You could look at any 2020 NBA Mock Draft board and you'll find Anthony Edwards' name somewhere in the top three picks.

Plays like: Donovan Mitchell, Victor Oladipo.

With soft touch and good shot blocking skills, he shows shades of Ibaka as a big or Deng as a stretch-four. He doesn’t have great height for the SG position but his 6-10 wingspan and athleticism allow him to play bigger than his listing. His athletic ability is near elite level. Weaknesses: The first weakness comes with his size.

All videos are courtesy of Synergy and the stats will come from Synergy and KenPom. You need to either attack the rim (get a foul) or shoot the three. When you think of Green, think 3-and-D like Harris. The potential No.1 pick of the 2020 NBA Draft Anthony Edwards has drawn player comparisons to Jazz All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell because of his strength, body control and athleticism. [NBA stats]

And everything has turned out just fine for the first-time All-Star so far. Mitchell is a defensive specialist and NBA level athlete who is still coming into his own on the offensive end.

Wiseman is an athletic centre who runs the floor well, can protect the paint and finish lobs at the rim. He finished well through contact at the collegiate level and averaged 5.4 free throw attempts per game – a good rate for the NCAA. His jumper wasn't very consistent in his one year at Georgia but shot selection and being the only true scorer on his team – which drew a ton of attention from opposing defences – played a big role in that, too. He’s still young enough that a team can reach for him and I do believe he’ll go top-20.

He has no problem running an offence in the halfcourt or pushing the ball in transition. A supreme athlete who can jump out of the gym and over most other guards. Projection: mid to late first round pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, 5-Star Corner: Patrick Baldwin Jr. Interview, 2020 NBA Draft Results, Grades and Instant Analysis, The Elite 25 – The Top 25 Prospects in High School Basketball, 2020 NBA Draft Big Board, Mid November Edition. [] © 2020 Barstool Sports. He became a well-rounded player instead of relying on just his athleticism to score. His release is nice, but the results aren't necessarily representative of that. Gaining steam through the workout and interview process, Please enable Javascript to watch this video. Bey is a do-it-all type forward but could use improvement as a ball handler, just like Brown as a prospect.

Both are similar in size, excellent defenders and are made to play off the ball. However, being 6’3″ he’ll have to guard guys with a three-four inch height advantage on him. Background: Mitchell made the jump that everyone expected him to, though it did take some time to get him going this past season. Veteran forward Taj Gibson steps up to help, trying to stop Mitchell's momentum from getting all the way to the basket with ease. His game mirrors Collins. Even the inconsistent jumper part coming out of college; Mitchell shot 25.0% from beyond the arc in his freshman season before increasing that to a more steady 35.4% as a sophomore. The other part of his game you’d like to see improve is his shot selection. The views on this page do not necessarily represent the views of the NBA or its clubs. He's a solid rebounder for his position and while his defence was lacklustre at times, he has the physical tools to improve as a defender at the next level.

Hayes is a floor general, defender and scoring playmaker just like Dragic. He's a decent passer when the defence collapses on his drives to the bucket, but he only averaged 2.8 assists per game despite all of the attention he drew from opposing defenders.

All rights reserved. As we transition from the college basketball season to NBA Draft season I’ll be breaking down the scouting reports for various players across the country who are expected to be in the NBA Draft.

If there is someone specific you want on here, please let me know @barstoolreags. 1 pick NBA Comparison: Donovan Mitchell, Victor Oladipo The views on this page do not necessarily represent the views of the NBA or its clubs. Smith has the ability to play down low or pop out to the perimeter on the wing. We don’t see it as much in college, but he’s not a great post defender.

Once Edwards sees the defender get into place, he kicks things into another gear using his explosive first step, only needing a simple crossover to leave his defender behind him. Ball might not be the defender that Kidd was, but his playmaking and rebounding are on par. You can read scouting reports of prospects to find out their strengths and weaknesses, but nothing helps paint the picture of their playstyle like an NBA player comparison.

1 min read. Mitchell did just that. If he becomes a more consistent shooter, his offensive game will round out like Murray's. With a usage rate of 30.4% – the second-highest in the SEC – you would've liked to see that assist average a bit higher than it was. Any team selecting toward the top of the draft will give Edwards a look, because he's the exact type of combo guard that we see flourishing in the league today. He’s uber-athletic and has the ability to guard both guard spots in the NBA. In breaking down and comparing some footage between the two players, take a look at a pair of plays in particular that showcased their similarities.

You want to get Mitchell out in open space and let him finish at the rim as much as possible. He doesn’t project as a dangerous three point threat in the League, at least not till later in his career, and his mid range shooting will have to improve as well. Today, potential No. He rarely falls to the left or right when landing, which is something to watch for someone considered inconsistent with their jumper. Nesmith is purely 3-and-D on the wing, just like Green or Matthews. He blows by an elite defender in Jimmy Butler with a simple right-to-left crossover, then goes back to his right hand to keep Butler behind him. Pros Mitchell has all the tools and the mentality to be a really good NBA defender and solid two way player. Mitchell is a defensive specialist and NBA level athlete who is still coming into his own on the offensive end. Players listed alphabetically. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Naploetana - Chestnut Hill. He flashed some promise as a cutter for dunks and layups, but almost all of his looks from the perimeter came off of creating his own shot. Your default site has been set for 7 days,,

therefore you get things like donovan mitchell making close to or the same as players much better than him. He's not afraid to finish through contact, has the ability to score with either hand at the hoop and uses his body control and elite athleticism to make life easier for himself in the paint.

Per Synergy he graded out as an excellent defender, ranking in the 93rd percentile nationally. It’s hard to look at transition numbers for Louisville players simply on how they play. Developing a floater or jump-stop, turnaround jumper could work wonders for the potential No. He doesn't lack confidence from beyond the arc, often pulling up from NBA range anyway. Here are two examples showing both aspects to Mitchell’s game while in transition. The first video below shows that while the second video shows his quick hands.

Ryan Thomson takes a closer look at Louisville shooting guard.

He's a few inches shorter than Edwards, but things like explosiveness, a quick first step, great body control, physicality to finish through contact – those all hold true for Mitchell. Plays like: Donovan Mitchell, Victor Oladipo. Video produced by Matt McGann. He gets complacent at times and falls in love with the long twos. The second play is what we’ve gotten to know Mitchell as. June 14, 2020 May 20, 2017 by NBA Draft Room. Mitchell is about as far as Edwards was from the basket, but he didn't lose his defender as much with the Euro-Step. His broad shoulders complement his strength, quickness and elite athleticism, matching his playstyle perfectly. For where each player is projected to be selected, check out our latest 2020 NBA Mock Draft .

[Getty Images] He had individual games where he got hot in his one season at Georgia, but he shot 29.4% from beyond the arc over the course of the season. His length and shooting is Ariza-esque. Even when he gets into the restricted area, he'll have top rim protectors like Rudy Gobert or Anthony Davis ready to any layup attempt.

Josh Green. It’s why I think his defense will translate as opposed to being just a ‘Louisville system’ type player, where some numbers can be a little inflated on the defensive side of the ball. Mitchell also ranked 38th in the country with a 3.7 steal percentage per KenPom.

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