Don't worry guys, I got this (I hope). BP on the other hand I think takes it here, he has a superior metal restraint breaking feat and can bulldog a 5 ton rhino. anyways you guys are silly and I just had to share the laughter. 616 Black Panther is stronger, has a full body vibranium suit and claws made of anti-metal. @nightway: How on Earth would Panther one-shot Slade?

Your post makes absolutely no sense. Strength: Deathstroke surprisingly fall short in this category, he can warp metal with momentum and break metal restraints but overall it's nothing exceptional. You must log in or register to reply here.

r/Deathstroke: A subreddit dedicated to fresh news, polls, and discussion on the worlds deadliest assassin—Deathstroke the Terminator. Wakanda forever! BP is an amazing fighter. Deathstroke could try and nuke the shit out of him, but giving BP time to anticipate this he could probably up his durability a bit. I think BP is a better hand to hand fighter also. There is this feat but keep in mind that DS is talking about weaknesses beforehand so it's likely he found a weak point than did it off pure strength. And die it shall. @renaissanceman: Deathstroke can react to speedsters way faster than spidey. He can see in the dark without any problems, due to the heart shaped herbs effects, and he also has greatly enhanced stats all around that at the very least equal Deatstroke's...  and T'Challa has beaten teams by himself (the F4) just like Slade has the Titans... " if BP has his vibranium suit he wins if not then Deathstroke ", " @slacker the hacker:  the setting won't help BP, if anything it will be as much a problem for him as DS. go to Slade. Round 1: Deathstroke has enhanced strength and healing. If we use the Slade and Panther being used in this battle. And how's he going to tank gunfire if it fractures his ribs. The only time I have seen Nightwing dance around Deathstroke was when Slade was depowered and was in his purple costume.

Black panther has his vibranium suit while deathstroke has his ikon suit which makes him stronger thanblack panther . Both can resist mental control pretty easily, and Deathstroke has been shown resisting Wonder Woman's lasso (older issues, not the new run). I'm gonna go with Black Panther, even though Deathstroke is a tactician equal to Batman, Black Panther has access to better tech and could still send Deathstroke to another dimension.

Deathstroke is described as being able to easily lift 5 tons, can dodge bullets even when they're fired from behind him based on the change in air pressure, and has survived being more or less completely obliterated by a bomb (and that's without the Nth armor boosting his strength, speed, and healing factor.). If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. He's dodged attacks from Hulk and energy blasts from the Human Torch and he's actually evaded the Human Torch himself. You know that peak human in Marvel, is way way above what any human could be in: strength, toughness, brain processing capability, perception/reflexes, or healing factor, right? ", Im not saying it never happened but Slade has gotten alot better since then.

© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Round 2: DS has 6 days prep BP has 2. ". " They are very similar in many aspects, and while Panther has the greater intellect, Slade has the better tactical mind/reflexes/speed/endurance necessary to pull ahead in this fight. I have that right. r/Deathstroke. Both characters can get extra items for the battle, due to their prep time. u/allthefamousones. They are relatively equal in strength and speed, likely with an edge to Panther in speed. People who aren't knowldegable enough to answer the question but would still like to read an informed answer will upvote to keep it visible until someone who can give us a good entertaining answer is able to see it. If CA has exceeded it, then it means he is above peak physical condition. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . The only team I recall Panther fighter was the F4 and you really can't compare anyone there to Donna physically or Grayson and Ravager in terms of skill ". Black Panther gets 2 days of prep time, Deathstroke gets 8 days. Deathstroke is lucky this isn't KOTD current Panther. Isn't Black Panther normally comic book "peak human" which is further enhanced with the heart-shaped herb? I'm arguing that T'Challa wouldn't have s hard time hitting him, and since they are fighting in the dark, he's going to have a field day. BP is stronger, faster, smarter, and a better fighter with better tech. Marvels' DC. Black Panther's energy daggers should be able to cut through or bypass DS's armor/protection so he has a way to harm him. While I agree with most of this post, smacking the Titans around does mean something since Slade was manhandling Ravager Nightwing and Donna Troy at the same time and was making it look easy. BP wouldn't just nuke the shit out of Deathstroke, but he could transport him to another dimension or some shit. Pretty sure Slade can and would dodge those. Deathstroke has 2 promethium swords, a sniper rifle, 4 machine guns, and a steel Bo staff. If Panther relied more heavily on range weapons, he'd have a shot. 3 years ago. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. I know peak human is superhuman- note I didn’t use that phrase, I said Captain America level, flat out. My pick here is T'challa.

Phasing energy daggers. I was going to summon you, but I've run out of blood to sacrifice, so glad you spotted it on your own. Slade has his Nth metal armor plus Captain America shield, in his colors. Skill: Kind of impossible to quantify, they're both extremely skilled fighters, I think Slade has slightly overall better feats 2 but this is a tossup. Thread starter Hunter Rose; Start date Jan 26, 2018; 1; 2; 3; Next.

If they have standard loadouts, then T'Challa is going to murderize Slade. Deathstroke is lucky this isn't KOTD current Panther. ITT: MUH VIBRANIUM, MUH GEAR, MUH TANKING BULLETS. Hax: Panther's tech is just so much better, his energy gauntlet is strong enough to hurt Namor and break glass Superior Iron Man couldn't, he's got invisibility, teleportation, better ranged options in the form of energy daggers, etc.

Deathstroke's preparation tends to more conventional- arranging a good ambush time, collecting weapons and armor, maybe plant some explosives, etc.. T'challa can be a lot more varied. I participate because I can. The guy just... he's really good at murdering. Press J to jump to the feed.

Has a BP post made it to the front page before? 4. Not too close. Round 1: BP, Slade in teen titans seemed a bit less dangerous than the comic. He has them, but they're not remarkably fast. JavaScript is disabled. But as it is Slade surpasses him in strength and speed, and even if Panther uses cloaking, Slade can tell where he is based on changes in sound/air pressure/etc. Almost sixty up votes and four comments none of which give an actual answer. On top of that, I haven't even seen Deathstroke do anything physically equal to Black Panther.

Round 5: Black Panther vs Deathstroke is BL. Tough fight for both of them, though. @renaissanceman: It is on topic Deathstroke is thinking way faster than T'challa in the fight and thus can use his weapons to slaughter him. No prep random enocounter fight takes place in a warehouse to the death both blood lusted its dark in the warehouse and theres lose floor boards in it, " @slacker the hacker:  Deathstroke has super-human reflexes and reaction, he's smacked around the titans like it's out of style, he's tagged Kid Flash, the flash and Superman. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. As for DS tagging Kid Flash and the Flash, I've already had this argument, seen the scans, and found fault with the tagging of Flash and Kid Flash. You should have seen the shock and joy on my face when I came home after a long day to check the front page of whowouldwin and found Black Panther at past 90 upvotes and around 18 comments.

BP being more vicious doesn't make him more powerful.

Hunter Rose Concerned crime boss. Deathstroke VS Black Panther | Who Wins? He is the peak physical of what a human can first.

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Still Deathstroke. A regular human, no matter how long it trains, never will be able to pass peak human condition. Who would win? Everyone needs to just delete their answers and upvote.

He will predict T'challa perfectly and win in a close fight. He should have never been able to deal with current Donna Troy like that.

DS has also stated he's stronger than Batman but this was relatively early Batman, and Batman did get stronger over the course of PC.

Black Panther vs Deathstroke # Black Panther Deathstroke is superior in tactical intelligence.

Props to OP for the ridiculously even match up. Another thing to factor in would be BPs hi-tech/magic gadgets.

Bronze Tiger and Batman tagging Slade has happened, no matter how long ago it was. And he's been confirmed as being Superhuman by Hickman. Round 8: Both have prepped 1 day and is Blood lusted when fighting. He also takes durability (impact-absorbing vibranium armor) which will hamper the effects of Slade's weapons and skill. Round 2: Black Panther gets 1 Day prep vs Deathstroke, Round 3: Black Panther vs Deathstroke with 1 day prep, Round 4: Black Panther is BL vs Deathstroke, Round 5: Black Panther vs Deathstroke is BL.

Ugh. 1 of 3 Go to page. But a rematch would deff... go to slade.

Sorry OP. Yeah.

The more recent purple energy gauntlets that were fucking up Namor are questionable since it is uncertain if they are magic or tech. Things don't look good for Panther. Eyepatches are cool but the blue scales? Go. But with how quick DS can think I think he can handle BP in h2h. He's smarter and has more resources- the one week differences isn't enough to overcome that. This is goddamn incredible.

If we stay on topic.

I would give this fight to Black Panther. He's not more smart than BP but he's smart enough to find a way to take him down easier than K.O'ing him. As for smacking around Titans...from what everyone has always said, he has had prep...I've even heard that from some of the people that have put up arguments for him. @nightway: Okay, however in the OP it says standard armor, so not the Vibranium armor.

@FinalStar86: Just as I thought. Even then, Deathstroke doesn't really have an answer for the Wakandan tech. Slade was cool in TT but his feats could probably be replicated by BP. Random encounter  BP would get the win. Round 2: Deathstoke, he is superhuman and a master assasin more than enough for BP, @renaissanceman: does Bp have the power of ten men and a superhuman brain. Tchalla wins both scenarios.

Deathstroke, the terminator, faces off against T'challa, the Black Panther.

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