The NEA Customer Service Centre at the Environment Building will be closed till further notice. Singapore has confirmed cases of COVID-19 within its borders. More specialised volunteering opportunities include skill-centric tasks like graphic design and videography. It was conceived with the objective of projecting a stronger police presence in areas with high human traffic, such as market places, shopping centres and other community areas. One way to help is to volunteer … There are also many hospitals and some specialized hospitals as well and many things like medicine are usually conveniently located in nearby stores. PA manages 108 Community Clubs (CCs) across Singapore. Even though Singapore is a small area, there is an endless amount of shopping, eating and exploring to do. Last updated 26 October 2020. In Singapore there are hints of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian cultures among the locals but there are also many foreigners present either for business or enjoying their vacations in a notably clean country. Completed forms would be sent to NEA at There will always be an avenue where you can contribute your time to volunteer for a social cause in Singapore. There are also websites like SG Cares where you can sign up for places that match your interests. Should CVs observe any smoky vehicles on the road, they could take down details of the vehicle, date, time of offence and submit to NEA for follow up action. Registration form, Best viewed using the current and previous release of Chrome and Safari, © 2020 National Environment Agency We are open to exploring different volunteer activities and ideas as well. Our individual volunteering opportunities are for anyone who wants to do meaningful volunteer work with non-profit organisations in Singapore. Team Leader Volunteers at the Habitat for Humanity Singapore, Individual and Group Volunteer Programs in Singapore, Animal Conservation & Research Program in Singapore, Animal Therapy Volunteering Opportunity in Singapore, Most Affordable & Trusted Volunteer Programs in Philippines from $260, Most Affordable & Trusted Volunteer Programs in Laos from $260, Affordable Marine Sea Turtle Conservation Programs with IVHQ, Volunteer in Philippines | Most Affordable & Trusted Projects, Pacific Discovery | Thailand Summer Program, Carpe Diem Education | Southeast Asia Semester: Human Rights & Cultural Exchange, Where & How to Volunteer Abroad for Women's Rights. Our individual volunteering opportunities are for anyone who wants to do meaningful volunteer work with non-profit organisations in Singapore. For example people can get heavily fined for spitting on the street or chewing gum. The programme was previously only open to members of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and public officers. Food from the Heart is consistently on the lookout for dedicated volunteers who are keen to make a difference in the lives of the needy in our community. Food is about the same everywhere you go depending on what cuisine you order. Leaving the engine of a stationary vehicle running, No previous offence under NEA’s jurisdiction, Passionate about keeping the environment clean and green. Additional information regarding the novel coronavirus in Singapore can be found at the Singapore Ministry of Health’s website. People choose to volunteer for a variety of reasons. Food from the Heart has many volunteering opportunities and activities for corporate organisations and schools. Community Volunteer. If you are interested in joining the programme, please fill in the registration form by clicking on the link. Some ways corporations can help include organising food donation drives for us, or sponsoring cash, venue and/or logistics for our operations and charity events. Housing provided by the government (HDB flats) or renting a room in places like Chinatown are probably the best options with the prices ranging from $800 Singapore Dollars to about $3000 Singapore Dollars. Volunteer Your Time and Touch Lives. It is hard to go wrong. As a service or food vendor, you can utilise the strengths of your organisation for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to support us. Learn more here.

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