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☝️, Awesome, You’re All Set! The chorus: Thank the nurse that's nursing you For Austria and Greece, the data include only nurses working in hospitals. Civil war veterans with tears in their eyes I don't mind, please don't misunderstand — We urge more nurses to tell the world about the great work of their lives. Under attack you know she's got to do her best The views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect those of the Board Members or Advisory Panel of The Truth About Nursing. Then McDonald turns to some things that Barton did for Civil War soldiers. Women at home waiting all alone Please select the topics you're interested in: Would you like to turn on POPSUGAR desktop notifications to get breaking news ASAP? Thank the lord for Clara Barton and long live her name In particular, the song strongly aligns Nightingale with the soldiers' interests in desperate times. I never thought about the big red wound But these lyrics don't tell people how much skill it requires, or that nurses also provide advanced physical care. Berkeley, California 94707-0158. When I saw my comrades fall. Take a moment to remember and thank the Lord--Clara Barton! The chorus bears this out: Guarding her patients with a .45

We've listed them in alphabetical order. McDonald put his "nurse songs" together on the "Thank the Nurse" EP in 2002.

The one that nursed you through. We want to hear from you! Every time they knocked her down she got back up again Take this keep-sake and send it home, And then they throw us away. And even then at the war's very end Send us a tip using our anonymous form. The songs are passionate, fairly catchy, and well-played, though not especially distinctive, musically or lyrically. As key parts of the health care team, nurses and physicians both save lives, often by working together. Country Joe McDonald is perhaps best known for his Vietnam-era folk-rock protest songs, especially the antiwar classic "I-Feel-Like-I'm Fixin'-to-Die Rag." Copy the URL to open this chart with all your selections. 23 hours ago. In this sense, the song is something of a missed opportunity. Where my comrades fell, These songs can be somewhat hard to find when you seem to need them the most. And although the song refers to the "tend[ing] the sick" and the "mend[ing]" and "checking" of wounds, it's pretty vague about what nurses actually do clinically. Some songs are supportive of our first responders, but others are just encouraging or inspiring and all-around great to listen to. Alabama, Arrested Development, Drive-By Truckers, Faith Hill, George Strait, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Jason Isbell, Ludacris, Ray Charles. Civil War veterans with tears in their eyes

To pay attention to the one attending you 14 hours ago, by Yerin Kim I've joined the army and they're sending me away." Copyright © 1990 by Alkatraz Corner Music, BMI, renewed 1996.

… Back home in civilian life army life all done The daughter sees her mom as a hero, and the mother talks about how she hopes her daughter will always know how happy she made her.

CHORUS: Wondering if I'll live at all. A professional angel sent from up above. When you see a Red Cross worker in a time of flood or war But none suggests that nurses are physician helpers. This song is really more concerned with what's happening to the nurse than it is with her patients: Back home in civilian life, Army life all done Checking their wounds to make sure they're alive

Helps you through contractions, until the pain subsides. At a time when the mass media still commonly suggests that physicians provide all important care to those wounded in the Iraq war, Country Joe's heartfelt tribute to nurses is as timely as ever. More broadly, McDonald has noted that the gender and savior imagery is meant at least in part to reflect how the soldiers saw the nurses. It's heartbreaking. The video shows Lee Ann Womack with her daughters, which boosts the song's appeal to mothers and their children. Clara Barton. Thank the Nurse that's nursing you And the remark about Barton's determination despite being female is much better than the references to women in "The Girl Next Door."

Although "Thank the Nurse" gives no direct sense of patient advocacy, it also does not link the nursing it describes to physicians. Bringing aid and comfort in the midst of hell. McDonald has also been active in Vietnam veterans' causes, and he has a keen interest in Florence Nightingale and other nurses who have cared for wounded soldiers. Ray Charles' "Georgia on My Mind" and George Strait's "All My Exes Live in Texas" are two of the best songs about the south. We appreciate the reference to life-saving, and to helping reconnect families following the war's end, which is no trivial thing.

Get "Save Lives. In this song, Martina McBride sings about the special bond between mother and daughter. I know the score of war. She lived out her life in a world ruled by men You can send Country Joe messages at joe@countryjoe.com or: Country Joe McDonald Now I'm in this cold and lonely room

The American Red Cross is her claim to fame Reviewed by Harry Jacobs Summers You know she understands So I figured why not compile a long, large list of the best songs for law enforcement couples. Walking on the picket line This is a simple but powerful statement of what Barton did in founding the American Red Cross, an organization that has obviously had a huge impact. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life. When the prisoners were lost and without friends Gives you medication, checks your vital signs "A Girl Next Door" - Country Joe McDonald 2. 20 hours ago, by Kelsey Garcia When the orderly is sleeping and physician can't be found The shop also carries other Nightingale memorabilia.

But the song is not just a lament or a tribute; it has a target: First they use us No need for apprehension--the nurse is makin' rounds, These lyrics do convey some of nurses' vital sentinel and support roles. The chorus: The Lady with the Lamp When the prisoners were lost and without friends Copyright © 1994 by Alkatraz Corner Music, BMI, renewed 1996. www.truthaboutnursing.org/media/music/2002/country_joe.html. This is a bit awkward and general, but the verses are full of specifics about nurses' vital 24/7 care: Doctors diagnose and physicians prescribe However, there is still a heavy focus on psychosocial care that most people are unlikely to associate with great technical skill. But nothing could prepare her for all this. 20 Songs For Nurses This article was republished with permission from SCRUBS Magazine.

The Girl Next Door (Combat Nurse). Seemingly told from the perspective of a gravely wounded soldier, the song describes "the hell of war"--"A soldier's life is just give and give / And then they ask for more." So thank the musician. Holding up the thin-red-line Also see an article on the history of Country Joe's interest in nursing and Nightingale in a NurseWeek article "Ode to Nurses" from 2001 that contains a link to a recording of Nightingale's voice --one of the first voice recordings done by Thomas Edison. This song is a beautiful tribute to a loving mother throughout her lifetime. What a wonderful song! Well, that's the hell of war. I'm guessing Country Joe, Navy veteran and veterans' advocate, is not just talking about distant history here. This indicator is measured per 1 000 inhabitants. While this song doesn't specifically mention mothers, it does have a wish that can be from a mother to a child—hoping that they will always go for their dreams. They taught her how to mend a wound and how to tend the sick R.E.M.

A professional angel sent from up above. Told how she braved the battle just to save their lives One of my favorite things about the boot-scootin' genre is that it is really good at making you feel things. But again, he hasn't created the lyrical distance that would help listeners see it only that way, rather than as a statement of his own views, or at least his omniscient narrator. Helps you through contractions until the pain subsides Brad Paisley sings about the woman that means the most to him. Midwives and nursing aides (who are not recognised as nurses) are normally excluded although some countries include midwives as they are considered specialist nurses.

Every time in the world someone receives first aid bumper stickers to share! A jungle ain't a place for a girl to be alone You can thank Clara Barton for the life that is saved Though some today might read the "thin red line" to refer to battlefield health care, McDonald has explained that it is a reference to the red-clad British soldiers themselves, taken from a contemporaneous poem. Because she's everybody's savior, the Army combat nurse. She lived out her life in a world ruled by men "Clara Barton" also reveals the platitudes and filler in some of the EP's lyrics: Thank the Lord for Clara Barton and long live her name Three of the four are about nurses at war, and two of these are tributes to nursing pioneers Nightingale and Clara Barton. Country music is (of course) the best genre to listen to year-round, but there's just something about the summertime that makes the classics even better—especially when you're lounging down on the beach. 337.2K Shares View On One Page ADVERTISEMENT () Start Slideshow . So sick with rack and worry you think you'll lose your mind "I laughed at the song Who Needs Sleep because obviously all nurses can relate to that!" Certainly the song has many suggestions that nurses keep you alive, and maybe listeners will get some sense of how in the references to fever, hygiene, wound care, and checking vitals. Of course, a number of these descriptions of care are consistent with relatively unskilled hand-holding. But a vision of the wounded screams inside her brain

"The Lady with the Lamp" describes the suffering of the British soldiers in the Crimean War, and at least in a general sense, what Nightingale did to help them. This song is a beautiful tribute to a loving mother throughout her lifetime. Instead, McDonald goes right to Barton's lasting public health influence and her role as a female pioneer: Every time in the world that someone receives first aid But the portrait of the nurse as patient advocate and emotional supporter is strong. Chris Stapleton's 'Starting Over' is a Forward-Looking Throwback, 4 Ways You Can Tell Trump’s Election Lawsuits Are a Sham, Watch Bruce Springsteen Honor Vietnam Vets on ‘The Wall’, 2020 CMA Awards: The Complete Winners List, Sinead O’Connor to Enter Yearlong Trauma and Addiction Treatment Program, Joe Diffie, Nineties Country’s ‘Pickup Man,’ Dead at 61 From Coronavirus. She helped families to find those that they loved For SAVING YOUR LIFE! Thank the Nurse that's nursing you. But we have to admire McDonald's willingness to contradict one of the most cherished assumptions of his society, that physicians save lives and nurses are their helpers. Music has an amazing way of appealing to basic human emotions. The 100 Best Country Songs Of All Time Lyrics: The 100 best country songs of all time, as ranked by the country music community at Genius: / 100. Revised May 18, 2007. I don't mind the blistering heat, And all give a sense of nurses' role as the last force protecting patients from death and despair.

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