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Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. Fill the remaining pot with same soil. As most of us already know, the most common uses come from the edible fruits known as coconuts, Coconuts can be eaten either raw or cooked and they are rich in vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants, The white flesh of the fruit need to be separated from the outer hard shell and you may use a coconut scraper to grate the fruit or use a coconut meat removal knife to separate the flesh, after opening the shell, The freshly grated coconuts can be easily added to your recipes or you can store it in refrigerator for few days, Coconut milk is also very popular and it is widely used in many Asian cuisines, especially in South India, Sri Lanka and Thailand, It is usually used to thicken soups and stews and you can also use it as a substitute for milk, Coconut water is different from the coconut milk, When you break the hard shell of coconut to open it, the fruit has a mildly sweet water inside which is known for its extreme health benefits, This is wonderful natural drink and it is very popular during the summer season. Anacardium occidentale is large and evergreen tree and fruit is called cashew apple and cashew nut inside. The coconut is the most important palm economically. Growing a coconut palm tree is easy and fun. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%, Nariyal, Coconut Tree (Green, Grown Through Seeds) - Plant, ** total_quantity ** | ** unit_price ** / ** unit_measure **, Flowering Plant Seeds (Imported / Hybrid), white flower seen inside coconut when broken(its seen rarely). Tall coconut palms. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Papaya is a small branched plant, cultivated in most tropical countries. Once you have calculated the distance between trees and distance between rows, you can then calculate how many rows of trees you would have for an acre.

Well-drained soil. Sunlight- At least 6 hours of direct bright sunlight is required. 29 Absolutely Gorgeous & Incredibly Scenic Places of India, Top 20 Must See Places in India Once in Your Lifetime, Top 20 Must Visit Historical Monuments of India in 2020, Top 12 Most Popular Travel Destinations in Uttar Pradesh. Mangoes are very popular in India and in Tamil Nadu mango is one of the three royal fruits with banana and jackfruit. Let’s explore how to fertilize coconut palm trees. However, a spacing of 7.5 to 10 m is practiced in various coconut growing regions of the country. After the coconut has soaked, place it in a container filled with well-draining potting soil. You can plant coconut trees by leaving a gap of 5 to 6 feet from the edges and approximately 16-feet gap between two trees. With its pinnate leaves the coconut palm is beautiful to look at.

The fruit tends to colour the tongue purple with its sweet, mildly sour flavor.

A coconut tree is an exceptional plant which is at home in tropical countries. 2.

Coconut is planted in south-west direction as per vastu shastra, Join us to receive gardening tips, offers, news & more, For any suggestions, queries, complaints etc, *above specification are indicative only. Phoenix dactylifera Palm tree are also cultivated for its edible sweet fruit in Saudi Arabia. Provide supplemental light and keep it away from drafts. The line and string method is probably the least expensive and easiest method for planting trees in a straight line. Planting Coconut Trees: To grow a coconut tree, you'll first need a fresh coconut with the husks still on it. To start to grow a coconut plant, begin with a fresh coconut that still has the husk on it. © 2010-2020. 4. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Tall coconut palms are usually cross-pollinated, and are subjected to the most variations.

If you hear a swooshing sound, it's all good! In Coconut Farming, spacing depends upon the planting system, soil type, etc. Papaya fruit and pulp contains water, vitamin C and carbohydrates and the leaves are used for treatment for dengu and malaria.

Ficus racemosa or cluster fig tree is native to Indian subcontinent and favourite food of the Indian macaque. Soil- Soil should be well drained, fertile and nutrient rich. 1. How to plant Coconut saplings in the farm: Adopt a spacing of 25' x 25' (7.5 x 7.5 m) with 175 plants/ha. Fertilizer-Apply any organic fertilizer during the main growing season (June-July).

Due to over watering to plant. For planting coconut on loamy soils having a low water table, an avg pit size of 1 meter X 1 meter X 1 meter is recommended. Proper planting and spacing is vital, whether you grow the palm for the fruits or as an ornamental tree. 5 Most Handsome Players in the Indian Premier League 2020, Top 15 Traditional Regional Sports of Incredible India, 10 Most Popular International Cricket Stadium in India, Top 15 Most Popular Sports Played in India, 20 Most Celebrated Hindu Festival of Incredible India, Top 5 Best Places to Celebrate Christmas in India, 10 Must Visit Buddhist Monasteries of Incredible India, 5 Reasons Why we Should Celebrate Makar Sankranti, Different Celebrations of Makar Sankranti Festival in India, Top 10 Must Visit Places Around Pune in Monsoon, 10 Best And Must Places To Visit In Mussoorie, Top 20 Reasons To Visit Western Ghats of India, 5 Things That Will Make You Fall In Love With Sikkim, 5 Most Beautiful Beaches in India To Visit This Summer, Detailed Information About the Visa in India, 6 Stages of Staffing Process That Every Business owner or Hiring Manager Must Know, Top 10 Best Helmet Brands in India for Riders, Top 10 Best Electric Motorcycles and Scooters in India, Top 12 Affordable and Adventurous SUV In India, 12 Species of Giant and Small Tree Squirrels of India, 10 Species of Flying Squirrels Found in The Indian-Subcontinent, 15 Most Amazing Nocturnal Animals in India, Lesser Known 5 Types of Bengal Tigers Found in India, 9 States With Presence of Real Black Panther in India, Top 10 Longest Rail and Road Tunnels of India, Bottom 12 Private Sector Banks in India by Revenue, Top 5 Busiest Railway Station in South India, Top 10 Cleanest Stations of Indian Railways in 2019, Top 12 Best Trains of Indian Railways to Travel India, Weekend Itinerary for Beaches Around Pune, 5 Days Best Solapur Highway Itinerary From Pune, 3 Days Itinerary for Places to Visit in Kanpur, Heritage Arc Tourist Circuit of Uttar Pradesh, 10 Most Popular Variety of Grapes Grown in India, Traveling to Canada in February; Top 15 Destinations, 12 Commonly Seen Types of Grass Found in India, Traveling to Canada in January; Top 15 Destinations. This is so that the leaves of the fully grown trees do not touch each other.

If you are planting purchased plant directly in ground follow below procedure.

The soil should be sandy-loamy and alkaline which is the beach/cayes environment. 3. For planting in field border as a single row, adopt 20' spacing between plants.

Ziziphus mauritiana are wild growing plants as well as common trees of semi arid regions of India. Keep the plant in indirect bright light for 3-4 days and gradually move to a location receiving direct sunlight for more than 6 hours a day. Terminalia catappa tree is grown as an ornamental tree for shade and wild fruit. The cashew tree is native to Brazil and Portuguese took it to Goa in India.

To plant Coconut tree consider the following points.

Keep the plant in indirect bright light location for 2-3 days and then gradually move to a location that receives more than 6 hours of direct sunlight. When you shake it, it still should sound like it has water in it. As the coconut tree is propagated by seed, they are subjected to some variations which can be distinguished in the trees, fruits and leaves. General caring tips- Plant should get more than 6 hours of sunlight a day. Fill the 1/3 of pit with soil rich in organic content, place the plant in center and fill the pit with same soil.

Psidium guajava or common guava is an evergreen small tree and the fruits are edible. India is the largest producer of guavas, Important varieties of guava fruit from India are Allahabad Safeda, Chittidar, Harijha, Hafshi, Apple guava and Allahabadi Surkha. In traditional Indian medicine leaves of Custard apple tree are used to heal wounds and to treat dysentery. If you have access to a fresh coconut, you might think that it would be fun to grow a coconut plant, and you would be right. 1. Jackfruit Tree is native to southwest India and the fruit is largest tree borne fruit.

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