Create a project about your family history and heritage.

Even in our efforts to be good citizens of the world, it is easy to stick to the people and places that are most familiar to us. 7. Food is one of the most important features of any culture and learning to cook the foods of any culture is both a humbling and exciting experience. You may unsubscribe at any time. As per my perspective, change is the law of nature and everyone encounters a different category of transformation in one’s life. By Jamie Varon Updated November 4, 2018. In those days, I was not good at making friends and as I was introvert as well, sharing any of my problems with either my classmates or my teachers was an uphill task for me. 5. Where it took place Who was with you What happened How it made you feel. Where it took place Who was with you What happened How it made you feel. As little as these people have, they are often far happier and more engaged with daily life than almost anyone I know back home." Volunteer in a place that you think will bring you the most discomfort.

6. Sure, giving money to causes can help, but it is no substitute for sharing our love, caring, and expertise with people directly, especially with those who are most neglected and desperate. Prayer means nothing to some people. A Life-Changing Experience How do you transform your life to find greater meaning? I remember that astonishing day when I was in 5th standard. When the very first girl in remote Nepal was pointed out to me and I was told she would be sold into slavery, I never stopped to think about the consequences of doing something to rescue her. It was only afterwards that I realized that once I had made that initial effort I really had no other choice except to follow through on what I started quite impulsively. Interestingly, on one afternoon, my English teacher called me in the staff room and asked me if I have any family or financial problems at home. It also often involves taking constructive risks that involve a certain amount of sacrifice, pain, and inconvenience. It doesn't feel like I ever made a conscious choice to devote my life to service but rather it was chosen for me. To reply this easy question I gathered all my courage and confidence and then said – “ma’am, the actual problem is my low confidence and my fear to express my views in front of others”. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. And sometimes you need a life-changing cultural experience to remind you of this fundamental human experience. Being a low self-esteem person, I used to sit at the last bench of the class. It seems to make little difference exactly what you do, whether it is in your local community or a remote village abroad, whether you work with one person or a large group, whether you teach, mentor, support, consult, or build something; they key is feeling like you are doing some good. Submit an unlimited number of essays. Describe A Life Changing Event – English Essay Many people have significant events that occur in their lives that provide a definite distinction between before and after: before the event, and after the event (respectively, B.E. There are so many things in this world that, despite their awesomeness, we’ve probably never even heard of. You will see the limitations of being human; but you will also witness the incredibly beauty of humanity where the human spirit perseveres against the human body. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. 10 Life-Changing Cultural Experiences You Should Have Before You Die | | truthaholics, A Field Guide For Not Completely Sucking As An American Tourist, This Is The Ideal Way For You To Travel The World, Based On Your Zodiac Sign, This Entrepreneur Founded An Auto-Inflammatory Skincare Line After Her Partner Was Diagnosed With HS, 11 Reasons People Who Speak More Than One Language Are Simply Better At Life, 7 Perfect Reasons Studying Abroad Will Change Your Life Forever, 10 Reasons Why You Should Raise Your Kids To Be Bilingual, The Importance Of Learning A New Language (Especially If You Want To Travel), 10 Terrifying (And Amazing) Ways To Make The Most Of Your 20s. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. You don’t need to travel half-way around the world to do this; in fact, there is something inherently wrong with using usually “poor kids” of particular cultures as your “transformative” life experience. I got caught up in ambition and achievement, trying to prove my worth through academic or professional success. However, today this topic takes me back to a peculiar school-time experience.

What REALLY Leads to Change in People’s Lives? Pray in a way that you usually don’t. ), but also destructive forms of self-medication that are intended to stifle that inner voice that challenges our current life choices. Submit your writing to be published on Thought Catalog. Whether it’s going to a dance class from a different culture or learning a new musical instrument that is culturally-specific to a place that you are unfamiliar with, commit to an activity.

Try to research as much history about your ethnicity as possible and put the two collections together. But you will also understand the variety of taste that exists in humankind’s plate, and it’ll make you more open to trying new things outside of the kitchen. There is something cathartic about competing with thousands of people in something that tests your physical abilities. Commit to a recreational activity that is completely out of your comfort zone for a period of time.

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