I wouldn’t recommend this build to anyone too used to playing pure melee characters, as this build seems to emphasize not a hybrid style but one that is almost entirely focused on magic damage. Additional levels should be spent on increasing Vitality or Strength/Dex for higher damage scaling.
Elite Knight Set (for heavier more stable armor). White Mage BuilPriestess Set (+1 FTH from Headpiece) (6.8 wtRH: +10 Lightning Mace (4.0 wt), LH: Idol's Chime/Dragon's Chime (0.5 wt/1.0 wt). Vigor: I suggest doing this at your own pace it is mostly if you want a heavier tank like build. Use Dark Orbs and Dark Fog with an upgraded Black Witch's Staff or Sunset Staff to beat most bosses easily!

TheHumans are a race in the Dark Souls series, and one of the four primary races in the lore. You can combine this with a powerful sword or sword & shield combination, though you might want to add more points into Vitality if you wish to carry additional weight. My caster with 60 INT/FTH and the hexer chest piece got a bonus +1 INT/FTH.

The swords you start with both scale on those stats, the scimitar's got a higher dex bonus), those are really the stats you need for the beginning of the game. This build is focused around the crypt blacksword. Faith: A must for this build, it is third place for importance as miracles will help your offensive and defensive fighting. If the the enemy is not a careless fighter (very few openings) use a bow to harass from afar until the enemy is provoked into attacking. While various factors such as equipment and mentality determine how your character is developed, one of the most basic and essential things that you control in the game is your stats and attributes. If you want, you can reduce the 50 points in Faith and utilize them in Dexterity to carry some special items, but the Strength that you have should allow you to wield a great weapon without having to do so. Wears the Stone ring to deal extra poise damage, which can be found after defeating the first giant monster in Things Betwixt. I'm sure you noticed I did not put any points into ADP, that's because I have not found any use in that stat, though someone could prove me wrong. Pyromancy: best to use Fireball and/or Fire orb when you can. This page gives an easy access list with some official information as well as fan observations. Character creation ideas. I have found magic builds (hex, sorcery, etc.) This build will still focus its bulk on Attunement and Intelligence, but you’ll be almost completely ignoring Strength and Dexterity, meaning you will opt for staves. If players have Poison Imbune, you can use your Dragons charm to defeat the poison. If the enemy gets too close, switch over to your Fire Longsword and let'em have it! 10 Best Dark Souls 3 Cosplay Builds. ADP – 38 Great Magic Damage. ATN – 50 and a high DPS and if you are a very skilled player you can make this work easy :D. please keep in mind you can always change it to match your play style. Starting class isn't the most relevant thing here because i found the best way to start out is always to just aim for 20's across the board and then respec, either way this build as a PVE has an immense damage output, if you combine the high faith along with a Throne Defender Great-sword which has been infused with a bolt stone you get a massive S scaling in faith and an almost pure lightning damage weapon that pierces almost any defense in the game, combine this with the dragon chime and its S faith scaling and you will tear any opponent up. Speedy knightly cleric with a tad of pyromancy. Suitable for NG+ and against bosses. An extremely effective PVP build but versatile in PVE as well. Enchant it with Magic Damage and Scale INT. Speed-o'-Sound Sonic: Any Katana (blacksteel probably) and use the shadow set torso. I get so many ideas for gimmick/theme characters but I just don't feel like beating most of the game all over again just to get hte items. The uncertain boundary between the classes can be an overwhelming factor for some, and that is why we’re presenting to you a set of builds that you might want to aim for during your first play-through. There is TEN Intelligence as I found that, early on, having the Hex Resonant Soul was very helpful in some early bosses [Scorpioness Najka and The Rotten for example] due to the fact you really don't want to try and tank those two until you have more heavily upgraded gear. )SpellsResonant Weapons(must have! Dump all your extra points into endurance. DARK SOULS™ II. INT – 4 Don't want to go into strength but want to have a decent shield? You max that (the sword), have enough stats for dark weapon, and RIP S***! What are some suggestions? It's an awesome light shield and sounds like a bell when you block. As you saw in the trailers (when the player wasnt dying) you can see the gear the main character uses. (With Ring of Prayer) You will also need 15 dexterity and 32 strength to wield both the Greatsword and Sea Bow. The main purpose of this build is the Lore and the cool looking setup. These stats reflect the build using the Scythe of Nahr Alma: adapt it as necessary for use with either of the alternative weapons. You can also type your build name here, and create a link to it, then click it. This build needs the magic and range support that spells provide, along with the extra damage output the buffs provide, and, since the build has three pieces equipment capable of casting and the pyro flame, it's pretty easy to accomplish this. A dark, menacing melee/ranged build, able to use almost every weapon in the game effectively. The armor i use is to look like a complete badass, I use warlock mask, red lion worrior cape, engaved gauntlets(i like to be lucky), and Flying feline boots (i like to jump off cliffs). (pyro hand does NOT weigh anything so don't worry. Yes, very low, but higher isn't necessary since most of the time you'll be rolling and dodging to evade damage. But the Royal Soldier armor with the Lion Warrior cape is recommended.

Infuse with lightning for even more damage. If you enjoy the awesome power of spell casting, but also want the thrill of melee combat, this may be the build for you. Get your stats to 40/40strength and dexterity so you can powerstance those then get your intelligence and faith to 30/30 dark imbue BUT ONLY INCE THEY ARE PLUS FIVE otherwise the scaling isn't worth it. My username has nothing to do with Japanese rock. Ring of Steel Protection +2 / Ring of Blades +2, Defender's Greatsword +5 with lightning infusion (scales S), Watcher's Shield +5 (It doesn't have 100% physical, but close. If you can't find bagpipes, display your testicular fortitude through the use of gratuitous gestures in the midst of combat.

I personally swap between a Grand Lance, a Stone Twinblade, and a Greatsword. Good even for NG+ For this build is mostly for in game and offline play mostly. Had a difficult time playing the game with a pure Strength build so switched to Faith + Intelligence and never looked back! VIG – 20 INT – 1 Pyromancies: Many enemies are weak to fire. VGR – 10 This build is good for beginners that have difficulty with dodging or people that are just too lazy to dodge and want to deal heavy melee damage(me for example). VGR : 37 *can go higher if you want, more hp always more better*, END : 20 *No point going any higher, only give 1 stamina after 20*, VIT : 30 *Enough for Heavy Great Sword and Decent Armor*, ATN : 13 *can go 16 if you want 3 slots, 2 Slot is enough for me*, STR : 40 *can go higher. At this point you can basically choose to do whatever you want.

Right hand: Fire Washing Pole +10, Pyromancy hand +10. Please note that if you want extra speed pick up a Katana of any kind and use that fully upgraded, with Fire imbune it slays all. This character will not reach her full potential until late game, or at least until after delving into some harder areas. In actuality, Adaptability is one of the strongest stats of the nine. Even though this build is meant for farming, it can be highly effective vs. bosses in the right hands. Yo, would by progressing past where you first found Licia and into, but you will also find the Pyromancer flame. Where do you need to go after beating the boss Executioner's Chariot? I was thinking of an ichigo build but he was going to use a USG, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Vitality/Endurance must be high enough that you can take quick swings at an enemy and quick roll out of the way. I would also use simpletons ring to simulate moving faster than the eye can see. Yeah, when in the character creation screen move right or left, if you can't move right or left, back out of the menu you're in, then move right or left.

This build wrecks opponents in PVE and is still extremely powerful for PVP. As the name suggests this was a build based around the legendary King Arthur Pendragon. The Sunlight paladins carry on the exiled god's way, intervening in the gross incandescence that is the curse of the Undead. Attunement: Depends purely on how many miracles you want to carry around, you can also skip a fair deal of points in this later on if you get the southern ritual rings. FTH – 30. Strength: A huge must for this build, get it to 40 quickly and than hold off on it for a while do to lower gains after that.

I would keep it to one spell, though, since spicing more than that would be impractical because of the farming required. INT: Not really important unless you want to use hexes later on. The Cleric and Knight are the best candidates for this kind of a build overall, as they would provide you with the necessary mix of Strength and Faith.

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