Or just get paid altogether straight time? The company pays me after 8 hours overtime but the ore I read and research the more I feel I suppose to get paid 8 hours of regular time, 4 hours of overtime and 2 hours of double time correct…?

To join the discussion, please visit this page: California, however, does. I ask this because if the company is allowed to do this then they can continue to work us 12 days straight all the time and we wont see any double time cause our 7th day for that week is rolling over…? If work schedule is Sunday thru Friday then you should complete your 40 hrs on Thursday so then the 8 hours you work on Friday is over time hrs. If you’re a nonexempt (hourly) employee, then your employer has no legal obligation to pay for time off on a holiday.. For exempt (salaried with no overtime) employees, your employer has to pay you your full weekly salary if you are given a day off, but have worked any hours during the week in which that day off falls. i work there, i worked there 8 hours today too. I’m guessing that they clock you in and out just to make the calculations easier. I am a part time employee with about 20 hours a week. So, is it law that Sundays are paid double time and what about the 14 hours Sat. pretty standard, but nothing wrong with standard, They pay you for Holidays only by the average hours a day you work. I was given the opportunity to join profit sharing with a match but I need to find if that too was taken from us. also no PTO until after 6 months AND BETTER ASK FOR A DOCTORS NOTE LIKE YOURE A CHILD IF YOU CALL IN SICK ON A RANDOM TUESDAY! Or am I just going to be terribly disappointed that I get none of this California special?

Is the 2 hours of travel overtime? I worked 44hrs one week. Thank you Sammie, for your dedication to making sure every child has an opportunity to make a friend. For example, if I started my workweek on Monday at 12:00am, my workweek would end Sunday at 11:59pm. Walgreen's recognizes 6 holidays as paid holidays. The Department of Labor requires that a workweek is 7 days long, but only your employer knows when your specific workweek begins. You get paid holiday if you work a day before, after or on the holiday. So if my company starts at midnight to midnight. I was given the opportunity to join profit sharing with a match but I need to find if that too was taken from us. Trump's final act in office may be to veto the defense bill, Family with 15 infections makes COVID-19 PSA, NYC restaurant's coronavirus solution: $50 test, Steelers star suffers injury in most bizarre way, Trump campaign legal team distances itself from Powell, 'You people need help': NFL player gets death threats, 'Biff is president! Through the program Huggies and Walgreens will donate $10,000, 1.5 million diapers and 250,000 wipes to the National Diaper Bank Network. Or, am I time and a half for the all 12 hours worked that shift? If the employee works 7 hours in the morning, takes the afternoon off, and then works another 6 in the evening, the employee would still get double time pay. Even though you worked one shift, your hours would be split in 2 days because anything worked after 11:59pm on Monday counts as a new workweek. Are you located in CA? I am not sure that is what you described.

Or more precisely, CA law states double time pay for working on the 7th consecutive workday, but it is not clear how much work must occur in a workday for that day to be considered as consecutive to the previous one. That is pay at the rate of basic pay plus premium pay at a rate equal to the rate of the basic pay, for that holiday work which is not in excess of the scheduled tour of duty or overtime work. Without any knowledge of your policy, you can’t figure this out. Hourly employees who work long shifts or long weeks might be entitled to double time compensation. Maybe if you are a store manager. Is it illegal to work 24 hours straight but only be paid for 13 of those hours in the state of New York? For example. They are not required by any law. Some employers can …

How does holiday pay at a place like Walgreens work, for a pharmacist?

To learn more about this initiative: http://glassdoor.com/slink.htm?key=vQ6qU #giveback #huggies ##teamsthatcare #retail. Double Time Labor Laws – Who Gets It and How to Calculate It. You have 24 hours in a day the first eight hours at let’s say $8 equals 64 the next 4 hours until 12 hours is $12 per hour which is $48 if you work 12 hours after that then you would get 12 x 16 double pay after the 24 hours is up it starts over again. Might be screwed if that's what you signed up for & it is legal in PA.. An employment contract might be able to affect this as well if an employee agrees to the labor laws in another state. It sounds like you’ll most likely get straight time.

after the 48th hr it’s ot2 so Saturday is time 1/2 then right?

All holidays are fully paid. When an employee works seven consecutive days, the employee is entitled to double time pay after the first 8 hours on that seventh workday. Double time is calulcated by the work day, which is a set 24 hour period. That would depend on what day your workweek starts and ends. My work week stars on Sunday. Not taking to account varying company policies, just based on the law… If I worked 7 days straight, the entire shift on my 7th day would be time and half, correct? but you will get your normal pay and then you get paid for it being the holiday (whether you worked or not) they will take your weekly average of hours and divide that by 5. so if you work 40hrs a week, you will get an extra 8 hrs of pay. Contact 2. If they choose to pay double time, then you’re in luck. A workweek starts over after 7 days so if an employee works 5 days in one workweek and 2 in another, the 7th consecutive day rule would not apply. Read more about it here. Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display Skip to Content RETAIL NEWS Former Chicago Cub catcher David Ross is coming back to Chicagoland to team up with Huggies and the hometown pharmacy player Walgreens to get 250,000 clean diapers to Chicago families experiencing need. Sitemap, © Copyright Working Holiday Pty Ltd ABN 24 615 642 825, Working Part Time Bank Holiday Entitlements, Working Holiday Visa New Zealand Spain 2013, Working Holiday Visa Netherlands South Korea, Work Out Holiday Entitlement Halfway Through Year, Works Process At The Guggenheim Rotunda Holiday Concert, Working Holiday Visa Canada Para Peruanos, Which Jewish Holidays Require Followers To Not Work, Working Holiday Visa Australia Statistics, Which Country Offer Working Holiday For Malaysian. If you were hired like me, (in october) you are on a probation period. So the 7-7 shift would be technically two shifts with regard to overtime. Hi Jake. The rest of those hours, after midnight, would be a new “workday” and would be paid at your straight time rate. Holiday pay for hourly employees is calculated as follows: Place your sponsorship banner here for $250.00 per Month! I got called to work at 12:30am-7:30am on memorial day Would I be eligible for double time for anything over 8 hours?

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