i like to know , the score of the essay only in the exam .

CMA(USA) Candidates should note that there is.

Hi Stephanie, Here is my suggestion on these courses: https://ipassthecmaexam.com/cma-review-course/, 3. I am not understanding how to clear the exam. They ask questions from everywhere,, between the lines! Try to follow a classic example slowly, go through all the steps and try to redo all the steps on your own.

Hi stephanie, I would stick with your successful plan for Part 2 Regards, Stephanie, Also wish to know about advantages of mba with cfe and mba with cma. Sure you can start as a student — you even have a student discount for the membership and exam fees:
I have keen interest in it but need your complete and helpful guideline regarding it’s books availability in soft form as i want to study myself .If you have the CMA PART 1 Books in soft form then please email me so that i may start my preparation for the upcoming attempt. https://www.imanet.org/PDFs/Public/General/06_2012_salary_survey.pdf, could you please, help me to get a course make me good in English ? On January 1, 2020, the IMA executed an overhaul of the exam curriculum. Stephanie. Performance Reports are sent via e-mail from Prometric to all candidates who take an exam part.

So I guess it helps to a certain extent. I just took part 2 in January, and I must say, I felt like part 2 was much more difficult for me. https://ipassthecmaexam.com/cma-exam-part-1/

could you please tell me how many years allowed to get the cma after registration? what did you forget to do on part 1? Will see if others agree! don’t take local coaching class that teaches in local language), read English newspaper and magazine, etc.

I am willing to contribute to your website after clearing my part 2.

Anyway, just work towards the goal one step at a time! Thanks Stefanie and your tips was always helpful, Hi Mohamed, that’s great! Do sections B,C,D from Hock and section A(that includes the newly added syllabus), section E from Wiley/Gleim. how many problem portions & theory portion it consists? Because getting the Canadian version makes more sense in your case if you work in Canada. Unfortunately, the ICMA does not share exam scores via telephone. When you study and prepare yourself properly, you can be in the percentage who pass.
2nd I want to know the scope in saudi arabia and in future can I get job.

Hi Jaleel, Appreciate it.

Also, watch Education unlocked’s videos on youtube on Management Accounting topics. Don’t let the numbers intimidate you. I actually took a lot of sectional tests and a mock test before the actual exam.After taking the actual exam,I had a feeling that I performed a lot better than the what I did in the mock test, so was expecting a score over 400. But you are most welcome to drop a note here again. Congrats again in passing! Do you think end of septEember would be too early? I passed CMA course via group coaching (3.5 months ) and one month review after that ( gleim book and CD ) with 420 as passing score in may /June 2015 first attempt Stephanie.

Best of luck! First, while the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) welcomes CMA candidates from all over the world, the exam format is U.S.-centric.

Firstly, I am egyptian. 3rd question: I checked availabilities and it looks that they are tests for part 1 and 2 in november 2013 too in Dublin which strange as normally it is sept/oct and jan/feb… do you know if it is in fact possible? My site only covers the US CMA offered by the IMA. Feel free to borrow from the library or from friends, but distributing copies without the approval of review materials is generally not allowed. Dearest Stephanie, Thanks. I am in 11th currently and will soon in 12th. I am preparing from Wiley and Gleim products . cell: 00923453296655, Hi Muhammad, I don’t know about those in Karachi, but I generally recommend the online courses because they are exactly the same as the US candidates are using, and so the quality is guaranteed. thanks in advance, Hi Rafsal, it really depends on your future career plans. Here’s everything you need to know to correctly interpret your CMA Exam score. Now, I’m going to retake the exam with my new strategy. I have a bunch of tips here as well but they apply to both Part 1 and 2: https://ipassthecmaexam.com/cma-exam-prep-tips/. i just wanted to know which part should take first part 1 or part 2 for cma? Therefore, Part 1 seems to weed out the less-prepared candidates. If you are not a native English speaker, this is one part of the exam you may want to give extra attention to when studying. At least gleim has some out-of-the-blue questions that train you to think on your feet. Cheers, Stephanie. https://ipassthecmaexam.com/cma-prep-course-online-live-class/, If you have other questions, you will likely be able to find them here:

Why Become a CMA: 5 Tangible Benefits for Your Accounting Career + Video, CMA Requirements: How to Meet the CMA Exam Requirements, CMA Exam Fees: A Complete Breakdown of CMA Exam Costs, CMA Exam Scoring Guide (Grading System Uncovered!

And all the videos that I have suggested are free of cost, so do watch them. Can any one give me the tips to pass CMA part 1. Second section, has the weightage of 25% of the overall score. I am preparing from Gleim. Another potential reason for Part 2’s pass rate success is the fact that Part 2 tests candidates on a narrower range of subjects and, consequently, requires a bit less preparation than Part 1.

Secondly, the suitable CMA review course. We find more proof of the importance of English in China where candidates can choose to take the CMA exam in English or in Chinese, as mentioned above. If so it’s great to know. If you want to become a CMA in the USA, passing marks are a must. hi Binoy, Hi, Hello Binoy, that was very close!

I would like to re appear during June 2015.Do you have any advise where i missed 20 marks . Let me know if I can be more helpful! The CMA Exam has a unique scoring system that can sometimes be confusing for candidates. Hope it helps? Regards,

your chance of passing the CMA exam is much higher than the average CMA exam pass rate. it depends on your own experience and background). Go to Roger CPA’s official youtube channel and watch all the videos on Variances and make notes. It usually takes about 100-150 hours of study for a typical candidate. Obviously, if you are planning to take the CMA exam and you are reading this post, you already have an interest in doing well. If you are working in a multinational company it will likely easier if you request for an opportunity to transfer to the US or Canadian regional office for a temporary exchange.

I am afraid you and other candidates must get your own review materials. All the best! I am CMA .

How much does language really affect the CMA scores and pass rate statistics? It is tough waiting around though!

I don’t have the gut feeling that I passed like I did immediately after the first exam. THANK U SOOOOOOO MUCH, Hi Ibrahim this is a tough question… but I guess it depends whether you want to improve your reading or writing skills. 350 was very, very closing to passing. Hi Wahaj, it should be fine! Thanks Stephanie for giving the information…and i want to attempt for the next January so which material is best for the CMA,& new syllabus also added in part1. I do appreciate your prompt response.

Rani- Thank you. lots of errors (both book and online practice) and the explanations are not complete. Thank you and God Bless! Also, the CMA exam comprises not only multiple-choice questions but also an essay section that human examiners grade. Hi Ikram, first of all congratulations!

my opinion m.ibr that the language(Eng) is not the problem of the CMA.

Here are the relevant posts. The year-on-year improvement was also encouraging, with the Middle Eastern region reaching an all-time high of 45%. Give some best suggestions to clear Part 1. I don’t think they release any info on standard deviation so it would be hard to know which percentile you fall into, but I would say that with 400 you should have comfortably passed part 1. If your 10 hours per week is all solid studying hours, ie within that 10 hours it is all studying, and not occasional checking of emails, facebook etc, then you should have enough time to get well prepared in 3 months time. Good luck! hi stephan i like to ask u a question i am currently student of ACCA i just cleared 3 papers i now heard about CMA so i m now thinking to give CMA and get exemption in ACCA ?and how many exemption are?

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