They come in handy especially because they can be carried along with you to the hunting ground and are quite inexpensive. Here are some pro tips to help you through learning the correct techniques and building the right habits. All accomplished in about an hour and a half. Use coarser grit stones to establish or re-establish the edge you want. Most electric sharpeners come with three slots for extreme sharpening, honing and polishing respectively. Any reflection indicates an area that may need some special attention. Use a cutting motion as if you are whittling the top of the stone. Your friendly neighborhood sharpener is here for all your cutting tool needs!

After you are done with one side, flip the knife over and start working on the other side of the blade. I’ll go through my sequence of medium, fine, and very fine doing five strokes per side and working down to one per side with each grit. Thanks for the question. Now draw your knife across the stone. A wide array of electric sharpeners are available to help keep your knives sharp. This creates a more blunt, but a very sharp and durable edge for heavy use. The guide rod is placed in a hole in the blade clamp at the chosen angle and the stone is moved into the edge of the blade to sharpen it. The tri-stone set is one I received as a gift many years ago. you will not be disappointed.

Sharpening and honing aren’t the same. Hope to see ya again soon.

Your email address will not be published. While applying oil, use tiny drops and spread it all over the stone.

The WorkSharp has several angle options for your knives, so decide which bevel will serve you best and once you have the bevel for that knife, always use the same setting for future honing. We suggest using a standard steel-coated honing rod, preferably with a lighter grain, if you don’t have a ton of experience. Sharper results. I have one just like it and can’t find any information about it anywhere or a similar one. Lay the blade flat against the rod so that it’s sitting vertically. The sharpening stones are mounted to small block with a guide rod. Whether that knife is a pocket knife, a folder, or a fixed-blade knife it needs to be sharp to be useful. Turn the rod upside-down and vertically. Look for any nicks or obvious damage that needs to be repaired. Much like sharpening steels you would see a chef using to touch up a blade, the ceramic stick is a fine abrasive that is used to keep a keen edge on your knife. If you’re not alternating sides with each stroke, make sure to work in small sets (5-8 strokes on each side) and then repeat it on the other side. Honing is all about consistency. Whether that knife is a pocket knife, a folder, or a fixed-blade knife it needs to be sharp to be useful. Your email address will not be published. We provide sharpening service for all cutting edges! The stones are a coarse silicon-carbide grit for very dull blades or setting a new bevel. A sharpening price list is available on my web site (, The following is a current sharpening cost schedule, Sushi Knife, Ceramic Knife, Handle Repair - Special Quote.

I never leave reviews because I'm usually to lazy but I had to this time. We’re going to hone into the cutting edge (not away from it) so make sure you keep the angle, speed, and pressure the same across all stokes. Remember not to go faster than you need to. 5/16/2020Thank you Keith it was a pleasure workin with ya, hopefully see you again! Your technique is essential when you’re learning how to use steel to sharpen your knives. A sharp knife is a safe knife. Hope to see ya again soon.NickA Cutting Edge Sharpening, 4 other reviews that are not currently recommended, in Hardware Stores, Computers, Department Stores, Find more Knife Sharpening near A Cutting Edge Knife Sharpening. Real hunters like to sharpen their knives the conventional way; using a good old bench stone. Nick is a solid guy and does one helluva job. Once satisfied that you have the edge you want with the first grit, move to the next finer grit. We’ve all heard the saying “iron sharpens iron”, but in this case, “steel sharpens steel”. He lives in Central Washington with his wife, his beagles, and a view of the Cascades where the deer and elk roam.

Most everyone has seen or possibly used a whetstone (whet means to sharpen) or Arkansas stone at some point. You can get them in all sorts of shapes and sizes including small pocket stones as well as bench stones (installed in a bench). The angle is determined by its use and the particular knife maker. Exceptional knives need excellent care and maintenance routines if you want to get top-tier performance and longer effective lifespans. Install the Medium Grit belt and then insert the blade into the guide. Work down in strokes, 5-4-3-2-1. Some have multiple angles so you can hone your blade with multiple bevels for edges that last a long time. Finally, the most expensive and hardest to use are diamond-coated rods. 35 years exp. He's very responsive and has a quick turn around for getting those dull edges sharpened! For this reason, they are better left for home use rather than sharpening hunting knives. The other stones are medium and fine Arkansas stones for putting a very keen edge on a blade. The real advantage is that your stone is held at the same angle throughout the sharpening process. The following is a current sharpening cost schedule (please note new prices starting May 1, 2019): Pocket Knives & Knives < 4" - $4.00; Knives 4"-6" - $5.00; Knives 6"-8" - $6.00; Knife > 8" - $7.00; Scissors - $7.00; Clippers & Loppers - $ 7.00; Hedge & Grass Trimmers - $8.00; Hatchets & Axes - $7.00; Lawnmower Blade - $7.00
Honing is the process that realigns these “leaning” parts without removing any steel from the knife. It was a pleasure, hope to see you again! Will be coming back whenever I need something sharpened. After a successful catch, you want to keep your knife clean and sharp ready for the next hunting session. If you are not sure what angle to use on an angled edge, you can maintain the standard 30-degree angle throughout the sharpening of any curved knives.

7/23/2020Thanks Billy! Then I’ll go to the 20 or 25-degree setting and do the same thing again. You will also need to use some sort of honing fluid or lubricant as recommended by the stone’s maker in order to “float” the microscopic metal filings off the stone’s surface. Don’t forget to get your half off discount next time! We have the experience that you can leverage and our team is ready to assist our clients to make…. Simply select the sharpening angle and then push the hone into the edge and slowly rock the hone side to side to as you push. Cutting Edge Custom Sharpening, Washingtonville, New York. The real advantage to the WorkSharp is being able to quickly repair badly damaged edges as well as being able to tune up all the scissors laying around the house and putting a new edge on garden tools using the sharpener as a handheld grinder.

They may not be as flexible as using the handheld stone sharpeners but they will have your knife sharp and ready in under a minute or so. In general, a knife meant for heavy work or as a utility-type knife will likely have an edge that is much blunter. Ceramic-coated rods are better for work that needs a light or delicate touch. Contact A Cutting Edge Sharpening today for low prices and quality service.….

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