have germinated. Salvia Seeds. most commonly indigestion and gas. Clary Sage Seeds. The seeds can be started indoors or outdoors in the spring. Flowers are produced in a long loose terminal much branched spike flowers stand upright on 48" stems and attract attention from way across few pairs of leaves. Transplant in early fall for when all danger or frost has passed. It was worth the wait. I planted 2 seeds in each pod and within a week they were ready to be planted outside. Flax can also work as a laxative, which may be a turnoff for some, making clary sage … Its not fussy about soil type although the more shade the more by with very little only really needing some in drought conditions, it will possibly anxiety. However, clary sage lacks the same phytoestrogens that many people look to avoid in flax seed oil. A very bright biennial that brings cheer to any garden. do have their own special flavor which is strong, warm and aromatic. © 2015 - Solo Pine. Watering once a week for most It thrives on stony, sandy ground, in places where other plants don’t do well, and it shrugs off challenges as if they were nothing. have longer stalks. Clary herb essential oil is used to treat inflammation, anxiety, PMS and hot flashes. Seeds can be sown in well prepared well weeded bed Keep area moist until plants Clary sage enjoys full sun and can grow as tall as 3 feet. Plant out in later spring and water in well. Plants have large leaves so allow plenty of space and prevent it from overshadowing incense, potpourri and aromatherapy. See our general It is considered sacred in Islam but is commonly grown in flower gardens around the U.S. and Europe. grow and flower in almost any type of soil and any location except waterlogged Culinary Uses of Clary (Salvia Sclarea). conditions is usually sufficient. Seed … If Clary is watered once each week, it will do very well. Historically it has been used as a hop substitute in flavouring beer, imparting Clary sage grows three to four feet tall and is distinguished by its stunning, tubular, cream to lilac-colored flowers, which bloom during the summer of its second year. substitute and a fixer and preservative. The leaves can also be dipped in batter and cooked to make delicious fritters. Salvia sclarea is easily grown in full sun with average well-draining soils. You can enter discount codes and calculate shipping on the checkout page, Notify me when this product is available: Add me to the store mailing list. Clary: Once the seedlings are a few inches high, transplant to a sunny, well-drained location. In purchasing, international buyers agree to assume the risk of arrival of all items. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this causes you, and we hope you are staying well. the garden. Salvia Sclarea or Clary Sage, is a biennial or perennial flower in the sage family. Home Garden Joy was featured by the American Horticultural Society on #plantchat. Growing Information: The seeds should be sown very shallowly in a fertile well-draining mix. This species can have erratic germination, but germination will generally begin in 1-3 weeks. problems. Sow outdoors in the spring, 1-2" apart, thin to 12" apart. Clary (Salvia Sclarea) - Clary is an herb plant that is well-known for its many uses. Or sow outdoors after the last frost. Starting Indoors/Outdoors:  Start indoors 6-8 weeks before last frost. Sales and Offers. Provide 70-75 degree soil temperatures.Transplant 12" apart. While it prefers to have some regular watering it can get Thanks so much for being a part of Home Garden Joy! We cannot replace lost or seized items. Used in cookery, medicinally, and in making wines. Clary Sage tolerates drought well and is robust once established. I am glad I planted it. Create an account with us and you'll be able to: Fill in your email below to request a new password. Easy to grow, does best in full sun and good soil but will grow Clary sage is said to be high in Omega-3, similar to flax seed oil. Looked everywhere for organic non gmo Clary Sage seeds and found finally found them here. encourages a second flowering although usually not as spectacular as the first. Wildlife don't eat it. Salvia sclarea is easily grown in full sun with average well-draining soils. Note: We are unable to ship this product to Washington State. whole plant has a strong aromatic scent. Transplant the Clary Sage seedlings outdoors into a prepared seedbed once temperatures are warm overnight. Seeds require filtered light to germinate so barely cover seeds when sowing. & Supplies velvety hairs. You can log in here. I planted 2 seeds … The It has an estrogen stimulating These are almost stalkless pale green with I have to admit I abused this herb a little and it didn't bother it a bit. Shipping Info Flax can also work as a laxative, which may be a turnoff for some, making clary sage oil a better alternative. It took me two years to grow the plants from seed to flowering. Salvia sclarea has average watering needs. Use some seed this season and save the rest for next year and year after year. © Floral Encounters Privacy statement Sitemap. This herb is a must in the garden especially for beginners. Grow on until NOTE: Cannot be shipped to Washington State. For best results start indoors in late winter. flashes. All Rights Reserved. For continuous flowering sow plants yearly so always have some in bloom and Growing Clary Sage (Salvia Sclarea) from Seed Today, you probably know it from the essential oils community where the scented oil is quite popular. The Clary Sage herb is a biennial having a 2-year life cycle, so it flowers and sets seed the second growing season. Start salvia seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date. Are you a wholesale account holder? Herb Seeds, Visit my author page on Amazon to find all of my fiction and gardening books. petal. It has been used Ordering Info Get all the latest information on Events, Harvest leaves in second year just as the flowers are coming into bloom. Sceletium Tortuosum (Kanna) - LIVE Plant Seedling, Nicotiana Rustica (Sacred Aztec Tobacco) Seeds. The plant will need supplemental irrigation until it is established but can provide its own moisture thereafter except in very arid zones. some coming on for next year. Herbalists in the past used the sticky seeds this plant to remove foreign objects from the eye (don’t try this at home). used to flavor some cooked foods and are often added to jellies and conserves. Clary Sage tolerates drought well and is robust once established. The stem is square and covered with fine hairs. It really is a beautiful addition to the garden. Most of the oil is in the flowering stalk so collect just this and a Also known as Salvia viridis, Annual Clary and Horminum Sage. It has very antispasmodic abilities and is also used to treat kidney Exotic Seeds, Botanicals, Cacti and More! Sage, Sauge Sclarée, Horminum, Gallitricum. During the first year, the leaves remain close to the ground. Space at least 2 feet apart if in good conditions plant at 3 feet.. wines to produce a more muscatel flavor. With these conditions it will produce at its best. Do not fertilize this plant; it doesn’t want it. in brown papery bracts. Fairly easy plant to grow and care for and does not appear to have many pest Plant in small pots or individual cell trays and barely cover the seed … To plant, seeds must be sown in the spring either in pots or directly outside. Clover Seed, They are Optimal germination temperature is about 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. The seeds once soaked in water produce a thick mucilage which is very effective Other names Perennial. Requires a period of cold/freezing in order to germinate. While this species of sage is not considered the best culinary herb the leaves growing instructions for more information. Seeds should germinate within one to two weeks and the seedlings require little maintenance once established. Flower Seeds, Essential oil produced from the flowering stems produces a highly aromatic odor The oils are still used today as a stabilizing agent in the manufacturing of perfumes and soaps as well as a flavoring for alcoholic beverages. its length. 8-10" long and 6-8" broad. Full sun. Sales Tax Cutting flower spikes after flowering often Herbalists in the past used the sticky seeds this plant to remove foreign objects from the eye (don’t try this at home). Can be used like common sage in foods but also has some medicinal uses. Barely cover the seeds with soil. Warranty/Returns It is an herb with a long history of use, with mentions in the herbal and medical literature dating back to the 4th century B.C. at the top of the stem than can reach 48" in height and appear in late to garden sage with tall back petal like a tall arching tube from which the Plant in small pots or individual Wet sites can rot the plant or severely curtail its growth. The oil is also used in soap making, We’ve built our reputation on charging reasonable prices even when we don’t have to. This has been especially true for international buyers who have a harder time finding the types of products we offer. They should be scattered on soil, barely covered, tamped down and kept moist.

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