Gestaltung des Klassikers gewagt. One of the funnier things to do is to destroy Barb camps by settling them away. Divine spark is probably the most powerful pantheon for Russia. The like of industrial civs with his government type comes from the Bolshevik's yearning for a revolution in Germany so as to establish a proper trading partner (a revolution did occur, but was betrayed by the SPD, resulting in a milquetoast Germany and a struggling early USSR). It's also slightly more annoying to declare war on Russia early since their borders grow out faster and troops have to be put a bit further out when you declare war. After that are some additional notes on new or changed features with notable synergy with Russian uniques, so you can use this post in conjunction with the vanilla Russia guide for a makeshift Rise and Fall Russia guide. Cossacks are in a very awkward place in the tech tree. That way, you can force your way to a religious victory. Cossacks are great defensive units and aren't bad offensively, either, considering Military Science can be beelined. He should be fairly friendly to you once you catch up in tech though that may take a while and conflict will have already happened. Only bonuses with notable synergy with the civ's uniques are covered here. Gurdwaras provide a little extra food, but you're better off going with Feed the World (6 food) and that extra 2 food really doesn't matter. But, ofc, the main boon of faith is Defender of Faith, helping you to survive while you are rushing for those high techs. Of course they will need a place to store great works, but that is not a problem, especially if you get cathedrals. One of the civs that was indirectly buffed by the new expansion, the Lavra provides massive boosts towards Golden Ages once one is completed and is available nearly at the start of the game. For a scientific victory, what pantheon do you prefer? Great Works of Writing provide extra science while you're suzerain over Babylon. As long as they can hold a lavra, that's all that really matters. It makes it much easier to get a religion on Deity without gimping your empire, and even feeds into helping you get a tourism victory if you decide to go that route, which in my opinion you should be doing as Russia. You're often going to be behind the AI for at least the early portion of the game and getting some science from early trade routes can be worth opportunity cost. If you ever want to play the best Russia map ever that the game generates by itself (no cheats or editing), here it is: you get: - tundra natural wonder Eyjafjallajökull in capital range (+ 2 food + 1 culture per adjeacent tile, stacked!) Too much? Spend him in a city with a Lavra that you want to expand bigly, and run a train of writers, artists, and musicians through there, constantly popping them and shuttling great works out to other cities. While you can't farm tundra, thankfully Russia also gets more tiles in every founded city so you can usually reach grassland or plains tiles for farmland. The only downsides is that you will need more amenities to deal with the larger population and that you don't really NEED your small tundra cities to be that big. Once you've founded a religion, you get two beliefs. After I read this post, I decided to give the Russia religious victory a go, and here's my first city. Their bonuses are consistent and strong, occasionally being gamechangingly powerful. Monasticism (Dark Age, Classical to Medieval eras) - Lavras are half the price of normal Holy Sites, so you can more easily meet the requirements for this policy card than other civs and generate vast amounts of science. A bit late this time around, but as usual I've got a full guide here. At the point in the game where you are nearing cossacks, you can build horsemen really fast. Alternatively, build it in your holy city for a strong boost to tourism. Basil's Cathedral is the best new wonder for Russia. If you have leftover horsemen, you should probably upgrade them into these. Not using any mods, besides the user interface mod CQUI. Lavras make securing a religion easy. I won in 1180 AD before turn 150. On attack, you can cycle cossacks to take a fortified position or kill a city very quickly because they can move after attacking. Gaining extra territory when settling is actually a pretty huge bonus, and being able to go for a religion to get an early start on a culture game is actually very nice. Especially since Lavra's are half price. One of the most profitable ways to develop scientifically is to go for the certain kinds of timed pushes where you beeline to the necessary technology while avoiding everything else. Cathedrals provide a slot for religious art which puts some of your great artists to use and generates culture. That's the latest timed push of them all, but bombers are incredibly global and retake the control of the map almost instantly. Unfortunately, he'll usually be a rival to you if you go for your own culture or religious victory. You don't need to create a large, advanced army for taking over other civs, just an adequately sized force that can repel invasion (and you WILL be invaded). This helps you from turn 1 and allows much more optimal district placement as you have more tiles to choose from. I would recommend Feed the World/Choral Music and Defender of the Faith. In neuer Optik treten teilweise.. Should I have moved closer to the tundra to start off? Those bonuses will only add extra Great Prophet points to the district. The cleanest example here is Square Rigging rush - it's just 4 technologies until you have frigates (at which point you upgrade your prepared quadriremes and turn the tables on the game). You know, I've never tried a science victory with Russia but your strategy sounds pretty fun to try. Aurora for huge faith generation to afford campus buildings via Jesuit education? What I've got down for his traits are the following: Standard improvements yield +1 Production and Culture, Buildings yield Culture equal to their intrinsic Production output, Likes industrious civilizations that share his government type, Hates warmongering civilizations that do not share his government type, Unique District - Soviet (Industrial Zone), Gains a standard adjacency bonus from all improvements, not just Mines and Quarries, For every 4 Soviets in the empire, receive a Wildcard policy slot (initial maximum of +1, or +2 with Class Struggle) and +25% faster government legacy bonus acquisition (initial maximum of +50%, or +100% with Class Struggle). While you can't farm tundra, thankfully Russia also gets more tiles in every founded city so you can usually reach grassland or plains tiles for farmland. Note: Ada Lovelace no longer lets a city build another district, so if you were planning on using her bonus to account for Russia favouring a wide diversity of districts, you'll have to find another method. If you play on King or lower, you can skip that and do Missionary Zeal or the 30% cheaper apostles/missionaries beliefs, since those directly help you spread your religion further. The War Department is fairly versatile - it can help religious gameplay if you engage in a lot of theological warfare. Normally in the early game, you must decide between settling cities that become useful faster vs having the best cities in the long term. Also is a synergy with culture victory. This is a bit of an all-in (you don't have anything to defend yourselves with until you have Chemistry), but early AT crews will stomp everything irregardless of their weaknesses and limitations. There's been many games where DoF literally saved me. Russia is really good at generation religion you guys. Since last week's discussion, I also have two compilation guides that delve into every civ. Check the Wiki for the other Civ of the Week Discussion Threads. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, GS unit upgrade cost = 2x production difference + 10, Civ-specific tricks, secrets and clarifications. I always found it weird how the Atomic theme has this doomsday-laden ominous chanting when you're just trying to teach the world how to build Wats. Looks like a really strong start, but don't know if you could classify it as the "most insane" since you have no chop-able tiles in your first ring and only two in your second. Edit: As yet another additional point, I want to discuss Russia's UA for a bit without spamming the thread with new posts. My guess is his ability would be related to some bonus from factories, maybe that they provide bonus housing, amenities and production? Cossacks are great defensive units and aren't bad offensively, either, considering Military Science is a relatively easy technology to beeline. If for whatever reason you can't go for a religious victory, you may use the extra GWAM points and faith for some GWAM patronage.

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