The law protects from discrimination, harassment and victimisation because of: You should make sure that all employees are treated fairly, regardless of their beliefs or lack of belief, and address any issues as soon as possible. This could help ensure employees with different disabilities are supported not just during the recruitment stage but throughout their careers – and limit instances where talented individuals fall out of employment due to anxiety or stress. Diversity is the range of people in your workforce. Sometimes it’s also called ‘stereotyping’. You should check your workplace dress code does not discriminate against any protected characteristics. Check equality, diversity and inclusion in your workplace, Download an equality, diversity and inclusion policy template, Acas training in equality, diversity and inclusion, Find out more about religion or belief discrimination, Find out more about selecting employees for redundancy, in very limited circumstances allowed in law, the business supports and treats everyone fairly, what kind of behaviour is expected of them, about discrimination and the law, and what is not acceptable, where to find the procedures for resolving any problems, consult with your employees and any representatives, follow any existing consultations or arrangements with employees or their representatives, make an action plan including what steps will be taken to make sure the policy is put into everyday practice, how to get staff on board, for example training for all staff so they all understand the policy, and what needs to happen to make it work in practice, how to best monitor and measure if the policy and plan are working as intended, and record those results, how to work out if the policy is effective and what needs to change, who will put the policy and plan into practice and by when, anyone who believes they meet the essential requirements of the job, anyone under-represented in the organisation – this is called ‘, use the job description and person specification to choose the best applicants, avoid making decisions based on what they think or believe about a person because of their protected characteristics (‘, training and development for employees and managers, for example, so staff have access to opportunities without prejudice because of a protected characteristic, new staff inductions, for example, so everyone gets on board straight away with the equality, diversity and inclusion policy, performance review processes and promotions, for example, so there are no questions about whether or not an employee fits in because of their protected characteristic, terms and conditions in their employment contracts, having less belief than someone else or no belief, are clear what the organisation’s purpose and values are, understand how they play a part in achieving your organisation’s goals, letting them know how the business is doing, being clear about any changes, decisions or plans, encourage everyone to have a more inclusive attitude, give managers training that helps them see the importance of their role in shaping your workplace culture, have an equality, diversity and inclusion champion at senior level who can speak up for under-represented groups and flag any issues that need addressing, look out for signs of discrimination, inequality and exclusion, and address them as soon as possible, better of someone because they believe they’re alike, less of someone because that person is different to them, for example, they might be of a different race, religion or age, advertising a job vacancy in at least 2 different places to reach a wide range of people from different backgrounds, getting recruiting managers to agree to make each other aware if they notice stereotyping, holding back some details on job application forms, such as the applicant’s name or sex (this is called ‘blind sifting’), that could affect recruiting managers’ opinions, where possible, having one of the interviewers on the phone so they do not make decisions based on the physical appearance of the person being interviewed, at each stage, having more than one person sifting job applications, interviewing the applicants and deciding who gets the job, allowing time to make decisions, for example on recruitment, promotions or grievance and disciplinary outcomes, keeping a written record of why decisions were made. This might also be called an ‘equal opportunities policy’. You could also hold activities and events that encourage inclusion in the workplace, such as: How a person thinks can depend on their life experiences and sometimes they have beliefs and views about other people that might not be right or reasonable. Find out more about religion or belief discrimination. the pros & cons of hiring flexible talent. Here’s ten ways to increase diversity at work: This can remove unconscious bias as studies show that men are likely to apply for roles where they have less than 50% of the required skills, whereas women tend to only apply for roles where they have over 80% of the required skills. Is there an overly macho or long hours culture that might disadvantage women or those with any disabilities for example? If you have a question about your individual circumstances, call our helpline on 0300 123 1190. Please do not include any personal details, for example email address or phone number. For example, staff training. Issues like sensitivity to noise or light, or difficulty coping with social interactions can be relatively simple to address.

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